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There were a lot of new dynasties that existed right after the seventh century came to an end. By the time this century came by, there were more warrior chiefs and landlords who ruled the various regions which were a part of the subcontinent. With the help of the Class 7 History Chapter 2 Notes, there is no doubt that students will be able to learn more about the new kingdoms and the kings that came after these kingdoms.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who were the 3 Parties that Became Involved in the Well-Known “Tripartite Struggle”.

Ans: The parties or dynasties that were involved in the well-known Tripartite Struggle were the Rashtrakuta, the Gurjar-Pratihara, and the Pala Dynasties. They were constantly under conflict deciding the rule over the City of Kanauj which is located in the Ganga Valley. Look for the New Kings and Kingdoms Class 7 notes for more information.

2. Who were the Samantas?

Ans: During the 7th Century, the Subcontinent was divided into various regions that had certain warrior chiefs and landlords. These people were known as the Samantas and they had the responsibility of funding the administration of the kingdom by providing resources and military support. However, with time the Samantas began overthrowing the kings.