CBSE Class 10 Geography Chapter 2 Notes - Forest and Wildlife Resources

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The ecological system is considered as a complex web which is formed by human beings along with all the living organisms that exist in the world. Chapter 2 Geography Class 10 starts by introducing flora and fauna that exists in India. The chapter gives an explanatory description of how forest plays an essential role in the ecological system. This chapter also explains different ways to conserve the forest and wildlife in India. At the end of the chapter, a student will learn how people are taking different steps to conserve our forest and wildlife resources. Students can learn this more positively with the help of forest and wildlife resources Class 10 notes.

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CBSE Class 10 Geography Chapter 2 Notes - Forest and Wildlife Resources part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the negative factors that are causing harm to flora and fauna?

Some of the reasons that are causing harm to flora and fauna are as follow:-

  • Humans are responsible for the excessive consumption of natural resources in order to fulfil their needs.

  • With the increase in infrastructures such as railway lines, agriculture, commercial and scientific forestry, flora and fauna are getting affected.

  • Increase of mining activities and large scale development projects at forest lands in causing harm to the natural resources.

  • The consumption of natural resources is not balanced, and the rules and regulations made for protecting it are not efficient. The government had to update its laws in regards to the forest.

2. What's the importance of notes in class exams?

Students sometimes are confused with the teaching of teachers and can't understand anything. This can turn out to be a bigger problem for students during exams as they are not clear on the subjects. At this time, the one thing that students can rely on is notes because in notes each and every chapter is explained efficiently and more simply. Students who prepare to take the reference of notes to secure the highest possible marks in the exams because these notes make them confident and more knowledgeable. Notes act as saviours for students during the preparation for the final exams.