MCQs on Ecology

Ecology is the study of the relationship between the environment and organisms. It deals with topics such as population, food scarcity, pollution and global warming, extinction of various organisms, etc. Moreover, it deals with the fields of evolution, physiology, genetics, etc.

In a nutshell, any form of biodiversity comes under ecology. This article comprises some important MCQ on ecology, which will help you to score better in the exams. Additionally, you will get a better understanding of the subject.

The answers to this environment and ecology objective questions are given at the end for reference.

MCQ on Ecology

  1. The natural residence of every organism is known as:

  1. Biome

  2. Niche

  3. Habit

  4. Habitat

  1. What is the name of the feature that allows organisms to survive in the conditions of its habitat?

  1. Adjustment

  2. Adaptation

  3. Acclimatisation

  4. Adaptive variation

  1. Shelford’s law of tolerance is named after:

  1. James Shelford

  2. Jacob Shelford

  3. Ernest Shelford

  4. None of these

  1. Shelford’s law of tolerance suggests that organisms with a wide tolerance limit for environmental factors show:

  1. Narrow distribution with low population

  2. Wide distribution with high population 

  3. Wide distribution with high population 

  4. Narrow distribution with high population

  1. Wide variety of living organisms is called:

  1. Biodiversity 

  2. Population

  3. Habitat

  4. Diversity

  1. Animal adopt a similar state like sleep to reduce their metabolic rate, it is called:

  1. Migration

  2. Transpiration

  3. Hibernating

  4. None of these

  1. Hyenas and Vultures are ________________.

  1. Omnivorous 

  2. Scavengers

  3. Carnivorous

  4. Herbivorous

  1. A mutual relationship between two organisms, where both of them are benefitting from watch other is called:

  1. Mutualism

  2. Symbiosis

  3. Parasitism

  4. Food chain

  1. Which is not a feature of heliophyte among the following?

  1. Stem with long internodes

  2. Numerous rootlets

  3. Long lateral roots

  4. Vigorous fruiting and flowering

  1. Which of the following is not a feature of ‘r’ selected species?

  1. Reproduce quickly

  2. The low survival rate of progenies

  3. Reproduce a large number of progenies

  4. Paternal care

Additionally, these are some common multiple choice questions in ecology with answers that students can follow for better grades.

MCQ on Ecosystem

  1. The term ecosystem was proposed by ________________ .

  1. Lindeman

  2. Tansley

  3. Grinnel

  4. Turesson

  1. What is the percentage of oxygen and carbon dioxide exists in the ecosystem?

  1. 20.95% and 0.004%

  2. 20.95% and 0.04% 

  3. 20.0% and 0.40%

  4. 20.0% and 0.44%

  1. Which of the following is the smallest artificial ecosystem that has sustained for a long period?

  1. Folsom pond

  2. Folsom bottle

  3. Folsom stream

  4. None of these

  1. ________ group of species exploits the biotic and abiotic resources in the same way.

  1. Community

  2. Ecads

  3. Biomes

  4. Guild

  1. Which is/are the abiotic components of an ecosystem?

  1. Soil

  2. Protein

  3. Carbon

  4. All of the above

  1. The set of ecosystems is called ______________.

  1. Atmosphere

  2. Hydrosphere

  3. Biosphere

  4. None of the above

Moreover, these ecosystem MCQs helps you prepare for their upcoming exam. 

MCQ on Environmental Science

  1. Acid rain is a result of:

  1. Excess amount CO₂ 

  2. Excess amount of NH₃ 

  3. Excess amount of SO₂ and NO₂ 

  4. Excess carbon monoxide

  1. The greenhouse effect in the atmosphere is produced due to:

  1. Absorption and re-emission of infrared radiation by the atmosphere

  2. Absorption and re-emission of ultraviolet radiation by the atmosphere

  3. Absorption and re-emission of visible light by the atmosphere

  4. Absorption and re-emission of visible light by clouds

  1. The result of acid disposition is:

  1. Dying forests and lakes

  2. Acid indigestion in humans

  3. Greenhouse effect lessens 

  4. All of these

  1. The reason of soil pollution is ________________.

  1. Ozone

  2. Aerosol

  3. PAN

  4. Acid rain

These are some common environmental science questions with multiple choices that you can keep in mind while preparing for your Biology exams.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Reason to Focus on Multiple Choice Questions in Ecology with Answers?

Ans. The main reason behind this extra emphasis on multiple choice questions in ecology with answers is to score quickly. These questions are easy to prepare and score compared to the detailed ones.

2. How many Ecosystem Multiple Choice Questions with Answers can a Student Expect in the Exam?

Ans. It is difficult to predict how many of such questions will come in the exam. Typically, 5-10 questions can appear in a question papers. Thus, students must prepare well to score full marks in this section.

3. Is a Diagram Mandatory while Answering Ecology Questions?

Ans. There is no such rule stating diagrams are mandatory while answering ecology questions. However, students should try to incorporate data and diagram to fetch more marks.