Thank You Speech For Award

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This is a Thanks For Award Speech usually presented as a Thank You Speech For Award Ceremony after receiving an award for one’s service and contribution. In the Thank You Speech For Receiving An Award, the awardee gives a speech and thanks the people who helped him to be productive. The Thanks Speech For Award is a good way to reflect on one’s journey and be grateful for the same. The awardee also speaks of what led to the start of their journey.

Thanks Speech After Getting Award can be presented in the form of Award Appreciation Speech in varying ways. It can be a Long Thank You Speech After Receiving Best Teacher Award or a Short Thank You Speech After Receiving Award. 

Long And Short Thank You Speech For Receiving An Award 

Long Thank You Speech For Award

In this Thank You For This Award Speech, the awardee can speak in detail about their service in the form of Thank You Speech For Long Speech Award Received. 

Good morning/ evening to everyone present here. Thank you for bestowing me with such an honour and this special award. I feel overwhelmed and emotional and I am at a loss for words, this is a very special moment in my life. It already felt like a win when I found out that I am even being considered for this honorary award. 

First of all, let me start by saying I am so grateful to be standing here in front of you with this award. Thank you to the senior authorities of this prestigious institution to recognize my work in all these years. All the contenders for this award, I look up to all of you. You have set the benchmark of excellence for me, and to be on the same list as you were already a great achievement for me.

Teaching is always considered to be a selfless profession and many don’t even acknowledge our efforts so the fact that our institution hosts an award ceremony for teachers is really commendable. We all are aware that teaching is a tough profession but when the administration, teachers, and parents award us with such a special honour it really solidifies our belief and boosts our morale to continue to do good work.

I am fortunate to start my journey as a teacher and offer my services to this institution. This institution and the incredible teachers who work here have taught me everything I know today. I have learned so much by just observing your work ethics, dedication, and commitment to your profession. I would like to give a special mention to all my colleagues. Your sincerity has inspired me to step up my game and to better. Being a teacher is no child’s play, and it has been a long road to reach this point. 

There were a lot of deadlines to be met, innovative and creative ideas brainstorming for keeping the children interested. The fun part of it all was the challenge which seemed difficult but always taught me new ways to deal with a problem or a new environment. It feels really great when we see our efforts give great tangible results. And it was a matter of time and constant work and perseverance to get here. 

And last but not least I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the parents who have been so understanding and cooperative during the academic year and actually making changes in the schedule whenever there was an extracurricular event. Your tremendous support for all our staff has made this journey far more enjoyable and fulfilling, I dedicate this award to all of you. 

Thank you.

Short Thank You Speech For Award

This form of Thank You Speech For Receiving An Award is a short and simple one and encapsulates the feelings in a concise manner.

Good morning/ evening to everyone present. I am at a loss of words seeing such a huge crowd of my colleagues and parents of our students who turned up to show support. This award for any teacher is truly special and extraordinary. I would like to thank my superiors who thought I was deserving of this beautiful trophy. 

The teachers I was contending with are in no way less deserving, in fact, it was because of your hard work and commitment that I was motivated to do better. So I would request everyone to give a huge round of applause to all the teachers who always strive to shift the goal post each year and reach new heights. 

Being a teacher is not easy, it is an unpredictable one and each day is new with the students. And must always be on the lookout for finding new ways to solve problems as each day presents itself with a new set of challenges. My seniors and my colleagues have helped me navigate the uncharted waters with so much patience and grace. I am so grateful to everyone who believed in me and helped me in my journey.

The most important ones being the parents, who have always supported me and all the teaching staff and considered our feedback valuable enough. Thank you for accepting our services and letting us play a small part in your children’s education and career, I would like to dedicate this award to all of you. 

Thank you.

10 Line Thank You Speech For Award

This can be presented as a Thank You Speech For Award Ceremony when one has to speak in less time and can keep the Thank You Speech For Receiving An Award shortly.

  1. I am grateful for receiving this award for best teacher.

  2. Thank you to the administration, teachers, and parents for considering me worthy of this award.

  3. Thank you to my colleagues who were also contenders for this award, seeing my name on the same list as you are an achievement in itself.

  4. Standing here I am reminiscent of what a long journey it has been.

  5. Teaching is a tough job as we helm the responsibility of shaping the next generation’s minds.

  6. Every day is a new challenge and a task to deal with and come up with innovative solutions.

  7. The creativity in our profession is important to keep intact for keeping the kids interested in learning.

  8. Thank you to all the teachers to support me in this journey.

  9. A huge thank you to the parents for your constant belief in us.

  10. This award solidifies my beliefs and inspires me to work even harder.