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Explain why it is said like that?
Mock drill is useful.

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Hint: Mock drills are arranged by organizations/public sector/factories/government/luxury suits etc. Usually fire brigades indulge in mock drills in order to provide guidance to the common public/the place where the mock drill takes place.

Complete answer:
The main objective of the mock drill is to review the emergency preparedness plan as well as to evaluate the standard operating protocols at any location, especially in larger organizations, schools, places where hazardous materials (chemicals, acids, LPG) are used, etc., which helps people concerned to act in accordance with the emergency situation to protect their lives and property.

Mock drill exercises developed should be flexible and planned in accordance with the needs of the organization concerned. Mock drills are not crisis solutions, but an effective approach to implementing important priorities that would lead to innovative solutions.

Mock Drill is useful in a number of ways:
1)Mock Drill is a complete demonstration of how to react whenever a disaster occurs.
2)It identifies potential errors and risks.
3)Improves coordination between different disaster control departments.
4)It shows how to rescue and save people trapped on high floors, buildings.
5)It also shows how to rescue people whose clothes have caught fire.
6)It increases the ability to respond quickly to disasters.

By mock drills:
1)We can evaluate the response or response time to a disaster.
2)We can identify our own capabilities, and coordination between different disaster control 3)departments can be improved.
4)We can check the competence of the actions planned.
5)We can identify potential errors and risks.

Professionals engaged in emergency response teams, the fire and safety sector, a key member of any organization, and people wishing to enter the health and safety sector can attend mock drills.

Note: Need for mock drill:
1)To make people aware of the risks around them
2)Ways to deal with hazardous substances
3)Inculcate preparedness among the general public
4)Knowing the value of resources belongs to different departments.
5)Examination of SOPs and Industry Plans
6)Enhance the capacity of resources