Dust of Snow Summary

Class 10 English poem list has the most fascinating collection of immortal creations. One of the chapters ‘Dust of Snow’ is written by Robert Frost. He is one of the greatest poets of all times who has fascinated the readers with his beautiful words. The inner context of his poems is subtly mentioned in the lines that students have to understand and conclude in the answers. The poem depicts how nature can be nurturing. Nature delivers if you have the eyes to perceive it. A beautiful winter day has been described in the poem where the poet enjoys how nature can be blissful.

For this, Vedantu has created Class 10 English Dust of Snow Summary so that students can easily understand the meaning of the poem line by line. It will become a lot easier to grab the context and use it to answer the questions in the exercise. Keeping this summary will help you to prepare the chapter well and complete the syllabus perfectly. You can use this summary anytime you want to add more convenience to the study schedule.

Summary of Dust of Snow Class 10 English

The winter season has arrived and the poet was not in a good mood. He was not feeling good and happy from the inside. The snow has covered the entire place in a white carpet. He was sitting idle under a hemlock tree. It was clad with white snow. Suddenly, a crow perched on a branch in that tree. The imbalanced snow fell on him. It was soft, velvety and cold. The Summary of Dust of Snow Class 10 English describes how this simple incident made him change from all gloomy to happy. The soft-touch of the cold snow was interpreted as the care of nature making everyone happy. His bitterness vanished and he felt a lot refreshed by the incident. His entire day became enlightened and he felt a streak of joy running his mind.

People consider black crows as the symbol of fear, bad luck and death but the poet realized something different in his bitter mood. He realized that the crow is a part of nature. He depicted that even if a crow is linked to a bad omen, it still brought him happiness. He realized that the mood and perception of a person have to do everything he analyzes and concludes. For him, the crow made his day brighter by shaking the branch and let the snow fall on him.

Robert Frost might have chosen a tree that symbolizes happiness, joy and merriment. Despite the fact, he chose to go with hemlock trees. These trees are poisonous and toxic to human beings. As you can see, the poet has used negative proper nouns to show happiness.

The poet was feeling quite down that day. He was feeling utter despair and wanted to end his life. Despite the poisonous tree and the omen of the black crow, the white snow made him change his mind. He was aware of the toxic snow falling on him from the hemlock branch. As per the Class 10 English poem Dust of Snow Summary, he chose positivity that the serene white snow delivered when he touched it. He suddenly realizes that life is what you choose to do. He shook off all his negative feelings and started to see life in a different and happier way. According to him, it was nature that made him realize that he was going in the wrong direction.

The poem is the perfect depiction of what life can be. It all depends on the person and his thoughts. Your choices and emotional state will decide whether you will be happy in life or not. The poet, even though he was suffering from utter despair and witnessed a bad omen under a hemlock tree, chose to bring a positive change and move on. A small gesture from nature made him realize how beautiful life can be if we know how to live it. The NCERT Class 10 English Dust of Snow Summary suggests we need to find happiness in smaller things to overcome the bad phases of life.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Did the Poet Think of the Black Crow and the Hemlock Tree?

A hemlock tree is considered to be poisonous and toxic to humans. Despite the fact, he chose to sit under that tree as he was drowned in despair. He saw a black crow perching on its branch. Crows are thought to be the messenger of death and bad omen. Even if he was in a bad mood that day, a small gesture by nature made him change his mind.

2. Why Did He Choose to Move On?

According to the Dust of Snow Summary Class 10 English, he chose the positive side of the toxic snow falling on him from the tree due to a black crow and lived his life happily. The random act of nature made the poet do so. He concluded positively and decided to bring a change in his life.