CBSE Class 7 History Chapter 1 Notes - Tracing Changes Through a Thousand Years


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It is said that the entire context with which information is created tends to change along with the passage of time. So, what if that is the case what about meaning and language? There are certain historical records that are written in different languages and have considerably changed over the course of time. For example, Modern Persian is very much different than Medieval Persian. It is not just about vocabulary and grammar. All the changes made over the course of 1000 years are described below.

CBSE Class 7 History Chapter 1 Notes - Tracing Changes Through a Thousand Years part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What Precautions were Followed by the Historians While they Read the Maps?

Ans. Historians needed to be sensitive about certain contents while reading the maps. They needed to keep the various historical backgrounds in mind.

Q2. Is There a Change in the Information Provided by Certain Historical Records with Time?

Ans. There are so many different historical records written in different languages. For example, there is a certain difference between Medieval Persian and Modern Persian which can alter the historical records.

Q3. What Sources did the Historians Use for Studying the Past?

Ans. Many sources were used by the historians for the study of the past such as textual records. Most of these sources would depend on nature and the period of study.