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CBSE Class 7 History Chapter Wise Revision Notes 2022-23


Notes for CBSE Class 7 History PDF Download

Class 7 Social Science has ten chapters based on history topics. These topics are very important for the students to prepare and score in the exams. To make it easier, download and refer to the precise 7th History Notes developed by the subject experts of Vedantu. These notes have been prepared by following the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines to aid students to comprehend the chapters better and ace all the exams.

Class 7 History is an important branch of Social Science. History is mainly a theoretical subject and it demands students to write more detailed answers in the exam. Class 7 History is a lengthy as well as scoring subject if prepared well in an effective manner. These Class 7 History notes are prepared by expert teachers in a simple and detailed manner. Students can refer to this as a revision material while preparing for exams to score an excellent grade. Download Class 7 History notes PDFs chapter-wise here for free to study offline also.

Importance of CBSE Class 7 Social Science History Notes for Revision

As mentioned earlier, there are ten chapters based on the different eras of history and historical events. These chapters have been chronologically set to impart precise knowledge and concepts to the students. Hence, preparing these chapters will need the complete study material. This material should contain the notes for all the chapters.

The experts have compiled the notes following all the topics and simplified them. The simpler version will enable students to comprehend the topics in a better way and will guide them to formulate the right answers to the fundamental questions.

These notes will act as the perfect study material when there is an exam in the corner. For instance, once a student finishes preparing the first chapter, he can proceed to solve the exercise questions. When finished, he can refer to the Class 7 History Chapter 1 Notes for a short revision session and complete the process. These notes will help imbibe the concepts and topics of history in Class 7 Social Science syllabus faster.

Benefits of CBSE Class 7 History Notes PDF

  • The files have been formulated chapter-wise so that you can find them easily and add them to your exam study material. By adding these notes, you will enjoy preparing a chapter faster.

  • It becomes a lot easier to recall the topics of a history chapter when you can study them in a concise format. Keeping this benefit in mind, the experts have compiled a simpler and more concise version of the vast chapters in this syllabus.

  • Resolve doubts on your own by referring to the History Notes for Class 7 PDF and take a step ahead with your preparation. Focus on how you can use these notes to recall the topics and become more confident before an exam.

Download CBSE Class 7 History Revision Notes 2022-23 PDF

Also, check CBSE Class 7 History revision notes for All chapters:

CBSE Class 7 History Revision Notes

Chapter 1 - Tracing Changes Through a Thousand Years

Chapter 2 - New Kings and Kingdoms

Chapter 3 - Delhi Sultans

Chapter 4 - The Mughal Empire

Chapter 5 - Rulers and Buildings

Chapter 6 - Towns, Traders and Craftsperson

Chapter 7 - Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities

Chapter 8 - Devotional Paths To The Divine

Chapter 9 - The Making of Regional Cultures

Chapter 10 - Eighteenth-Century Political Formation

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CBSE Class 7 History Study Materials


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Download Quick Revision Notes for History Class 7

Perform the Class 7 History Notes PDF Download and complete your exam studies. Learn from the concise notes and save your preparation time. You will also not have to make notes in the first place when you already have these notes with you. Download these files and access them whenever you need to develop your conceptual foundations for these chapters. Stay ahead of the competition and score more in the exams.

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FAQs on CBSE Class 7 History Chapter Wise Revision Notes 2022-23

1. What are the chapters present in the NCERT Solutions for Class 7 History?

Ans: The syllabus for Class 7 History contains a total of 10 chapters, namely:

  1. Tracing Changes Through A Thousand Years

  2. New Kings And Kingdoms

  3. The Delhi Sultans

  4. The Mughal Empire

  5. Rulers And Buildings

  6. Towns, Traders, And Craftsperson

  7. Tribes, Nomads, And Settled Communities

  8. Devotional Paths To The Divine

  9. The Making Of Regional Cultures

  10. Eighteenth-Century Political Formations

Vedantu provides well-crafted revision notes for all these chapters on the page Class 7 History Notes CBSE, for the benefit of students and to aid their preparation. The study material is available on the Vedantu website and on the Vedantu app at free of cost.

2. How many questions from NCERT Solutions for Class 7 History will appear in the final exam?

Ans: CBSE Exams are based on the NCERT textbooks. Hence, questions from the textbook appear in the exams from the NCERT textbooks. NCERT textbook content should be revised thoroughly for exams. For this reason, students must practise all the questions from the NCERT textbook well. Along with the NCERT textbook questions, important information within the text is also asked directly in the examination. Students can find the revision notes for Class 7 History on the page Class 7 History Notes CBSE.

3. In Class 7 History, which are the important chapters?

Ans: For the Class 7 social science examination, all the chapters should be considered important. For the subject of History as well, students should prepare all the chapters well. Since History is an extensive subject that requires a lot of reading and memorization, students can take Vedantu's help. Vedantu provides short yet comprehensive and useful Revision Notes for Class 7 History which will help students in studying all chapters of History efficiently.

4. What is history?

Ans: History is the study of past events that are of particular human interest. These events may include important civilizations, kingdoms, wars, countries, etc. It mainly deals with significant events which carry important value for human beings. Class 7 History mainly deals with history as old as a thousand years. It deals with various kings and kingdoms and the traders and businesses of centuries ago. It talks about political, religious, and cultural events of the past as well.

5. What is the importance of history?

Ans: History is the story of human beings of the past. It is important because it tells us about our origins or roots, and our historical identities. The purpose of getting a glimpse of an older time is to take important lessons from it. Reflecting on events from the past teaches the important dos and don'ts in the present. Reflecting on important discoveries, religious events and wars teach us significant lessons to improve our lives today.