NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 5

Class 11 English Chapter-5 NCERT Solutions - Mother’s Day - Free PDF Download

Often students want solutions to the exercises to understand exactly how to write so that they can obtain good marks. Vedantu has arrived at their aid with free NCERT solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter Mother’s Day in a PDF format which can be easily downloaded. The Class 11 English Mother’s day NCERT solutions are made by skilled and experienced professionals who abide by the rules of the CBSE board to give the students the most accurate answers to all the exercises. 

After going through these mother's day Class 11 NCERT solutions, students can understand the type of questions they have to face and the style of writing which can fetch them good marks. The Mother’s Day Class 11  solutions can prove to be a confidence booster for many before the examination. 

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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 5 Mother's Day part-1

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 5

Significance of Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 5

Class 11 English Chapter 5 Mother’s Day is a beautiful play which signifies the importance and status of mothers in our society. It is important to understand the Chapter well in order to tackle the questions as they may be a bit tricky. But once the students have a firm grasp on the Chapter with the help of Mother’s Day Class 11 NCERT solutions, they are bound to score well. 

It is an important Chapter as it could play a pivotal role in the performance of the students in the subject and hence students need to study Snapshots Class 11 Mother's Day solutions thoroughly. Hence, paying attention to details of NCERT solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 5 is key. So download NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English snapshot Chapter 5 Mother’s Day to do well in exams. 

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Summary of the Story

Mother’s Day is a play written by J.B Priestley which narrates the importance of mothers in every household. The story revolves around Mrs. Pearson, a woman in her forties who wants respect and attention from her children and her husband. She is very hard-working and does everything for her family to keep them happy. Yet they do not seem to reciprocate and she is very disappointed about it. So she decided to stand up against it and visited her neighbour, Mrs.Fitzgerald, a fortune teller and magician to help her gain back her respect.

Mrs. Fitzgerald came up with a plan and told her to exchange their bodies and she as Mrs. Pearson would teach the Pearson family a lesson. Mrs. Pearson agreed on the condition that she would get her body back. Then Mrs. Fitzgerald went to the house as Mrs.Pearson and was smoking a cigarette when Doris, her girl, entered the house. She was a bit surprised but instantly ordered her mother for tea and her dress. Mrs.Fitzgerald refused immediately and demanded respect as she was her mother. She also scolded her for going out with Charles, which hurt Doris.

Then her son, Cyril came back home and got into an argument as he was surprised by the strange behaviour of his mother. Their mother scolded them and told them she deserved love and respect as she works hard for them every day.

Now the husband, George Pearson enters and is amused by her having a spout. He said he would have supper at the club and would not prefer tea. He was annoyed to hear his wife say there was no tea and he was laughed at in the club and he should not go there. He asked his son if that was the truth and Cyril responded in the affirmative reluctantly.

Then Mrs. Pearson came as Mrs. Fitzgerald and demanded to get her body back. The actual Mrs.Fitzgerald had already put things together and did as she promised. Mrs.Pearson got herself back as well as the respect from her closed ones as they had dinner together.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Mother's Day have all the exercises of this play covered.

Solved Examples

1. What Was the Colour of the Dress That Doris Intended to Wear Before Going Out?

  1. Black

  2. Yellow

  3. Red

  4. Blue

Answer: (b) Yellow

2. In Which Year Was the Play Written?

  1. 1950

  2. 1948

  3. 1960

  4. 1955

Answer: (a) 1950 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the issues that arise in the play Mother’s Day Class 11 English Chapter 5 and are they genuine?

The author has addressed a number of serious issues through the play. According to Class 11 snapshot ch 5 solutions, the primary issue that has been portrayed is that the housewives do not get enough appreciation for the hard work they do throughout the day. They are often treated like servants by their family members and are never thankful enough. The second issue according to NCERT solutions for Class 11 English Chapter Mother's Day, is the love of the mother or the wife is one-directional. Often her children and husband do not reciprocate the same to her, which hurts her even more. They only remain involved in their selfish interests. The problems in the play are very serious and even prevalent in the modern era.

2. Can drama be a good platform to showcase such social issues of ch 5 Snapshots Class 11?

Drama has always been an important platform to convey social issues to the masses as mentioned in NCERT solutions of Chapter Mother's Day Class 11. Drama brings out emotions through the conversations of various characters in different roles. The people tend to attach themselves with the characters and are thus attracted to drama. The drama usually delivers a message at the end either directly or indirectly. The social message is portrayed through the characters and their activities often as indirect means to curb the evil. Nowadays, more and more dramas are giving messages regarding the issues in society like women empowerment. As direct moralising is often resented, drama proves to be important means to reach people. 

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