Essay on Gardening

Gardening Essay

Gardening is indeed a favourite past time for us. With our busy and concrete lifestyle, gardening is the only way that keeps us connected to mother nature. Gardening gives us immense joy, as we can see the shrubs and the flowers growing right from its tender stage till it completely shoots and lush into their green life. This literally gives us a sense of mortality which the living creatures have on this planet.

Gardening keeps our daily life fresh, watering the plants, nurturing them, cleaning them all gives us a sense of freshness and calmness in our mind.

Essay on Gardening for Students

In this essay on gardening, the gardening paragraph has been described in detail. A garden can be defined as a piece of property that is structured near or around our house. Different kinds of trees, beautiful flowers, fruits, vegetables and so on are cultivated. People are fond of grooming many types of the garden - flower garden which consists of varieties of beautifully scented flowers, fruit garden that holds nutritious fruits, the vegetable garden is very much loved by the households as they bear healthy vegetables which are then cooked and included in their meal, botanical garden, and medicinal herb garden that cures diseases.

We love to grow fruit or vegetable gardens near our homes, as this gives us the opportunity to savour the fruit of our hard work in real. These kinds of gardens are known as gardens of the kitchen. Colleges have their own gardens in order to work as a learning lad for the students. Gardening gives us an insight into some of the best practices of the same.

Gardening as a Hobby Essay

Gardens are a good and enjoyable pastime. Enjoying in the fenced lap of nature is something which would seem artificial to the common people but quite peaceful to the city people as they are busy in the other parts of their life, hustling to get something, but gardening helps them to re-start fresh their mornings or evenings. The garden is surrounded by a fence to protect them from stray animals liked dogs, cats or cows. Usually, these fences are made of wood or bamboo.

The garden is designed into splits, the splits are the various parts. All the section split into flower beds. While every bed is surrounded by an earthen uplift. For these flower crops, fruit trees, vegetables, and medicinal herbs, some parts are intended are cared for.

In different seasons, people also plant seasonal vegetables. Pumpkin, gourd, lettuce, bitter gourd, garlic, tomato, potato, brinjal, bean, pea, cabbage, turnip, cauliflower, radish, carrots, chillies and other vegetables. While, among fruit trees apples, chikoos, oranges, plums, etc. In addition to this people also grows climbers and creepers to decorate their garden. Among these includes a money plant, various shrubs. All of these comes under the kingdom of plants.

How to Take Care of Plants Essay

People root the grasses, prepare the beds, sow the seeds, plant the trees and water the crops on a routine basis. People work in their gardens both during the morning and evening, they keep their garden neat and tidy.

We must love and nurture the gardens as well. We must keep in mind to take care of the insect crops in the garden. For these crops, insects can be dangerous. On the crops, flowers, and fruit crops the insect lay eggs, thus we need to sprinkle insecticides that can destroy these eggs. In the soil as well, lime should be occasionally blended to kill the germs and the bacteria that breed in it. This helps the soil’s fertility to improve.

If we attempt to write any 5 Simple Sentences about Garden it can be as follows:

  1. Gardening refines the mood and calms the life of the individual practising it.

  2. In the gardens, we grow various flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

  3. We tender and care for the life of these beautiful crops, thus we grow them with utmost love and care.

  4. These plants in our garden purify the air around us, thus makes the air healthy which we breathe.

  5. Also, watching greeneries is good for our eyesight. Gardening gives us the scope for the same.

Short Essay on Pleasure of Gardening

Gardening gives us pleasure as we watch the plants grow. With our care, love and nurture we see the plants growing and flowers blooming, this is a sight to cherish, thus we say gardening gives us a sense of pleasure and enjoyment. From our garden we can get fruits, vegetables and flowers, by this we can enjoy our own hard work. We can get healthy fruits, vegetables, and flowers to decorate. Thus, in this manner too, gardening helps us.

Importance of Garden in Our Life

Gardening may seem like a hobby, while in reality gardening is actually useful and thus essential to us.

Gardening includes physical activity, like - weeding, plant watering, mulching, trellising, and harvesting–all of these involve the gardener’s physical labour input. Therefore, gardening becomes a great booster to our workout routine as well.

Gardening is indeed a very practical activity. We can develop our own vegetables and fruits, which will allow us to have good food on the table.

Aesthetic gardening brings a sense of pleasure to human beings. Ornamental gardening is a real beauty. Furthermore, these are flowers that we grow serves as decorative items for most occasions like births, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and funerals.


Gardening is one way to express our love, care and nurture. Gardening is quite similar to watch and grow an infant. While doing gardening one can imagine the life cycle of the plant starting from the embryo till the plant shoots up to bear fruits. Gardening gives us immense pleasure and soothes our mind.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Define a Botanical Garden.

Ans. Botanical Garden is a garden which is dedicated to collection, cultivation and they are displayed in a wide range of plants which are labelled with their botanical names.

A botanical garden is also known as the botanic garden, this is a collection of living plants that are designed chiefly to illustrate the relationships which exist among the plant groups. The botanical garden is a type of display garden that concentrates on woody plants like shrubs and trees.

Q2. What Type of Plants is Best for the Garden?

Ans. Different types of vegetables which we like to eat are the best plants to grow in the garden. Plant head lettuce, a lettuce cutting mix, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots are a good start to this.

Q3. How can I Design my Garden?

Ans. We can give a shape to our garden lawn, we can plan our planting, the paving can be done beautifully in order of distinct levels.