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Activities for Nursery Kids

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Introduction to the Nursery Activity

Nursery class kids are the most interesting creatures on the planet because they may not be able to speak their minds in the most coherent of ways, but their thoughts are complex and creative, and all-around interesting.

Nursery class teaching 30-40 tiny tots is a wonderful experience because it's not just about teaching them the ABCs of life, it's also about understanding how their little minds tick. 

Indulging in nursery class activities ideas can be fulfilling in more than one way. That’s why the teachers must be patient enough and know how to teach nursery classes.

Image Showing Jumbled Alphabets with Letter Cubes

Image Showing Jumbled Alphabets with Letter Cubes

Some Fun Activities for Nursery Kids

Alphabet Jumbling 

It is very beneficial for the kids as:

  • It boosts understanding of numbers and letters.

  • It develops their ability to think logically.

  • Learning to sort your alphabet letters is one of the most fun activities that you can do with your child.

  • It's an easy way for the kid to learn their numbers, and these kinds of nursery class activities ideas boost their cognitive skills!

  • The kids will spend hours sorting these letters, having tons of fun playing this innovative nursery class teaching technique.

  • They will develop an amazing quantity of knowledge as they learn how to spell words, names, and sentences with their correct numbers of letters. 

Human Train

In this activity for nursery class, kids hold each other's hands and run in lines like coaches of a train. Players are given station cards that list what player is in each position. The coach of the train must tell their players where to stop.

Children Enjoying the Game Railway

Children Enjoying the Game Railway 

I Spy

It is one of the most popular nursery class activities ideas playing activities not only for nursery class but as kids we all have played till passing the primary. Being a group game, it works as team building activity. The concept of "I Spy" was first introduced in 1876, by the Germanic, Ispēh. It was used to describe a child who is discovering "what is around them", by seeing what other peers have or have not seen or have not spotted.


The game of Foosball has been around for centuries not only as an activity for nursery class, but it has been able to successfully captivate kids and adults alike. Many people have turned to this game not just because it’s so much fun, but also because it helps improve hand-eye coordination and spatial skills which are important skills for future success. It's all because of experimenting methods of how to teach nursery class.

Colour Sorting Games

This nursery activity for kids is popular and one of the most interesting activities for nursery kids which helps children develop fine motor skills and improve their focus. In order for your child to have a good time learning, follow these tips for picking out colours for sorting games like colour matching, colour sorting and more:

  1. Choose colours that are close in shade.

  2. Create tags according to bright or dark colours so that it will be easier for you to tell them apart.

  3. Look out for colours with high visibility (for example, the "yellow" label).

  4. Consider using shapes rather than words when labelling your colours.


The nursery activity and all other games make children stronger and develop coordination skills, team working ability, decision-making skills, attention management skills, social skills, memory, and cognitive skills. Games also contribute to boosting self-esteem and confidence as well as reducing stress and anxiety levels while promoting a sense of achievement.

Research has found that when playing games children have an increased sense of well-being which can lead to positive behaviours. Due to easy access to mobile phones, kids nowadays prefer to remain inside and Play video games. Parents must be encouraged to play outdoors and be involved in wall activities.

FAQs on Activities for Nursery Kids

1. How to control nursery kids while engaging in activities?

Brief them beforehand about the rules of the game, discipline part and if available take help of assistant hands. If possible make one group so that everyone remains engaged and in sight. They should be given chance in exploring things from the beginning of their life so that they don't become backward like some of the kids nowadays. While engaging them in their activity, they should be kept in sight and should be given proper instructions about everything. They should be given chance to see things in their own way.

2. If a student is physically insufficient to play the group game, how to handle them?

Find the student and make him sit nearby and cheer his friends to play. If possible, ask someone to play some board games with it. This will not make them isolated and will boost connectivity with the class. Let them try different activities so that the student won't feel bad. Tell them to sit beside their friends and watch them play and cheer for them so that they won't feel lonely and won't feel that they are not a part of the group where all the students are. Make the student feel special and talk with the student so that they feel that they have a teacher friend who can understand them.

3. Why do students need to spend their time with healthy activities?

Leisure time gives students an opportunity to relax, and to stop worrying about school or other stressful aspects of their lives. Some students choose to spend this time reading, watching TV, listening to music, playing video games, or doing a number of other activities.

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