NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter-2

VSAT 2022

Class 11 English Chapter-2 NCERT Solutions - The Address - Free PDF Download

The Address class 11 solution elucidates a nuanced take on the protagonist returning to her old home post-war, only to find out that all that was familiar no longer resonates. The solution enables students to understand various dimensions related to the topic.

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Access NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 2- The Address

1. 'Have you come back?' said the woman. 'I thought that no one had come back.' Does this statement give some clue about the story? If yes, what is it?

Ans: The statement gives the idea that the two families knew each other, probably stayed nearby, and were acquaintances. The writer was not well received by Mrs. Dorling, who lived in Marconi Street, Number 46.  When the war was going on, some people left their homes to take refuge in distant lands. And the few who stayed there thought that those who had left their land would never come back. Most of the author’s family possessions were given to Mrs. Dorling since the author’s family had to leave because of war. Mrs. Dorling, a non- Jew, thought that the entire family of Mrs. S, a Jew, was killed during the war. So, instead of taking care of the goods, she started using them. When the daughter of Mrs. S visited to take back the possessions, she was sent off from the door and with the excuse of her visit being inconvenient. 

2. The story is divided into pre-war and post-war times. What hardships do you think the girl underwent during these times?

Ans: During World War, individuals across the world had to undergo extreme mental and physical difficulties. In Europe, Jews had to face extreme tortures and many left their homes to escape to another land to save their lives. 

The story, “The Address” is divided into pre-war and post-war times. The author’s family had to leave their precious belongings behind to save them from being destroyed during the war. Mrs. Dorling was an old acquaintance of the author’s mother and promised her to take care of everything till they returned. They had to leave their home behind and fled to an unknown land where survival was difficult. She lost all her family members because of the war and was forced to live alone in a small, rented room with shreds of black-out papers still hung along with the window. Initially, after the liberation, she was not interested in collecting back all her possessions and memories as the connections it belonged to no longer existed. 

Eventually, after the war, the conditions became better. Food was available and people were no longer forced to move from place to place to save their lives. This positive change motivated her to go and collect back her memories and goods that belonged to her family from Mrs. Dorling, who assumed that they all would have died in the war.

3. Why did the narrator of the story want to forget the address?

Ans: After going through everything and losing her loved ones, the author had no intentions of traveling back and collecting everything since the collections to whom it belonged no longer existed. Looking at everything would freshen the wounds that the war gave her. Mrs. Dorling had promised her mother while the war was on, to take diligent care of the belongings and return them when they were back. But on the first encounter she refused to identify the author or her mother and the next time when author entered her home because she was out for some errands, she saw all the items that belonged to her family, decorated in the home, and being used by the family. She was served in the items linked to her memory but in strange surroundings. The things lost their value at that point. This agitated her and she consoled herself thinking that the items would be better used by them than being kept in crumpled furniture and a small rented room with the black-out paper still hanging on.

4. The Address' is a story of human predicament that follows war. Comment.

Ans: War not only causes lots of physical and economic damage to the country but also shatters the emotional aspect of an individual. During the world war, people had to travel away from their homes to protect their lives. Many innocents along with the soldiers were killed and the atrocities of the war are still there. Incidents of bombing and shelling scared everyone. Many people faced post-war depression and trauma along with the wounds of losing their loved ones. 

The author too had to leave her home and keep on shifting with her family and mere belongings to protect themselves. They had to leave all their belongings at their acquaintance’s place and live in a small, rented home with black-out sheets. She lost all her family members and it was disturbing for her. She did not even want to go back and collect her belongings as it would cause the pain of realizing everything she lost. Mrs. Dorling's cold behavior and assumption that everyone would have died because of the war would have shattered her. Wars leave the world desolate not only on the physical level but also on the emotional and spiritual level.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Chapter 2 - Free PDF Download

NCERT solution of English class 11 snapshot chapter 2 is included within the supplementary reader of the prescribed textbook. Let us first take a look at the scheme of the syllabus of class 11 English as students should be absolutely familiar with it.

CBSE class 11 English is divided into Sections A, B, and C. Section A has reading comprehension that includes unseen passages where students have to engage in interpretation as well as inference. On the other hand, Section B covers writing skills and grammar. The literature section is included in Section C. The prescribed textbooks are Hornbill and Snapshots. The Address class 11 solution corresponds to supplementary reader Snapshots published by NCERT.

Snapshot class 11 chapter 2 solutions can be very helpful to the students as it simplifies underlying themes of prose. Students can easily download The Address class 11 PDF for free. The free download option is readily available in the Vedantu app.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Chapter 2 Questions

Each question of the prose in the textbook has been clearly answered in CBSE class 11 English Snapshot chapter 2 solutions. Take a look at some of those:

  • Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1 indicates the statement made by the woman about no one coming back after the war. The question seeks the explanation of meaning imparted through that query. The answer involves the explanation of the possessive nature and greed of Mrs. Dorling manifested through that statement.

Question 2 required elaboration on the hardships that the protagonist underwent both in the pre-war and post-war times. The answer in The Address class 11 solution mentions that experience of the girl has been jarring. Moreover, even after the war was over, normalcy as she knew it could never be restored.

  • Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1 asks for a precise answer on what exactly was Mrs Dorling's reaction on knowing that protagonist is Mrs S's daughter. The answer mentions that Mrs Dorling showed no sign of recognition.

Question 4 asked about the outcome of interview between narrator and Mrs Dorling. The answer points out that requests for interview have been unsuccessful.

NCERT solutions for class 11 English snapshots chapter 2 The Address is covered under an overall section-wise marks distribution. Segregation of marks has been indicated in table below:

Class 11 English Chapter 2 - Marks Weightage



Weightage (in Percentage)




Grammar and writing skill



Literature text and Supplementary reading



Internal assessment 






Even while studying NCERT solutions for class 11 English snapshot The Address, this marks division should be kept in mind for effective preparation.

Why is NCERT Solution for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 2 is a Must-Read?

Apart from the collection of answers in one place, there are benefits to study from The Address class 11 solution:

  • There is a concise explanation to each question.

  • The solution is also presented in an engaging manner.

  • It follows the pattern of question and answers of NCERT prose accurately.

  • The format remains same as the one which would be required to be followed in the exam.

  • The simple elucidation of answers would help students to fetch more marks in exam.

Refer to Snapshot class 11 chapter 2 solutions to ensure that your preparation goes smoothly and you score high marks in your exam. You can also download the free PDF from online educational sites like Vedantu.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Should Chapter 2 of Class 12 English be Studied?

Ch 2 class 11 English snapshots for exam preparation should ensure that all aspects of this chapter are duly covered. Students have to go beyond the apparent text to have a proper comprehension of the underlying theme.

In order to prepare class 11 English snapshot ch 2 solutions, keep an eye out for all main pointers of chapter. The solutions should be prepared thoroughly and revisited so that gaps in preparation can be identified.

2. What are the Different Kinds of Questions that have to be Prepared in Chapter 2?

As indicated in class 11 snapshot chapter 2 solutions, both long answer type and short answer type question has to be prepared from chapter 2. The long answer type questions require reading with insight, where parallel among themes have to be drawn to develop an overall understanding of prose in its proper context.

On the other hand, short answer type questions in NCERT solutions class 11 English snapshots chapter 2 are limited in its scope. It has to be taken care that the answers to the short questions are to the point and accurate.

3. What is the Gist of Class 11 Chapter 2 English?

As explained in CBSE class 11 snapshot chapter 2 solutions, the prose “The Address” revolves around primarily two characters – a 16 year old girl whose family had to leave home due to breaking out of Second World War and Mrs Dorling. The other two entities are – Marga Minco (who is the narrator) and Mrs S (mother of Marga Minco).

The dominant theme in NCERT solutions for class 11 English The Address is war-torn victims forsaking their home and loss of family members. While the chronicle of events is easily available in text, it is the human cost that has been narrated in the piece. The plot shows how with having to lose all belongings during fleeing from home, the protagonist has to eventually forego the memories as well.

4. Why do you think Mrs Dorling gave a negative response to the narrator? 

In Chapter 2 of Class 11 English, Mrs Dorling had taken all precious things that the narrator’s mother possessed as the mother was fleeing to a safer place during the war. Mrs Dorling assured the narrator’s mother that she would keep her valuables safely. After the war, when the narrator returned to Mrs Dorling, she acted as if she was unable to recognize the narrator. She negatively responded to the narrator because she might have thought that the narrator was back to take all that valuables back. 

5. Where was the narrator’s mother going?

The story is set in Holland during the World War period that had wreaked havoc all over the world. Holland during the World War was not a safe place for the Jews. The narrator’s mother was a Jew, so her family was unsafe in the place. The narrator’s mother decided to flee from the place to save her family from the War. She gave all her precious belongings to Mrs. Dorling to keep them safe. To practise more questions, students can download the NCERT solutions PDF free of cost from Vedantu platforms.

6. What hardships did the girl have to go through?

The story is set in the pre-war and post-war eras. In the pre-war, the narrator’s family was a rich family with lots of valuables in their home. They used to eat with silver spoons and knives. But after the war, the narrator had to leave her place because it was not safe for the Jews. She had to rent a place. Her mother also got ill and died afterwards. She found going back to the same place very difficult. To read more about the story, students can visit the Vedantu website or the app.

7. Why did the girl try to forget Mrs Dorling’s address?

When the girl arrived at Mrs Dorlings the second time, she saw all her mother’s belongings, from plates, pots and cups to spoons, knives and the burnt tablecloth. She could recognize all these items, but she could not see these valuables arranged in a tasteless manner. The strange surroundings in which these items were arranged had made the girl disinterested in them. She had lost all connection and hence decided to forget the address and move on. 

8. What do you learn from Chapter 2 of Class 11 English Snapshot?

Chapter 2 of Class 11 English, “The Address” highlights the ugly part of a war, how it affects the lives of people and increases the hardships in their lives. We see the hardships that the narrator and her mother had to go through and how they lost their home and all their possessions. We also learn that we only value things when they are no longer with us. We take things we have for granted and are never grateful, but once they are gone, we understand their value. 

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