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Picture Comprehension

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Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Introduction of Picture Comprehension

Picture comprehension is an activity by which students can easily translate sign language into words. Children look at pictures, discover details, and then respond to questions about the image as part of a picture comprehension activity. 

These questions are on the who, what, where, when, and why. Through picture comprehension, children can improve their picture reading and writing habits. It is a fun way to inspire children to read and increase their ability to understand. 

They can begin to comprehend how to continue reading by using simple sentences to describe what is visible or occurring in the picture. It prepares them for questions and more difficult texts.

Importance of Picture Comprehension

Picture comprehension is one of the most important activities for kids.

1. Improve Thinking Capability

Kids see the image and observe the things shown in the picture and think about how they can answer the question. It can improve thinking capability.

2. Building Reading Skills

Picture comprehension builds the reading skills as children read the description, questions, and little details about the picture.

3. Improve Writing and Vocabulary Skills

In the picture comprehension activity, children have to answer the questions in writing. By doing this, they can improve their writing skills as well as vocabulary.

Things to Remember while Observing the Picture

If we remember the below tips, we can observe the picture more efficiently and can give the answers properly.

  • You should focus on every little thing.

  • Observe all the activities carefully that are done in the picture.

  • Read the questions carefully.

  • See the picture again and again for evidence.

  • Answer the questions properly.

Here are Two Activities for Practice

1. Story picture composition for kids: In this activity, observe and write a story with the help of a picture and answer the question carefully.

a. Translate the above picture into a short story.



Ans. One day, two ladies were walking in the garden. Suddenly it's raining in the garden. They saw a little puppy unconscious and wet. The dog was shivering in the rain. Two ladies immediately take this puppy in their arms and take him to their home. Serve him food and water. Take care of him and protect the little puppy from the rain. This story teaches us about kindness.

b. What are the two ladies doing in the garden?

Ans: The two ladies were walking in the garden.

c. Why did two ladies take the dog to their home?

Ans: Two ladies took the dog to their home because it was raining and the dog was in an unconscious condition. He was shivering and wet. They took care of the dog.

2. Picture reading activity: Pictures can be a fun and easy way to help kids develop their skills. students can concentrate on developing their comprehension skills rather than getting stuck down in the phonics or translation aspects of reading. We read the tips to read the picture. Here is a practice example of picture comprehension.


Gone Fishing

We can translate this picture in words like this:

  • There are three fishes on the grass.

  • There is a frog in a blue bucket.

  • One of the boys is laughing.

  • There are some flowers behind the boys.

  • There are two trees.

  • The dog is in the river.


Children's picture reading and writing skills can be enhanced through picture comprehension. It is a fun approach to encourage kids to read and improve their comprehension skills. By describing what is seen or happening in the picture in short terms, they can start to understand how to continue reading. It gets students ready for tests and harder texts.

FAQs on Picture Comprehension

1. What is the meaning of picture comprehension?

Picture comprehension is an activity by which students can easily translate sign language into words. Picture comprehension is a storyline that is explained with the help of pictures. In this, children have to observe the picture carefully and answer the questions. This makes learning fun, joyful and interactive.

2. How can picture comprehension be useful in reading and writing?

With the use of an activity called picture comprehension, children may quickly transform sign language into words. As part of a photo comprehension activity, kids examine pictures, find out about details, and then answer questions about the picture. In picture comprehension, children have to observe the given image carefully and describe it in words and answer it. By doing this, reading and writing skills are improved.