Essay on Hockey

Our National Game Hockey

Field Hockey is the national sport of our country. The designation of ‘national sport’ is either designated on the basis of the popularity of a game, or on the basis of the game’s historical background. Hockey has a long-standing rich legacy, and this fact also gives this sport the credibility of being the ‘National Game’ of our country, India. Added to this, another obvious reason for designating this sport as the national sport of the country, for the pride that is always evoked by the countrymen.

In order to play this game, this game is required to be conducted either on plain grass or on a mat-like material called the turf. India displayed phenomenal performance in Hockey at various international forums during the 1920-1950s period and this was yet another reason for accepting this game as a national sport in this country.  

Essay on Hockey

Playing field hockey is a popularly played sport in our country, which is played by forming teams. This game is played on grass, on artificial or watered turf, or on synthetic fields. The team has ten players in total and a goalkeeper.

Hockey is played with a curved stick in the form of the letter ‘J’. The aim here is to move the ball forward to the goal post with the curve end of the stick and thereby scoring a goal. The strikers who play this game are exceptionally skilled at hitting the targets, this will help them to shoot their shots successfully and make them enter the goal post. While the goalkeeper gets the responsibility of hurdling and stopping the goals so that they can stop the opposite team from scoring.

Hockey is a sport that requires a lot of practice and dedication. The game is played usually on a rectangular field, and this is considered to be an outdoor sport. The goalkeeper stands near the goal post wearing a heavily padded jersey and helmets also with a curved hockey stick. The goalkeeper is required to wear protective suits because the ball, striking with the hockey stick, rushes towards the goal post at a highly accelerated speed, if the goalkeeper does not wear a padded suit this may cause severe injuries to the goalkeeper.

The game starts with a toss between the captains of the two distinct teams. The captain who wins the toss will either select his side of the field where his team will play or he chooses to pass. The game is played for 75 minutes in a single session. There are two rounds of each thirty-five minutes and one break in between the two sessions. The interval time is used for medications, strategic planning, also for treatment.

My Favorite Game Hockey Essay in English 

Hockey is ranked as my favourite game. The game is the most interesting outdoor game in my view, as there is too much life and energy going on in the game. Hockey keeps all the players busy, both physically as well as mentally. This is a very popular game all over the world and considered as the National Sport of my country, India. 
In this sport, there are two teams who play against each other and they both try to score by posting the goal in the goalpost. At present, there are different forms of Hockey i.e.- Field hockey, Ice hockey, Roller hockey, Sledge hockey, and even Street hockey.

India made an impressive record with many Olympic gold medals, in the year 1928-1956, this is known as the Golden Era of hockey in India. India won 6 consecutive gold medals in this Olympic Games.

Short Note on Hockey

Hockey is an ancient game that is being played in India year wide. In earlier times, this game was being played with a stick and a ball. Hockey is the national sport of this country. This is a popular and interesting game which many countries play. The game consists of rules which are required to be followed by both the team in order to conduct fair play. There are quite a number of variances of this game that is played across the globe. While the basic rules remain the almost same at all places. In India, the track record is quite an exemption. Indian has won six gold medals in the Olympics and in many other consecutive matches.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How is Ice Hockey being played?

Ans. Playing Ice Hockey requires high speed and frequent physical contact among the players, this made ice hockey one of the most popular international sports. The game is so popular that this is an Olympic sport, and around the globe, there are a million registered players who perform regularly in league matches. This game is quite popular in Canada.

Ice hockey is played by two teams on the ice. The players in this game wear ice skates on their feet and this helps them to skate across the ice at very high speed. They hold the hockey sticks, with which they push, shoot or pass a puck around the ice. The players score the game by shooting the puck into the net, while the goaltenders try to stop them.

2. What are the basic Rules of Field Hockey?

Ans. The rules are as follows:

  • Both the team should consist of 11 players (including the goalkeeper) and 6 substitutes.

  • All the players hold a hockey stick which they can use to hit the ball.  

  • A goal is scored when the ball is hit into the opponent’s goal from16 the yard area.

  • The ball must be passed or it should be dribbled and no other body part is allowed to intentionally come in contact with the ball.

3. Name some famous Hockey players of India?

Ans. Major Dhyan Chand is the most famous hockey player in India. He was an Indian field hockey player who is widely regarded as the greatest player in the history of Hockey. Balbir Singh Sr., Roop Singh are the other famous players in this game from our country.