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Speech on Indian Army in Upholding The Security of The Nation

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Speech on Indian Army in Upholding The Security of The Nation for Students

Army or armed forces are the peacekeepers in the nation and world by risking their own lives. Every country has its own army force. The Indian Army came into being much before our country gained independence. They worked with the East India company pre-independence. Army men are truly responsible for keeping us safe from so many wars and outside forces. in this article, we will look into various ways of presenting a Speech on Indian Army in Upholding The Security of The Nation. It can be a Long Speech on Indian Army or a Short Speech About Indian Army.

Long and Short Speech on Indian Army in Upholding The Security of The Nation

The following article contains a long and a short speech on Indian Army in Upholding The Security of The Nation.

Long Speech on Indian Army in Upholding The Security of The Nation

This format is the Best Speech on Indian Army for students in grades 8-12 to speak about the role of the Indian Army in upholding the security of the nation.

Good morning everyone, respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, I (mention your name) am here to speak about a subject that is valued but not enough that is the Army and specifically about the Indian Army.

The army is a term derived from the Latin word ‘arma’ which translates to armed weapons. So it is a military branch that is land-based who dutifully performs using armed weapons.

As civilians, we lead our lives unknown about any dangers or threats our country is protecting us from and feel safe at our homes.

The President of our country India works behind the scenes and doesn’t bring limelight to the decision he/she makes about the actions of the Indian Army. The President is the leader in governance who heads the Indian Army. And all his dealings are extremely confidential so no one is privy to such information involving the Army.

When India was under British rule, there were so many soldiers who worked for the East India Company, was the first military department formed in the year 1776 in Calcutta, which is present-day Kolkata, and protected us from possible attacks. And post-independence these soldiers and other army officers merged as a team of the Indian Army and for generations have been protecting us safeguarding the security of the nation.

The threats, attacks and attempt to seize our land or at least a part of it has still not stopped even after so many years of Independence. And in all these years they have done a commendable job in upholding and staying true to their duty. The attacks mostly have been from our neighbouring countries themselves namely China and Pakistan. And among all Indian Army stands to be the strongest of them.

These officers mainly work in the borders of the country and their camps are also set nearby. And Indian borders do not have kind and warm weather. The Northern areas are extremely cold whereas the South is very hot. And even in the harshest conditions, the Indian army men don’t give up working relentlessly. The training they go through is also strenuous and tiring which only helps them gain greater physical ability and resistance to any form of future adversities. Often kids train younger to enter the army and recently even Yoga is built-in into the curriculum for maintaining a positive mindset during such tumultuous times.

India has only mostly defended itself from the attacks of other territories and countries. And they do so, standing at the front risking it all for the country. Their patriotism is extraordinary. And they truly are a breed apart and we can only appreciate by keeping the crime within the nation as low as we can and respect our soldiers who we will always be in debt to.

Thank You.

Short Speech on Indian Army in Upholding The Security of The Nation

This Short Speech about the Indian Army helps provide the required information to the students in grades 4-7.

Good Morning, everyone, I XYZ (mention your name) feel honoured to be here and talk about the Indian Army and their incredible sense of duty to uphold the security of the nation. Wherever in the country, I travel whenever I see a person in the Army Uniform I immediately feel at home and safe.

The main duty is to protect the country by staying on the land and use the required military forces to do so. The decisions taken about the action or strategy of the Indian Army lies within the hands of the President of India. The President has the complete power to dictate how to go about by weighing all necessary considerations, as he is the head of the Indian Army. The tools and strategies used always remain confidential.

The first-ever Military Department that included Indian army men and soldiers was formed under the East India Company under British rule in Calcutta, now Kolkata in 1776 and later also shifted to Bombay and Madras. It became an independent body post-independence and has consistently made strides in keeping our nation safe, from threats and attacks via negotiations and battles.

The army men risk losing their families and their lives for our safety and protecting the nation in the harshest of weather and unimaginable conditions. Their grit, perseverance and indomitable spirit have kept the nation and the civilians safe for so many years and we have no ounce of doubt that we will be safe even going ahead. Let us be more grateful and appreciative of the real heroes.

Thank You.

10 Lines for Speech Indian Army in Upholding The Security of The Nation

This is the Best Speech on Indian Army for students in grades 1-3 as it is simple and short.

  1. Indian Army protects our country from foreign attacks and threats from the land and is the most significant component among Army departments.

  2. The Chief or Supreme Commander of the Indian Army is the President of India.

  3. The President make informed decisions about the next act of the army.

  4. The army men sacrifice a lot in their line of duty, family, personal life and even their lives.

  5. We can never forget their brave actions that keep us safe and with our family and loved ones.

  6. Many young children aim of joining the army, for the love of their country even if it entails so many hardships and struggles.

  7. The institution that trains and is responsible for admission into the army line is NDA (National Defence Academy).

  8. The exams are held twice a year and they welcome many students every year.

  9. They work relentlessly without taking any days off all for the sake of their country.

  10. We would have faced so many adversities if it were not for their valiant efforts. Taking pride in our army men is so important and they are deserving of it.


For our protection and to defend the nation in the worst weather and circumstances imaginable, the army personnel risk losing their families and their lives. They have kept the country and people safe for so many years thanks to their grit, perseverance, and unbreakable spirit, and we are confident that they will continue to do so. Let's show actual heroes greater gratitude and appreciation.

FAQs on Speech on Indian Army in Upholding The Security of The Nation

1. From where has the word ‘army’ derived? What does it mean?

The word "army" comes from the Latin word "arma," which means "armed weapons." Therefore, a land-based military component faithfully performs employing armed weapons.

2. When and how was the first military department formed?

The first military department was established in 1776 in Calcutta, or modern-day Kolkata, and guarded us against potential assaults. Following independence, these soldiers and other army officials formed the Indian Army, which has been defending the country's security for centuries.

3. What kind of external threats did India face post independence?

Even after so many years of independence, the threats, attacks, and attempts to grab our land, or at least a portion of it, continue. And during all of these years, the Indian Army has done a great job upholding and remaining loyal to their duties. China and Pakistan, two of our neighbours, have been the main perpetrators. The Indian Army is expected to be the strongest of them all.

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