Speech on Money

Speech on Money for Students

For this money is speech, let's understand what money is. It is an essential commodity that is exchanged when one consumes products or services for themselves. Possessing money by people can be very useful to provide them with all the resources necessary to fulfil their dreams. It can help in so many ways but it is also important to understand it is not everything. Having enough is good enough for leading a comfortable life. In this article, we will look into various ways of presenting money is speech or money is not speech. It can be a Long Speech on Money or a Short Speech on Money.

Long and Short Speech on Money

Long Speech on Money

Many people believe that money equals free speech, in this form of speech we will dive into these details and this can be helpful for students in grades 8-12 who are trying to understand the workings of the world.

Good Morning everyone honourable Principal, respected teachers and my dear friends, I Abc (mention your name) am here to enlighten you with the learnings  I had when I was trying to understand the importance of money. It is certainly an asset to have access to this commodity especially at a time when the prices are only rising. Money also definitely gives you the power to fulfil your dreams, be it attaining a quality education, travelling, starting a business, owning a luxurious car or helping your immediate family also fulfil their dreams.

It however also has a way to bring out the worst in people as they become greedy, and try to earn more than necessary and not always by legal means. Those who have an abundance of it are the riches and they are in a position of power to dictate the lives of others especially ones who lack and are at a disadvantage here.

It is assumed that money is free speech, which suggests when an individual or a community with money has the freedom to be upfront about their opinions and notions about anyone or anything without having to deal with any consequence. But this idea for the large part does not hold true because the supreme court money is speech is not just limited to money. Rather it emphasises that everyone has the freedom to speak without interference and not be limited by fear.

It is very evident in our daily lives surroundings that not everybody has the access to everything one needs or desires. People with money have also worked hard to reach a stage where they can not worry about anything and can afford luxuries without feeling guilty. People who follow the righteous path for earning money by putting in a lot of hard work and perseverance actually value this commodity. And are also aware of other people hardships and help them in their own ways. These people also uplift the credibility of the society they live in.

Whereas people who are only driven by greed engage in illegal means of earning money and even after that they are dissatisfied and wish to earn even more and not even consider the struggles of other people.

Money is truly a double-edged sword while on one hand, it can give you a certain level of respect and status in society. But it can also rob you of the time where you can actually enjoy life with the money you earned, spending time by yourself or your loved ones. One is always on the go when driven by such a powerful commodity. So it is important to understand where to draw the line, not overwork and drain yourself in the process and use it for good purposes.

Thank you.

Short Speech on Money

For students in grades 4-7, this format of a short and brief speech is helpful as this money is speech is easy to convey using simple words.

Good morning everyone, I am here to speak on the topic of money. Money is one of the most important reasons which divides society into different classes. It is just a commodity to be exchanged for purchases, but it seeps into so much more deep-rooted ideas and way of living.

When one possesses lots of it they are the rich and upper class who can live an extravagant life and can fulfil their desires and dreams due to the easy access and availability of resources. And they definitely lead a very privileged life.

Whereas the middle-class man and a middle-class family must be very diligent in saving up for the future, like for the education of their children, and invest their hard-earned money very cautiously. It is a hard life to tread when you lie in the middle of problems and you cannot afford to even get out of it.

The lower-class who have only a bare minimum to get by the day and have no access to quality education or good food, live in very unhygienic places like slums toil extremely hard to earn a basic minimum wage.

This class difference in different communities creates a division in many things that is necessary for a good life. The rich have access to fine food, and the poor are only being able to afford 1-2 meals a day. Everything divides these communities, in aspects of the school, food, home, vehicle, health because many poor children are facing the issue of malnutrition and the most crucial better healthcare facilities. To support their families children start working and the illegal practice of child labour increases.

There are a few organizations that try to help these underprivileged societies. This is a never-ending fight but the gap only seems to be increasing.

Thank you.

10 Line Speech on Money

This is helpful for explaining to the students in grades 1-3 to understand in short and simple sentences.

  1. Money is very important for getting the resources useful for living a good life.

  2. It is the commodity used as a means or mode of exchange when in consumption of a product or service.

  3. Everyone needs it but one has to strive really hard to earn, save and grow forward with it.

  4. It can be cash which is usually a note or coins that is now used as an exchange commodity.

  5. Earlier, the barter system was used and slowly gold and silver coins were introduced leading up to today.

  6. One must have enough to survive with the access and availability of basic resources like food, clean water and shelter.

  7. To have a better life with good healthcare, schooling, and luxuries one must possess a lot of it.

  8. One who has more holds a lot of power and commands respect from others in society.

  9. Money need not necessarily be directly proportional to happiness but it sure does give you the means to get to fulfil your dreams and desires.

  10. It has to be smartly invested for it to be of help in this ever-increasing expenses of the world.