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Thank You Speech for Parents

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Thank You Speech for Parents in English for Students

In any child's life, parents play a very meaningful role. We never get chances in public to thank our parents, but when you really want to express your gratitude to your parents, there may be gatherings and occasions or some form of celebration. If you have ever wondered how to thank parents through speech, these speeches of thanks to parents will help you express gratitude and love for your parents, making a positive impression on the audience and your parents. Here, we have provided both Long And Short Thank You Speech For Parents.


Long Thank You Speech for Parents in English

Thank you, everyone, for gathering here and being a part of our celebration. As you all know, I will be leaving soon for my masters and I can’t thank you all enough for being there throughout with me.


I would like to thank my father for helping me understand what I was and am capable of, for giving me the strength I needed to follow my dreams, and for believing that I have the skills and potential to achieve my goals. There were moments when I gave up; it was only you who walked with me to provide me with the support that I needed. I still recall my childhood when, after returning from school, you spent countless hours helping me learn mathematics, the one subject that always terrified me. You showed me how to solve the sums so quickly. At that time, I didn't know that you would also play the same role for the emotional aspects too, today when I feel discouraged; you show me how to easily fix my problems and if any problem continues, you give me your shoulder to rest upon. You are the most important pillar of my life and my greatest strength.


My life, without my mother's contribution, is incomplete. For making me what I am today, I can never thank her enough. In all phases of my life, she has always been committed and helpful in every possible way. She cooks, she organizes my room, she makes everything available for me in the right place and at the right time, she says nice words of gratitude, and her feeling proud of me gives me immense courage and confidence to go ahead in life. And she does all of these, despite working day in and day out in her daily life. I constantly wonder, is my mom a superwoman? I assume that for an average person like me, it is not at all possible to do all that she does for us. Today, to celebrate my performance, I am standing here in the middle of all my loved ones. All this has been possible for my parents, who have been training me and been there with me throughout this journey.


They loved me, cared for me, trusted me when I was losing hope, stayed awake with me during my examination days, stayed awake to take care of me when I fell ill, guided me on the right path when I failed in my entrance examination.


I can't thank both of you enough for what you've done for me. I would be standing nowhere if it weren't for you both; it's going to be hard for me for the next two years because I might not get the comfort of your embrace, but we’ll stay connected through video calls and of course from the core of our hearts.


Short Thank You Speech for Parents in English

Greetings to everyone present here today. Thank you for taking out time to be a part of our celebration. It means a lot to me. As you all know, I will be leaving home soon to pursue my master’s degree. Today, I am here to thank each one of you for your support and wishes. Most importantly, I would like to thank my parents for everything.


Dad, you've always been the backbone of my life, I've never seen you cry in the darkest moments of your life. Apart from being my superman; you are also a human being with emotions and I realized that when I saw you getting emotional about my departure. Mom, you're the most amazing person on earth; you've always taught me to be kind to others. The greatest mantra of success that I have gained from you is patience and determination. You taught me to be considerate and told me to remain cool with someone in any kind of altercation, which led me to have a huge circle of friends.


Today, my life has a purpose and a goal, all because of your relentless effort and faith in me. I thank my parents today for their blessings and the constant support that they have been for me. There are not enough words to express how grateful I am to them for everything they have done for me. Today I am using this opportunity to thank my parents as we all have gathered here. Thank you for being the best parents a child could dream of.


10 Lines on Thank You Card for Parents

  1. In everybody's life, parents are jewels.

  2. Without parents' love and support, a child can't enjoy a healthy life.

  3. Our parents support us on every path in our lives, from birth to adulthood.

  4. They teach us integrity and truthfulness. 

  5. They teach us to distinguish, in our lives, the good from the evil.

  6. They help us pursue our goals, and they make sure we do not face any hurdles.

  7. The role of our parents in our lives is immeasurable.

  8. Thank you isn't enough to describe their continuous encouragement and help, in our lives.

  9. It is our duty to make them feel special, as they do so much for us wholeheartedly throughout their lives.

  10. Our parents believe in us on the days we hate ourselves, and provide every possible comfort for us so that we can live peacefully.


Tips for Speech 

  1. Be confident before you start your speech

  2. The introduction of a speech is exceptionally important. It should be strong and to the point. 

  3. Always have valid points and don’t add fluff to prolong it. 

  4. To ensure you don’t forget anything, start slowly and have a paper with points to help you remember something if you forget.

FAQs on Thank You Speech for Parents

1. How to start a thank you speech?

I would like to speak about parents today. Parents are those who gave us the opportunity to enter this beautiful world. Parents are the greatest gift from God. In Fact parents are Gods on Earth. Parents are one of the most beautiful things in this world because they give us life, nurture us, teach us, give us good upbringing, and dedicate their entire lives to us. So, you should always love and respect your parents and should always care for them.

2. When do we celebrate parents day and why? What is the history of parents day? 

Every year on the 26th of July, we celebrate Parent's Day all over the world. Parents are the best gifts in everyone's life, and a day to thank them is a must. Parents' Day celebrates responsible parenting and the special bond between parents and children. This day also honors positive parental role models. As a result of Bill Clinton's signing of a law in 1994, a resolution was approved by the US Congress establishing the fourth Sunday of every July as Parents' Day. In the Congressional resolution, it is noted that Parents' Day is a nation-wide holiday.

3. In a speech, how to be grateful to your parents?

Your speech can start by discussing how your parents have impacted your life, why you are thankful, and how you are thankful. Words may not be enough for their contributions, but it is a great way to thank your parents and convey their importance. To make your speech more special you can add a few qualities of your parents and how they impacted your life and make it perfect. Example- I am grateful to my parents for imparting the best education to me and helping me to develop into a good human being.

4. What is the importance of parents in our life? 

Children's development depends heavily on their parents. They provide everything they need at the time when they are developing. Parents reduce their own living costs to make their children more educated. For the future of their children, parents sacrifice everything. - Parents provide unconditional love to their children.  They provide financial and moral support and play a central role in everyone's life. Discipline and relationships are taught to children by their parents. Parents are the best friends.  Parents are always ready to help when you fall thus they play a very vital role in everyone’s life.

5. What are the Examples of a thank you speech for parents?

We are all gathered here today on the occasion of Parents Day, and as the head girl of this school, I would like to take this chance to say a few words of thanks to my parents because they are the reason I am able to stand here in front of you. They are the only two people who have let me come this far.  As a parent, you play a highly significant and precious role in your child's life. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I would like to express my gratitude to my mother, for only a mother sacrifices and goes through a difficult journey in order to raise their child.

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