Thank You Speech for Farewell

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The farewell day is a very precious day for every graduating student. It is a day to say goodbye to the college that has given so many memories and it is important to give a thank you speech for farewell. A thank you speech for farewell is delivered by a person to express his gratitude towards his parents, friends, or colleagues, or anyone who supported or helped him throughout his or her journey. A speech should be impactful in such a way that everyone remembers it for a longer period of time. A speech should include all the people who have helped you to accomplish your goals. Always remember that while delivering a speech, do not boost yourself too much and always try to be humble towards everyone sitting in the audience. 

Here we have provided long and short thank you speech for farewell and along with that we have also given 10 line pointers about the thanking speech for farewell

Long Thank You Speech for Farewell

Good morning to everyone present here today. On behalf of the senior graduating class, I would like to thank everyone who made our stay at this college memorable. To the board of the college, the wisdom you brought to the college, the vision you had for this college which makes it the best college and for all your prayers you prayed, we thank you all. To the Teaching faculty who always gave their best and never gave up on any one of us and were always there to help us, we thank you all for sharing your knowledge with us. To the staff members who always worked really hard to make sure that all the facilities in the college work properly, we thank you all. To the college maintenance department who made sure that the show goes smoothly during an event or a fest, we thank you. 

To the parents present here who have sacrificed every day to make sure that their child gets the best education without feeling any difficulties, we thank you all.

Today on behalf of every graduate I stand before you all to give a small speech on our farewell. Firstly I want to congratulate all the graduating students of class 2021. Friends, we have finally done it. After four years of studying at this college, we are finally graduating and I can surely say that I am going to miss this place. Like all of you, I too got my admission to this college with passion in my heart and a dream to achieve my goal. I was a very shy person, I did not know anyone and all I wanted to do at that time is to get graduated with good grades and carry on with my dream. Fast forward to four years, now I am one step closer to my dream and also I am a changed person. I made so many good friends, created happy moments and it was all possible because of this lovely college. 

I have learned many important lessons from this college and one of the most important lessons is to balance my personal life and academic life. 

Working hard to achieve your dreams is very important and I do believe that it is the only thing that will get the things done but it should not be done only for the purpose of reaching your goals and surely not by sacrificing important relationships in our life. I got good grades in all subjects in the last four years and I am glad that I didn't do it by sacrificing my friends and family. The moments I had with my friends at the college canteen are worth everything, I won’t forget those moments. Friends the moments you create with your friends, those silly moments are the ones that help you to grow, those moments help you to trust and I do believe that those moments help you to love life. I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to live those moments with my friends. 

I believe you all will relate with me when I say that we will miss our classrooms and their environment. From learning new things every day to reinventing ourselves, The joy of eating your lunch with friends to the happiness of eating snacks during the class, and from the excitement of writing a test to the anxiety of receiving the answer sheet, we will miss everything about our classrooms. 

Friends I request you all to give a huge round of applause to all our teachers. Really they have been amazing throughout our journey. I don't want to mention any one particular teacher as every faculty member gave their best every day. Whenever our exams were approaching our teachers made sure that we were prepared for them. From preparing mock tests to helping every student to understand the concepts of some subjects, our teachers gave their best for our success and we thank you all for your efforts. I believe it is because of you that we are blessed to see this day. 

Last but not least I want to say that no amount of money, titles, or accomplishment will help you be forever happy in your life. The relationships you built and the character you develop will help you to be happy in life. Work hard but never sacrifice your time with your family. Thank you.

Short Thanking Speech for Farewell

Good morning to everyone present here. Today I want to give a small thank you speech for farewell. I feel humbled and honored that I was chosen to deliver this speech.

Today is a special day as we are finally graduating from this college after four years. After four years of working hard, we are blessed to be present here to witness this day. College days are the most precious days of every student’s life and I hope everyone agrees with that. This college has provided me with many memories and I will never forget them. I was an introverted person when I entered this college but now after four years I am leaving this college has given me a lot of friends who I can trust and the memories which I could cherish throughout my life. 

I want to thank the teaching faculty members for supporting every student during these last four years. Our teachers were always there to help us, they were present when we could not understand a topic or when we got fewer marks in exams. They were present with us constantly and shared their valuable knowledge with every one of us. On Behalf of all the graduating students of class 2021, we thank you for helping and guiding us. 

Last but not least I want to conclude this speech by sharing an important point with my fellow classmates. Working hard is very important and I believe it is the only thing that will help us in reaching our goals. But please do remember to never sacrifice the time with your family and friends to achieve your goals. The moments you share with your friends and the memories you create with them will surely help you to love, forget, forgive and grow in life. Thank you. 

10 Lines about the Thanking Speech for Farewell

  1. A thank you speech for farewell is delivered by a student who is graduating from a college or university. 

  2. Graduation day is the most important day in a student’s life and it is important to give a farewell speech. 

  3.   A farewell speech if delivered properly will create an impact on people for a longer time. 

  4. While giving a farewell speech it is very important to not boost yourself. 

  5. Always remember to open a thank you speech for farewell by thanking everyone who has helped you in getting graduated. 

  6. While giving a speech it is very important to narrate a story or an incident that is related to your college or university life.

  7.  To get the audience engagement, try to use the second person in the speech such as ‘we’ and ‘you’.

  8. Tell the audience the purpose of the speech as it allows the audience to follow the speech.

  9. While giving the speech, try to be humble and never boost yourself. 

  10. It is advised to end the speech by addressing a farewell-related quote as it would help in making it a memorable speech.