NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Marigold Chapter 10

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Marigold Chapter 10 Poem - The Naughty Boy

Class 4 is one of the stepping stones for children to form sound concepts of a language, and English is one important language to learn. They must get solutions to their chapters from experts which will guide them in the right direction. NCERT solutions Class 4 poem English Ch 10 designed by the team of experts at Vedantu has the right approach towards honing budding minds. By availing our Class 4 poem The Naughty Boy Marigold solution, children would not just get a good foundation but also score well in their exams.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is the poem titled “The naughty boy”? What “naughtiness” is the poet talking about?

The poem is about a boy who is naughty as he wants to see things around the world and is bored of his own country i.e. England. His exploratory desire to see new things is termed as his “naughtiness”. He imagines that things in Scotland are different from England and he runs away from his home town to visit this new place. He feels that people, places, and everything in that new world would be different from his own.

2. What did the naughty boy finally realize after visiting Scotland?

When the boy visited Scotland he observed all the objects, nature, and songs of that country. He saw the doors of the homes in Scotland, lead made in that country, and heard their folk songs. What he came to realize was that there was no difference between the things he saw in Scotland as the same things also exist in his place of living, England. The ground in both the countries was equally hard, the songs sounded as merry as in his native language. So, all in all the boy felt that Scotland is not so different from England and that something new always attracts us but it might not be much different from what we already have.

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