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Essay On Save Environment

The environment is the surrounding area of our dwelling. It plays a crucial role in our survival and existence. It is in the "environment" where a living thing has its chances of birth, growth, development, and life itself. The cues present in that environment gradually shape their survivability and habitation.

Right from the small age, we are being educated on how to save our environment and help this planet earth to be beautiful. The environment plays a crucial role in shaping the psychological condition and physical provision of a living creature. Over time, it gets to shape living things. Planet earth with loads of environmental issues will have a greater impact in future.

Therefore, it is vitally important to save the environment, since; the very existence of a favourable environment determines the chances for the survivability and development of life within its boundaries.

What is the Environment?

The environment is the area or region which supports certain conditions that enable and benefit the dynamic aspects of its inhabiting forms of life which leads to formation, development, maturity, birth, decay, and death.

What forms the Environment?

The necessities involved and responsible for the formation of an environment is its conducive surrounding. The surrounding presents the proper cues to look for on which life can form and flourish.

A healthy environment depicts the abundance of suitable and appropriate cues that support the edification of life. Surroundings form the basis of the environment.

How an Environment influences Life?

The natural environment consists of climate and nature, both of which can affect health. Climate depicts the natural weather conditions which influence nature. Natural environments ensure harmony in Nature.

A poor environment can reduce the lifespan of all creatures – humans and animals alike. It can seriously affect their psychological and physical conditions, that too, in a negative way.

In recent years, there have been many natural disasters or calamities giving out negative outcomes. Wildfires, earthquakes, floods, famine and other issues are becoming very common.

The Effects of Pollution on Wildlife and Marine Life

Pollution has adverse effects on the natural environment along with its flora and fauna. It alters the natural genetic code of the organisms dwelling in its polluted surroundings. Pollution affects not just the food chain but, it ruins the entire food web. It endangers and is responsible for the extinction of living species.   

Initiatives to Save the Environment

The plantation, restoration, and maintenance of green trees are vital to save the degenerating environment. Trees play a crucial role – not only to supply oxygen but also to consume carbon dioxide which is harmful to humans and animals. Deforestation should be discouraged at all costs.  The more we plant trees, the more our environment can be conserved.

Deforestation leads to a large deterioration in soil quality and causes landslides. Improved tree plantation causes afforestation that helps to strengthen the integrity of soil strength.  This helps to reduce soil erosion, landslides, and floods.

Pollution, of all sorts, is a major threat to the environment. Chemicals and pesticides can cause pollution to the same intensity as harmful gases, smoke, or dust particles.

Another important initiative to follow for saving the environment is waste management. People should be educated for the proper disposal of waste in their house, area, or city. Regularly cleaning of streets, managing garbage and other aspects of waste management is important to consider


Therefore, we can see that the environment plays a far more important factor in shaping life than we can imagine. It is responsible not only for physical well-being but can impact the psychological factors of its constituents as well. Promoting a healthy and clean environment is the basic need of any individual living on this planet earth. Living a healthy environment can help our coming generation to live a healthy life.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the significant factors that harm the Environment?

Ans: There are various circumstances at play, which can determine the condition of an environment like pollution, deforestation, and global warming. Human activity has been attributed to the cause of hundreds of extinctions past two centuries. These activities have also helped to increase global warming and other environmental issues.

Some of the factors harming the environment are-

  • Overpopulation

  • Pollution

  • Global Warming

  • Climate Change

  • Genetic Modification

  • Ocean Acidification

2.  How do we save the Environment?

Ans: For us to save the environment, we must first identify the factors that harm it and deal with them in a proper scientific manner.

  1. Control at Receiver’s End

It is best regarded if rigorous pollution controls are maintained strictly and occasionally. Experts and professionals must carry out thorough checking of the sources of pollution (e.g. automobiles).

  1. Reducing Pollution from Emitting Sources

Vehicles or sources of pollution must have proper filters that reduce CO2 emissions in the environment. Filters are to be applied to all polluting sources.

  1. Encouraging more Tree Plantation

The increase in tree plantation can significantly reduce pollution in the environment.

3. Who should take precautions for Environmental Conditions?

Ans: People that are working in pollution control centres or at places where pollution or toxicity levels. We as a human have greater responsibility to save our environment. Controlling population, following waste management, and following other aspects of environmental issues. The Government of India and even globally is doing its best to assist citizens to have a friendly environment. Providing waste management assistance, cleaning streets, garbage and lakes are some of the assistance offered to have a better life.