NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter-2

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Class 11 English Chapter-2 NCERT Solutions - The Address - Free PDF Download

The Address class 11 solution elucidates a nuanced take on the protagonist returning to her old home post-war, only to find out that all that was familiar no longer resonates. The solution enables students to understand various dimensions related to the topic.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Should Chapter 2 of Class 12 English be Studied?

Ans. Ch 2 class 11 English snapshots for exam preparation should ensure that all aspects of this chapter are duly covered. Students have to go beyond the apparent text to have a proper comprehension of the underlying theme.

In order to prepare class 11 English snapshot ch 2 solutions, keep an eye out for all main pointers of chapter. The solutions should be prepared thoroughly and revisited so that gaps in preparation can be identified.

2. What are the Different Kinds of Questions that have to be Prepared in Chapter 2?

Ans. As indicated in class 11 snapshot chapter 2 solutions, both long answer type and short answer type question has to be prepared from chapter 2. The long answer type questions require reading with insight, where parallel among themes have to be drawn to develop an overall understanding of prose in its proper context.

On the other hand, short answer type questions in NCERT solutions class 11 English snapshots chapter 2 are limited in its scope. It has to be taken care that the answers to the short questions are to the point and accurate.

3. What is the Gist of Class 11 Chapter 2 English?

Ans. As explained in CBSE class 11 snapshot chapter 2 solutions, the prose “The Address” revolves around primarily two characters – a 16 year old girl whose family had to leave home due to breaking out of Second World War and Mrs Dorling. The other two entities are – Marga Minco (who is the narrator) and Mrs S (mother of Marga Minco).

The dominant theme in NCERT solutions for class 11 English The Address is war-torn victims forsaking their home and loss of family members. While the chronicle of events is easily available in text, it is the human cost that has been narrated in the piece. The plot shows how with having to lose all belongings during fleeing from home, the protagonist has to eventually forego the memories as well.

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