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Back to School Games for Kids

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Back to School Fun with Cool Games – List of Games Enjoyed at School and Home

Now with the gradual vanishing of the pandemic, schools are reopened and the kids are overjoyed! Sitting at home idly, your kid must have grown lethargic with no fun at school. This does have an adverse effect on these young minds. Why not boost them up with some cool back-to-school games for kids to play at school? 

Oho! What if some schools are not yet open in some places? Worry not, we got this covered as well. Towards the end, we also have some pretty cool games which are played at home. Enjoy the list!

Fun Way to Start/Restart Your First Day at School

Kids playing at school.

Kids playing at school

You might be a parent or a teacher who is trying to infuse new games at school and home, or trying to greet new kids with these cool games or you might be a school student who is re-starting your school after the pandemic – all are welcome to this content!

The purpose of this discussion is to give a list of games that will be engaging for the kids and will recharge the kids from their boredom. 

6 Awesome Back to School Games

We are going to list down 6 amazing games for the kids to play at school. Let us first check the necessities of the games.

Checklist before the game starts:

  • A classroom full of kids.

  • A couple of self-adjustments to adjust to your respective surroundings.

  • A colourful ball for the first game.

  • A simple board for each kid in the 4th game.

  • A roller dice for the 5th game. 

Below is the list of 6 awesome games.

1. Roll The Ball and Get to Know 

In this game, you have to prepare a bunch of questions and write them on a sticky note and stick it to a colourful big ball. Each kid after their turn will roll the ball and send it to other kids. They will answer the two questions from the sticky notes pasted on the ball.

This will help the kids to know more about their friends and they will gradually be free to communicate with each other.

2. Talk of The Town

In this game, each kid will go up on an elevated region like a stage or simply on a chair and he or she will introduce themselves in a fashionable manner. This will boost their confidence level.

3. Pick a Stick and Create a Story

In this game, the kids will start saying a very short story in 3-4 lines, it can also be a phrase or moral. The next kid will have to pick a word from the previous teller and need to create his or her story. This will help them to be imaginative and confident.

4. Get to Know You

This is a board game. In this game, the kids are required to write on a piece of the board about themselves or what they aspire to become, or anything which they want to write. Then these boards can be hung in the classroom with their respective names on them.

This will improve their writing skills and also give them a sense of recognition.

5. Dice up

This is a dice game where the teacher will roll the dice and wherever the dice lands the kid next to it will recite a poem or dance or simply rhyme any nursery rhymes.

6. Snowball Fight

In this game, the kids can roll up waste papers and throw them at each other. This is a lot funnier than just throwing papers at each other. This will help them get comfortable on the first day at school.

Back to School – Home Games

Kids playing at home.

Kids playing at home

When your kid is away from school, you can lighten them up with some cool games which can be played at home. These games can be played virtually while they do online classes. The games will keep the young minds active and not feel lethargic.

Alphabet Relay 

When your kid is at the kindergarten level, you can definitely play this helpful game. This game will engage your child to identify different letters from the English alphabet.

Back to School Journey

This game is to be played by the kids when they come back from school. You can ask them to relate their day’s activities in school.

Scavenger Hunt

In this game, the school can send goodies or small stationeries for the kids and print the logo of the school. The parents will hide these goodies all over the house hiding them. The kids will be asked to find the goodies. This will be a great game for them!

As we come to the end of the content, we would like to make sure that this was only a fun guide to help you and your kids to add some fun activities in life. The content is intended especially for the kids after the pandemic situation, how they can grow their will to go back to school or those who are still at home or how they can eliminate boredom and enjoy home-schooling. Also, as an awareness, let us end this by saying that at school make sure the kids are maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, wearing masks, and sanitizing themselves regularly.

FAQs on Back to School Games for Kids

1. How can I encourage my child to go back to school after a vacation?

You can implement these games in their curriculum and also as a responsible parent suggest the school authorities install such gaming activities which will help them kill the urge to stay at home.

2. How do these games help a kid?

These games are brilliant! These engaging games will not only be a fun activity for them but will also help them in learning many skills like writing, communication, confidence-boosting, and also imaginative thinking.