Unemployment Essay

Essay on Unemployment

The three basic needs of human beings are - food, home and clothing. All these needs can be properly fulfilled only if a person has money. And to earn this money, the person must be employed, that is, he or she must have a paid occupation. However, there are many people in the world and in our country too who have failed to secure a job. As a result, they have an insignificant source of income. This state of joblessness is called unemployment.

Why Unemployment Is a Serious Issue 

In order to live a dignified life, people need to earn money and fulfill their basic needs. Unemployment snatches this right from them and their standard of life gets degraded. 

The lack of money due to unemployment leads to the lack of nutritious food. The health of the unemployed is bound to deteriorate. The children of unemployed people cannot get the proper diet. Hence, they suffer from various illnesses. Their quality of life reduces drastically over time.

An unemployed parent cannot give proper education to his child. As a result, the child too will not be able to get a good job once he grows up. Thus, unemployment breeds unemployment.

Unemployment and Social Instability

An unemployed person is open to doing socially unacceptable work in order to get money. Thus, very often in a society where there are a huge number of unemployed people, there will be a great proliferation of thieves, snatchers, bank-robbers and much more serious anti-social elements. 

Covid-19 & Unemployment in India and the World

In March 2020, India entered into lockdown in order to stop the spread of Coronavirus. While the lockdown was effective, hundreds of people got jobless because of the prolonged shutdown of the offices. The unemployment rate has climbed up to 27.1% in April. Sure, once the offices are opened, this rate will come down. However, this grim scenario will haunt us for at least one year.

The situation in other countries is the same. 30 Million people in the US have filed unemployment claims. The unemployment rate, there, is 14.7%. In the UK the number of unemployment claims has shot up by 70%.

How Can We Come Out of The Muck?

1. Self-Dependence

As the Prime Minister of India proclaimed, the Indians need to be self-dependent. We need more vocational training. Gone are the days when being employed meant being an engineer or a doctor. A farmer is an employed person. He produces his own food and that of the others. There is no shame in being a farmer. We have to stop depending on foreign countries for IT work - Let us open more startups. Why do we depend on China for Diwali firecrackers or Holi colours - We can make them ourselves. Self-help is the best help.

2. Shifting The Manufacturing To India

In order to create more jobs, India needs to make more manufacturing hubs in the country. Let us not just assemble the Smartphone parts, let us scour the mineral-rich country and take out silicon to make circuit boards.

3. Educating The Women 

There is a real connection between the lack of education and unemployment. In order to educate the children of the country, we first need to educate the women of the country. Only then can the children be educated properly.

4. Stopping Politics Based On Religion And Region

Stopping the petty politics is the need of the hour. The politicians need to work in a concerted way in order to make Indians employed.

As Charlie Chaplin said, there is no glory in poverty. Let us not pride ourselves for being compromising. Let us remain hungry for a better life. Let’s get employed.