Gender Equality Essay

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Essay on Gender Equality

In a society, everyone has the right to lead his/her life accordingly without any discrimination. When this state is achieved where all individuals are considered to be equal irrespective of their caste, gender, colour, profession, and status, we call it equality. The most prevalent discrimination is gender inequality. Even in progressive societies and top organizations, we can see many examples of gender bias. Gender equality can only be achieved when both male and female individuals are treated similarly.

Discrimination is a social menace that creates division. We stop being together and stand together to tackle our problems. This social stigma has been creeping in the underbelly of all the society for many centuries. This has also been witnessed in gender-based cases. Gender inequality is the thing of the past as both men and women are creating history in all segments together.

In this century, women and men enjoy the same privileges. The perception is changing slowly but steadily. People are now becoming more aware of their rights and what they can do in a free society. It has been found that when women and men hold the same position and participate equally, society progresses exclusively and creates a landmark. When a community reaches gender equality, everyone enjoys the same privileges and gets similar scopes in education, health, occupation, and political aspect. Even in the family, when both male and female members are treated in the same way, it is the best place to grow, learn, and add great values.

A nation needs to value every gender equally to progress at the right place. A society attains better development in all aspects when both the genders are entitled to similar opportunities. Equal rights in decision making, health, politics, infrastructure, profession, etc will surely advance our society to a new level. The social stigma of women staying inside the house has changed. Nowadays, girls are equally competing with boys in school. They are also creating landmark development in their respective profession. Women are now seeking economic independence before they get married. It gives them the confidence to stand against oppression and make better decisions for themselves.

The age-old social structure dictated that women need to stay inside the home taking care of all when men will go out to earn bread and butter. This has been practised since ages when the world outside was not safe. Now that the time has changed and we have successfully made our environment quite safer, women can step forward, get educated, pursue their passion, bring economic balance in their families, and share the weight of a family with men. This, in a cumulative way, will also make a country’s economy progress faster and better.

Gender equality can be measured and a country’s growth can be traced by using the following methods.

  • Gender Development Index (GDI) is a gender-based calculation done similar to the Human Development Index. 

  • Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM) is a detailed calculation method of the percentage of female members in decision-making roles. 

  • Gender Equity Index (GEI) considers economic participation, education, and empowerment.

According to the Gender Gap Index (GGI), India ranks 113 among 135 participating countries. The Indian society is still wrecked by such stigmas that dictate that women are meant to manage home and stay indoors. Women are neglected even though our country is quickly gaining pace in economic development in the world. Other stigmas such as child labour, child marriage, and dowry also contribute to this problem.

Once all these menaces will be eradicated, every family will understand the value of a woman and our country will achieve gender equality in real sense. Women are creating examples everywhere and we all should highlight it to change the scenario and give them equal rights.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Makes Women Unequal to Men?

Ans: The social stigmas and beliefs that have been running deeply in the veins of all families make women unequal to men. Women are considered to be a burden by many families and are not provided with the same rights men enjoy in society. We are ill-informed regarding women’s rights and tend to continue age-old practices. This is made worse with social menaces such as the dowry system, child labour, child marriage, etc. Women can gather knowledge, get educated, and compete with men. This is sometimes quite threatening to the false patriarchal society.

2. How can We Promote Gender Equality?

Ans: Education is the prime measure to be taken to make the society free from such menaces. When we teach our new generation regarding the best social practices and gender equal rights, we can eradicate such menaces aptly. Our society is ill-informed regarding gender equality and rights. Many policies have been designed and implemented by the government. As our country holds the second position in terms of population, it is hard to tackle these gender-based problems. It can only be erased from the deepest point by using education as the prime weapon.

3. Why should Women be Equal to Men?

Ans: Women might not be similar to men in terms of physical strength and physiological traits. Both are differently built biologically but they have the same brain and organs to function. Women these days are creating milestones that are changing society. They have travelled to space, running companies, creating history, and making everyone proud. Women are showing their capabilities in every phase and hence, they should be equal to men in all aspects.