Fashion Essay

Essay on Fashion


Fashion is a non-verbal way of communication that conveys a lot about the person’s personality, background and style. Earlier it was exclusively the world of the affluent, celebrities and royalty. However fashion is now within the reach of the common man, especially the youth. Beside, dress fashion is an evolution of ideas, which begins as a fad, but in course of time gets accepted in society as a style, which could be in attire, behavior or lifestyle. Fashion is mostly associated with glamour. It makes people feel confident and bold. People can express themselves openly. 

Why is Fashion Important?

Fashion is important because it reflects the culture of a country. It makes our life colorful and changes our life with time. In a way it also adds variety to life, providing an opportunity in trying out something new. Fashion is not only limited to clothing or makeup but in a much broader sense includes accessories like shoes, perfume, hairstyle, mannerism, etiquette and attitude towards life. Fashion is not restricted to self-expression only but also a means of self-empowerment and confidence. It encompasses the total spectrum of human activity, which relates to a specific period. It is an outlook of life. 

Fashion is how you carry yourself in society without wearing anything trendy. It is how you attempt to make yourself look flawless even without any make-up. It helps you in revealing your true identity.   

Evolution of Fashion

The world of fashion is always evolving.  It is amazing to see how the different events in history have influenced and changed the way people dressed and looked throughout time. Thus long dresses, veiled headgear that were trends of the Victorian era, have been replaced with micro and mini dresses and the jeans culture associated with the modern era. 

From 1920s to 1990s fashion just not changed in clothing but also in accessories, footwear and hairstyles. The trends of wearing hats, carrying purses, shoes and men wearing long ties and bows have been continuously changing with period of time, occasions and culture.

Hairstyles also have been changing throughout time. Short boyish haircuts were popular during the 1920s to 1940s. Wigs were more popular in the 1960s and thereafter hairstyles kept changing from short to bob cut then to mid back cut and now maintaining long hair. 

Fashion Industry

As the fashion evolved, the industry was formulated to manage the process for the consumers. The fashion world has given shape to a new industry, the ‘Fashion Industry’.

The fashion industry was created to design, manufacture and market clothes, footwear and accessories. Prior to creating the apparel industry, people made clothes for themselves. The mass production of clothing began in the mid nineties when some creators began to make garments that did not require any fitting session with the tailors. Fashion industry in its true sense was established in the twentieth century when the neighborhood tailors decided to become the manufacturing business. 

Fashion Impacting the Youth

The positive side of fashion is it enhances your life. It not only allows you to dress fashionably but also gives an opportunity to be independent in thinking and maintaining self-esteem. At the same time, fashion is impacting the youth in a negative way. It has taken up the life of the youth so much that the youngsters are highly obsessed with creating style statements at an age where they need to focus on their studies and other important aspects of life. The fashion trend has become a cult with today’s generation. They blindly try to imitate the models and celebrities without understanding the true essence of fashion. 


The need is therefore to strike a balance being fashionable and wearing what suits you. The young generation needs to understand that fashion in true sense is the attitude that you carry and just not fashionable clothes and accessories.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is Fashion?

Ans. Fashion is a self-expression in the form of clothing, accessories, footwear, hairstyle, perfume, etiquettes and attitude.

Q2. Who is Known as the Father of Fashion?

Ans. Charles Frederick Worth is known as the father of fashion.

Q3. How is Fashion Impacting Today’s Generation?

Ans. Fashion has become a cult in this modern era. Youngsters especially blindly want to imitate the celebrities and the models. They are forgetting the true essence of fashion. They think that fashion is confined to only clothing, footwear and accessories.

Q4. Why is Fashion Important?

Ans. Fashion is important because it is the reflection of our society and culture.