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Farewell Speech for Teacher

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Farewell Speech for Teachers by Students in English

Farewell Speech For Teacher By Students is given while bidding farewell to a loved and respected teacher. Along with gifts and surprises, few heartfelt words can have a great and meaningful impact on the teacher. The teacher leaving your school might be the one who inspired you to become the person you are today and in such moments articulating what you feel is so important. Here, we will guide you on how to give Farewell Speech For Teacher in different formats, Long Farewell Speech For Teacher and Short Farewell Speech For Teacher.

Long Farewell Speech for Teacher

The Farewell Speech Given by Students to Teacher is very special because students who usually speak less also pour their heart out for their lovely teachers. The long Farewell Speech For Teacher is useful for students in grades 7-12.

Hello everyone, respected principal, teachers, and my dear friends, we are gathered here today to bid farewell to a highly valuable teacher Mr./Ms. (Name) who has given 20 years (mention the number of years of the respective teacher) of service to this school and is retiring today. Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions we are grateful that you chose to be a teacher and we learned under your umbrella of expertise. Sir joined this school many years ago and contributed so much time and effort to the students and the school. He has worked tirelessly in shaping our minds and leads us on a good path, and many years have gone by it’s so amazing we don’t realize how quickly time flies.

Time goes by quickly when you are having a good time and sir under your guidance we had the best time, and for time well spent sometimes, departures are celebrated more than arrivals. Goodbyes are so hard but also special as you have the opportunity to say how special the person is to them. So on behalf of all fellow students, I would like to say a huge thank you to the teacher who taught us to learn even outside our classrooms and encouraged us to think outside the box. The teacher is the most influential person in a student’s life after their parents and what a great influence he is for us to follow. 

Even a rough idea about a new invention was applauded in his class. He was a constant source of motivation for everyone in the class. He taught us the importance of valuing and respecting other’s knowledge and time by him being punctual, he taught us what actually counts. He always taught us by involving in each discussion and letting us learn and grow by ourselves and not concluding on his own. He always believed in teaching us in a practical world so that we don’t forget our way in the real world. 

We all look up to sir in more ways than one. As he has been our teacher and guided us academically and by being our friend and mentor he has also shown us the right path to chose personally. He has also inculcated in us the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. He has always celebrated our successes and failures equally by saying,” Well now you know what not to do.” There is no one like you sir. 

Certainly, you are the source of inspiration to many teachers here as well, who are enriched with your wealth of knowledge. He is a well-esteemed and very respected teacher, no one will take his place in our lives and no one is worthy of filling his large shoes. Now it’s time to part, and with good wishes and warm regards we bid you goodbye and we are happy because now you can spend your time exploring your own interests in life and spend time with your family and friends. 

Thank you for being the best teacher, mentor, friend, and playing so many roles at the same time.

Short Farewell Speech for Teacher

The Farewell Speech Given by Students to Teacher is very special because students get to share their feeling for their teachers. The Short Farewell Speech For Teacher is useful for students in grades 4-6.

Hello and a warm welcome to everyone present here, respected principal, teachers, and fellow students. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to start this event. I am honored to be here. The guest of honor today is also the best teacher in our school, we will all miss him and I feel lucky to be standing here sharing what we have learned and what we feel on behalf of all of us. Sir thank you for contributing 20 years (mention the number of years of the respective teacher) of your life to this school and for students like us and many more. You are the most inspiring teacher who has taught us to balance both studies and extracurricular activities. 

You have always believed in practical learning and encouraged us to experiment and question everything. During our exams, you also have worked unrelentingly with us till the basic concepts were well understood and had a clear idea about the topics. Whenever we did badly at exams you taught us with more patience and kindness which is quite remarkable. You have also motivated us to do in other areas of student life and supported our non-academic interests be it poetry, singing, or sports. You have taught us the joy of living life in curiosity and to always keep learning. Today we are well versed and eager to learn because we enjoy learning is because of your efforts. Thank you for inculcating such invaluable lessons and habits. We will miss you, sir. 

Thank you for being the best teacher.

10 Lines  Farewell Speech for Teacher

The 10 lines Farewell Speech On Teacher is helpful for students in grades 1-3 as they can keep it short and simple and also say what they feel.

  1. After our parents, teachers are the biggest source of inspiration.

  2. We are thankful for a teacher like you who has helped us in learning as well as making it so much fun.

  3. He is always so encouraging to try new things and new ways of solving problems.

  4. He has always shown us the right way to be and not get diverted in the wrong direction, however difficult the situation gets.

  5. He has taught us the values and good ethics that will be intact even after leaving this school.

  6. He has taught us to be responsible and take accountability for our actions. 

  7. He has also taught us to be respectful to each and everyone in life.

  8. Thank you for teaching us subjects with real-life examples.

  9. You will always be in our memories even after you leave. We will miss you. 

  10. Thank you for being a guide and a friend.

FAQs on Farewell Speech for Teacher

1. How to begin the farewell speech for a teacher?

With farewell speeches, students get to know how to bid a proper goodbye or farewell to a teacher. It is important for students to know what to write to wish their teacher all the best for the future, be it for a teacher who is retiring or relocating. A well-written speech always remains memorable for the teacher, the school, and the student. A student should always greet the audience before starting with the speech. It helps in having the attention of the audience and building a rapport. Then, the student should tell everyone the purpose of the speech. Finally, set the tone of the speech and get going. 

2. What are the tips for the best farewell speech?

The speech should include a positive message, factual experiences, contributions, and achievements of the teacher for which the speech is being made. You can also add humor to your speech in order to make it more engaging and interesting to the audience. There is no specific formula for the best speech, however, these tips help in delivering a well-deserved speech. Always keep your speech moderately short and crisp. Offer gratitude to the teacher. Keep it real and share your experiences. 

3. How to make the farewell speech memorable?

There is no specific formula for giving a great goodbye. Stick to anecdotes and make the speech heartfelt. Give some personal touch to the farewell speech and share your stories with the audience. It allows you to provide a human experience. Share with your teachers how they helped you grow and become a better version of yourself. Offer a meaningful message. Deliver a farewell speech that’s unique to you and that particular teacher. By following said tips, your speech will be memorable and inspirational.

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