The Desert Summary

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Summary of The Desert Lesson

The Desert narrates the importance and beauty of Deserts. While most people might perceive it as a scarce land devoid of life, it is far from it. The desert is home to different flora and fauna. While it might not be recognizable at first glance, one needs to look deeper to find out the hidden gems, something only a special few can see. Just like Mountains & Oceans, a desert is a beautiful place gifted by Nature, filled with lots of importance and species.

Deserts hold great significance to the natural order of existence. They are not mere patches of the land but provide many benefits to people. While it lacks the grassy plains and the forests of the mountains, it has its charms. It is the place where only a few reside. They’re different from animals who have it easy with abundant resources. They’ve evolved to adapt to their circumstances for survival.

Detailed Summary of The Desert Lesson

Deserts are an incessant source of sand and other natural resources.

On the off chance when it rains in deserts, the sight is something to behold. The life which remains buried beneath starts to bloom. The plants begin to grow, and the animals come out of their hibernations. Such a sight is quite rewarding and is not very different from any tropical garden.

Deserts have more similarities to tropical lands and mountains than people would believe. An oasis in the middle of a desert is rife with greenery that contrasts beautifully with the rest of the surroundings, just like in a tropical forest. Furthermore, Deserts are not just a stretched piece of land but a beautiful nature offering consists of beautiful oasis and species like Camel.

An oasis in the middle of the desert is a comforting sight to a traveler. Such scenes are full of serenity among the harsh desert. You can also find springs or lakes, which feel like a gift from the heavens. Such a place truly makes us appreciate the importance and beauty of simple things. We often overlook things and take them for granted. However, the desert makes us understand how beautiful simple things can be.

At a cursory glance, the desert might seem like a place frozen in time. But it is constantly moving. Dimes and patterns always move across vast swathes of wastelands according to the whims of the wind, which creates beautiful and diverse types of patterns like Pyramids in the desert. Not all the deserts are hot & scarce. Some are cold like the Ladakh Desert.

The amount of moisture in the desert is meagre. In our cities and towns, we are protected from the fluctuation of temperature due to humidity. Due to the steep difference in temperature between day and night, moisture evades deserts. Since Deserts lacks moisture, the sand quickly gets heats up in the day, making it a hot place to visit and cools down rapidly at night, giving you a beautiful scenery to enjoy.

Flora & Fauna available in the desert has its particular importance in nature and adapts itself according to the Desert's climate. Animals like Camels adapt to the desert. Unlike us, they can bear high temperature and keep themselves cool without sweating, which makes them suitable for the desert. Not only this, but they can also store a high amount of water in their body for days and can easily survive in the desert. Other small animals hide underground to escape the extreme temperature of the desert. They only come above when they need to. Meals and plants are their primary sources of water. Desert plants like cactus have adapted for their survival. They have thick stems to retain water and shallow roots to absorb rainwater whenever they can.

Just like Mountains and Oceans, Deserts are the beautiful blessing of Nature and has its significant importance. The perception of Deserts as a bare scarce piece of land is wrong, and one must enjoy its beauty by witnessing it.

Conclusion of The Desert

Deserts have their crucial part to play in the grand scheme of things. They are the beautiful part of the nature that must be explored and should not be despised based on the wrong perception. Contrary to popular beliefs, they have their importance. Thus, they should not be treated any lower than other demographics. The Desert is a story that tries to impart this message. Deserts are natural landforms of nature and not something to be loathed.