TA & DA Full Form

What is TA & DA?

The full meaning of TA & DA is Travelling Allowance and Dearness Allowance. TA & DA means, the sum of the amount given to the employees by their company. Travelling allowance or transport allowance covers the transportation expenses between a worker’s resident to their office. It also includes the price of tickets, hotel bills, meals and other costs for the worker who travels for work.

Dearness Allowance or DA refers to the sum of money which is given to a retired worker of a government and some non-governmental organization. TA & DA abbreviation was started by workers to adjust to their living cost.

What are the basic rules of Travelling Allowance?

Even though receiving a travel allowance sounds excellent, but in order to avail it, you must follow some basic TA rules.

Stick to your working route: In order to, get TA, you must stick to the journey route for your performance of the duties. For example, if you are a delivery person, then you would only get an allowance for the route you have taken to fulfil your duties.

Travelling from your resident to your office: TA & DA full form have the rules to give you an allowance for the route you have taken from your home to your office or other work location. For example, if you have to visit a customer for the sake of the company, then your organization will pay for those travel expenses. It is ideally applicable when you have to perform your duties outside of your office location.

What is the gist of DA or Dearness Allowance?

DA is subject to location. That means that the sum of money of dearness allowance would depend on which location you as the living cost is variable according to a different location. If you live in smaller cities or rural areas, then your DA would not be as hefty as a person who lives in metro cities. During your working period a specific amount of money, based on your salary, will be allotted as a DA.

Types of DA

TA & DA acronym is variable. Especially when it comes to DA, there are two different types of variable Dearness Allowance present.

Industrial: IDA or Industrial Dearness Allowance is for the public sector workers of the Central Government.

Variable: VDA or Variable Dearness Allowance is for the employees of the Central Government, which is revised every six months as stated by the consumer price index.

TA & DA meaning ideally helps the employees to cope with their living cost by keeping aside their travelling expenses for their duty. With the help of these two allowances, your company gives you the advantage of saving money for your living.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What is the TA in Salary Slip?

The term TA in your salary slip stands for Travelling Allowance and your company allots an amount of money for all the travelling expenses you incur during any business tour. It covers all the travel fares, hotel tariffs, and meal expenses of an employee on a business tour. 

Q2: What is DA in Salary Slip?

The term DA in your salary slip stands for dearness allowance is calculated based on an employee’s salary. Generally, the living cost allowance is provided under the umbrella of the dearness allowance. A certain percentage of an employee’s basic salary is fixed as DA. The amount allotted under DA varies for different cities. It is also determined as per the consumer price index, which is revised every six months. 

Q3: What is the main Difference Between TA & DA?

TA is given to a working employee to cover their travelling expenses and DA is the amount of money paid to employees so that they can adjust their living expenses.