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NCERT Solutions For Class 11 English

Last updated date: 18th May 2024
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Class 11 English NCERT Textbook Solutions - Free PDF download

Class 11 English has a vivid syllabus comprising chapters covering prose and poems based on the masterpieces of famous authors and poets. These chapters need good study material to follow to understand the context perfectly. To support your preparation, the subject experts of Vedantu have formulated Class 11 NCERT English Book answers covering all the chapters. These files are segmented chapter-wise for your convenience in studying and preparing the syllabus. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English - Chapter-wise Overview

As a subject, English is also very important as it carries equal marks as other subjects. For most, it becomes one that either helps boost the average score or brings down the average score. To make it one of the student’s strengths, it would be useful to understand the way of learning and writing precise English answers. Referring to Vedantu’s Solutions for Class 11 English helps students to learn the chapters systematically and easily.

NCERT Solutions Class 11 English can be accessed by students who wish to prepare thoroughly for their exams. The solutions are provided in a chapter-wise methodical format to aid in a systematic manner of studying for students. The experts at Vedantu have prepared these English Class 11 NCERT Solutions after a detailed study of the updated examination pattern and complete the Class 11 English syllabus. English can be a high scoring subject, but it requires regular practice when it comes to the use of grammar. Class 11 NCERT English Solutions are the guide that will help the students become proficient in their grammar and literature curriculum. Referring to these solutions will help the students get an idea of the exam pattern, and they can take their exams well prepared about the format. 

English NCERT Solutions Class 11 in PDF format can be easily accessed by students anytime for their revision and better understanding of the chapters in the English textbooks. Since the solutions to all the questions are provided, the learning process is simple for the students. The vast number of questions provided will give ample practice to the students for their exams. 

Detailed Overview of Class 11 English NCERT Solutions


NCERT Solutions for Class 11


Class 11 English

Number of Chapters:

  • Hornbill - 13

  • Snapshots - 8

Content Type:

Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

Academic Year:



English and Hindi

Available Materials:

Chapter Wise

Other Materials

  • Important Questions

  • Revision Notes

NCERT Textbook Solutions for Class 11 English

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Hornbill

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots

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Class 11 English NCERT Textbook Solutions - Free PDF download

Class 11 English NCERT Solutions

The Class 11 curriculum for English has two parts. Part 1 is English Elective, and Part 2 is English Core. These two parts comprise of:

  • Section A- Reading Comprehension

  • Section B- Writing Skills and Grammar

  • Section C- Literature and Long reading skills

Section A - Reading Comprehension

This section tests the reading prowess of students, and the questions asked are based on this unseen passage. 11th English digest PDF will give an idea to the students about the question pattern and how they can frame their answers. 

Section B - Writing Skills

Students must practice their writing skills to ace this section. They must be creative, and their use of grammar must be correct to score good marks. By referring to the NCERT Solution English Class 11, students can also practice time management for this section. Students must create a framework first for their writing section and then work methodically by elaborating on the points created. Letters and creative writing must be attempted only after understanding the question well.

Section C - Literature and Long Reading 

NCERT Solutions of English Class 11 Hornbill book includes eight prose chapters and five poems. English textbook Snapshots include eight stories. Students will find the solutions to all the probable questions that can be asked from a chapter.

All the chapters in both the books are very important and are selected in such a way that students can learn quite a lot from them. All chapters should be studied with dedication and attention to detail, as all are equally important. Skipping any of the chapters is not recommended at all. Before looking into the solutions, students need to read the texts, and only then can they understand and benefit from Vedantu’s NCERT Class 11 English Solutions.

Here is a list of all the chapters covered in the two books of CBSE Class 11 English.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Hornbill

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Hornbill

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Snapshots 

English Core CBSE Class 11 Syllabus 

A. Reading Comprehension [13 Marks]

Term 1

  • Unseen passage (factual, descriptive or literary/ discursive or persuasive) [8 marks]

  • Case-based Unseen (Factual) Passage [5 Marks]

Term 2

  • Unseen passage (factual, descriptive or literary/ discursive or persuasive) [8 marks]

  • Unseen passage for Note Making and Summarising [5 Marks]

B. Creative Writing Skills and Grammar  [12 Marks]

Term 1

Short Writing Tasks [3 Marks]

  • Notice Writing

Long Writing Tasks [5 Marks]

  • Business or Official Letters (Making enquiries, registering complaints, asking for or giving information, placing orders and sending replies)

  • Speech

Grammar [4 Marks]

  • Determiners

  • Tenses

  • Re-ordering of Sentences

Term 2

Short Writing Tasks [3 Marks]

  • Posters

Long Writing Tasks [5 Marks]

  • Official Letters to school/college authorities (concerning admissions, school issues, requirements/suitability of courses)

  • Debate

Grammar [4 Marks]

  • Determiners

  • Tenses

  • Re-ordering of Sentences

C. Literature for [15 Marks]

Literary prose or poetry extracts ( seen- texts ) comprehension and appreciation (two extracts per term).

Questions will be based on texts to assess the student’s comprehension and appreciation, analysis, inference and extrapolation skills.

Term 1

Book: Hornbill [9 Marks]

  • The Portrait of a Lady (Prose)

  • A Photograph (Poem)

  • “We’re Not Afraid to Die… if We Can All Be Together” (Prose)

  • Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues

  • The Laburnum Top (Poem)

  • Landscape of the Soul (Prose)

Book: Snapshots [6 Marks]

  • The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse(Prose)

  • The Address (Prose)

  • Ranga’s Marriage (Prose)

Term 2 

Book: Hornbill [9 Marks]

  • The Voice of the Rain (Poem)

  • The Ailing Planet: The Green Movement’s Role (Prose)

  • The Browning Version( Play)

  • Childhood (Poem)

  • Silk Road (Prose)

Book: Snapshots [6 Marks]

  • Albert Einstein at School (Prose)

  • Mother’s Day (Play)

  • Birth ( Prose)

Our highly experienced faculty have written all the answers to guide students with their exam preparation. Students can get the summary, the central theme, and the character sketches of all the elements covered in each chapter through these Solutions. Vedantu provides the NCERT Class 11 English Solutions arranged in the chapter-wise sequence, which makes last-minute revision very easy and quick. With the help of these solutions, students will slowly understand the way of writing answers in the examinations, covering all the important points and framing them in a beautiful way.

Benefits of NCERT Class 11 English Solutions

The Benefits of Ncert Class 11 English Solutions Prepared By The Experts at Vedantu are Manifold: 

  • Students can understand the examination pattern along with the number of questions asked in the exam.

  • The solutions to the questions are provided to help the students know of any mistake they may have made.

  • Students will be able to practice and revise their chapters with the help of these solutions.

  • These solutions help the students in understanding the chapter in detail

  • The grammar practise questions cover all the aspects of the curriculum

  • Students can time themselves and then work on writing comprehensive, to the point and relevant answers to the questions. 

  • NCERT Class 11 English Solutions will help the students in framing their answers for the literature section

With the help of the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English, students will be able to score well in their exams without any anxiety and pressure.

Students can head straight over to the Vedantu website or mobile app and take a look at the revision notes and important questions from the chapters covered in Class 11 English curriculum. It will help them develop a sound understanding of the chapters. Happy learning!

Importance of Chapter Wise List of NCERT Solutions Class 11 English

All the chapters of Class 11 English are quite crucial for your preparation. These chapters carry fundamental contexts that a student should discover and understand to answer the exam questions skilfully. This is where a student will need the prime support of the complete study material comprising the exercise solutions.

The experts have followed the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines to compile the answers for all exercise questions included in this syllabus. The solutions have been framed according to the chapters to form individual files to download.

These solutions will aid students to focus on the answering formats composed to follow the question patterns. Follow these answering formats and learn how to compile answers. These solutions will also aid in your preparation for this subject on time.

Apart from the English Notes for Class 11th, refer to the solutions to get the precise answers to all the exercise questions of a chapter. You can also compare and check which part of a chapter needs more attention. Hence, these solutions will act as a perfect guide to follow and complete preparing the syllabus efficiently.

Advantages of CBSE 11th English Solutions for All Chapters

  • The solutions, as mentioned earlier, have been segmented into separate files. These files can be found easily on the list of solutions mentioned on this page. It will add more convenience to your study time when you can find and add these files to your study material.

  • Refer to the solutions to study the answers and learn the technique to answer fundamental questions. This is how you can develop your conceptual foundation and learn to score more in Class 11 English exams.

  • Resolve doubts related to the exercise questions in no time by referring to the solutions. Check how the experts have answered those crucial questions and take a step ahead to develop your skills.

Download NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English PDF

Perform the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English PDF download according to your syllabus of an exam. Get these files and access them whenever you need. Make your study sessions more productive by using these solutions to get the best answers and save time. Learn how the experts have precisely answered the fundamental questions and focus on your preparation to stay ahead of the competition. 

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FAQs on NCERT Solutions For Class 11 English

1. How can students use the NCERT solution for class 11 English for securing good marks in the exams?

Exams have become very competitive and scoring good grades is the ambition of every student. They want to make use of all the reading material and solutions available to help them in their preparation. Most of the time English is neglected as a subject but if prepared and practised well, it can be one of the most scoring subjects. The comprehensive NCERT Solutions Class 11 English acquaint the students with the exam pattern and help them in knowing the weightage allotted to each section and chapter. These solutions have been prepared in a comprehensive format that helps the students in understanding each chapter well and retaining it.

2. How can students improve their reading and writing skills with the help of NCERT Solutions of Class 11 English?

With the help of these solutions, students can practice how to present their ideas in a cohesive manner. The more they practice their writing skills the better they will get with their idea and with the use of grammar. They can learn to organize their exam paper well and focus on the accuracy of grammar and time management in the writing section. By going through the Class 11 Ncert Solutions English, students will be able to answer all the questions in the sample papers, tests, and their exams.

3. What is the best way to prepare for the Reading Skills section?

Students can practice for Section A- Reading Skills of their Class 11 English paper by adhering to the following steps:

  • By reading as much as possible so that they can to get versed with new words and correct use of grammar

  • Reading the passage given in the paper thoroughly and understanding the gist of the passage

  • Highlighting the important points while reading the passage

  • Writing the answers in their own language

  • Writing the answers with correct spellings, accurate grammar, and appropriate expression

  • By including only the relevant points in their answers

  • By enhancing their vocabulary to understand the difficult words used in the passage.

4. Why is English an important subject for the students of Class 11?

English is regarded as a vital subject in all schools, whether primary or secondary. As the official language of India, students must comprehend the fundamental notions of the English language. Owing to this fact, CBSE takes responsibility for improving students' English language skills. And therefore, the NCERT books that have been prescribed to the students by CBSE, ensure that their reading and writing skills are developed.

5. How many chapters are covered in NCERT Solutions Class 11 English?

NCERT Solutions of Class 11 English covers the syllabus of both the textbook and supplementary reader book of English. The textbook 'Hornbill' contains eight prose pieces and five poems. The supplementary reader book 'Snapshot' has eight chapters. You can find notes and NCERT solutions for Class 11 English for all these chapters on the website ( or the app of Vedantu. You can also download the NCERT Solutions at absolutely no cost. 

6. How can I prepare for the ‘Literature section’ in the exams?

In exams, the 'literature section' comprises questions from the literature portion of the syllabus, which are the chapters from the English textbooks. To ensure that you receive full marks in the literature section, you must be clear with all of the prose and poetry recommended in the syllabus. You can use NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English to get an idea of the sort of questions you can expect in your exams.

7. Where can I find NCERT Class 11 English textbooks in PDF format? 

Vedantu is the most renowned online education system in the country. It aids the country's foundation in comprehending the fundamental concepts imparted to them by the educational system. Vedantu provides them with the NCERT Textbooks and solutions which strictly adhere to the curriculum directed by the CBSE. If you are searching for an ncert textbook then visit the page ncert english textbooks for class 11 in free and downloadable PDF format at the Vedantu website (