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Essay on Crow

Crows are common black-feathered birds found in almost all parts of the world. They belong to the genus Corvus and family Corvidae. Ravens and rooks also belong to the same genus. One of the most common birds in India, crows are very clever lifters. In an essay on crow, we should highlight the fact that crows are primarily scavenger birds and are responsible for cleaning our environment. This is the reason why they are known as sweeper birds or nature’s sweepers. 

An Overview of Common Crows: Features, Distribution and Nature

If we are to write an essay on crow, we should mention that there are more than 45 known species of crows in the world. Their colour is primarily shades of black. Some species have black metallic outlines while others might have white or grey areas near the neck. They are of medium to large size. They have a strong and sharp beak. A crow essay in English should include that the average lifespan of crows is around 20 years. Wild American crows have a lifespan of around 30 years. Crows are highly susceptible to the West Nile virus in North America. For a crow essay in English, it is important to mention that two species of crows have been listed as endangered species. They are the Hawaiian crow and the Mariana crow. They have a hoarse and shrill voice. Crows communicate by 'cawing'.

In a crow essay, we should highlight that crows are considered to be one of the most intelligent creatures in the world. They are believed to have the ability to recognize evil human beings and inform other people about them by squawking. In Hindu mythology, crows are believed to be the carriers of information that give omens to people. Crows have their significant mention in various mythologies and folklores. Crows are also aggressive in nature and can drive away larger birds. 

In an essay about crows, we must mention that the bird is found in almost all continents of the world, except for South America and Antarctica.

Crows are regarded generally as a nuisance in most parts of the world. Because of their intelligence, their control is difficult and expensive. They cause damage to crops, make places dirty, scatter trash and steal food from various places. In an essay about crows, we need to highlight that crows also transfer diseases. Their species is controlled by hunting, scare tactics, trapping, etc. Scare tactics are the most widely used method for their control. This includes the traditional scarecrows also. 

Role of Crows in the Environment

Crows also have a great effect on the cleanliness of the environment. Being scavenger birds, they eat up the corpses of dead animals which are killed by other means. Sometimes crows also clean up garbage. They are omnivorous. They eat almost everything including carrion, grains, other birds, fruits, molluscs, mice, nestlings, etc. Scarecrows are placed in the agricultural fields to scare away crows and save the crops from incessant damage. 

In an essay on crow, let us mention that a group of crows is called 'murder'. Some species of crows migrate to warmer regions during the winter months while some do not. A female crow lays about 4 to 5 eggs at a time. It incubates the eggs for almost 18 days. After the chicks are born they are taken care of by their parents for around 4 weeks after which they are able to leave their nests but still are fed by the parents. 

Strange behaviour of the American crow is that it stands on anthills and lets ants climb on it. The bird then rubs the ants into its feathers. This behaviour is called anting and is used to get rid of parasites. Ants sometimes cause the release of formic acid into the crow’s body. Common crows are known to have almost thirty-three categories of vocalisations. The north-western crows play games while flying.

Though crows are a nuisance yet we should not discriminately kill them. These birds play a vital role in the proper functioning of the ecosystem. 

A Short Essay on Crow

An Essay: Crow and its Role in the Ecosystem

Crows are scavenger birds. In an essay on crow let us highlight that they clean the environment. These omnivorous birds are black in colour and have a very hoarse voice. They are found almost in all the parts of the world except for South America and Antarctica. 

In an essay on crow, we must mention that crows eat any and everything. They feed on the dead and decaying carrion. They also are a nuisance since they destroy crops, scatter garbage and transmit diseases. Scarecrows are set up in agricultural fields to drive away crows and save the crops from damage. There are about 45 different kinds of crows found all over the world. Some of them are wild species. In a crow essay, we must highlight that the crows are often aggressive. They can drive away other bigger animals or birds. There are several references to crows in mythology. They are believed to transmit information about omens to humans. Crows are also known for their intelligence. This also makes it difficult for humans to control the population of crows.


These birds of high ecological importance should be conserved. We must also be careful while being around a crow. In the crow essay, we should mention that it might inflict harm with their strong beak if it is in an aggressive mood.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Personality of Crows?

Crows are known to be intelligent, quarrelsome, and aggressive birds. They produce an astonishing array of shrill, hoarse voices. 

2. Do Crows Carry Disease?

Crows are considered to spread diseases both among humans and livestock. They spread prions and the mad cow’s disease. 

3. Is There Anything that the Crows Dislike?

Crows dislike anything which is shiny. People hang shiny stuff to get rid of their nuisance.