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CBSE Board 2023 Re-Valuation- A Guide to Retotalling Marks

By FathimaMay 31, 2023
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How to Recheck CBSE Paper 2023- A Complete Guide for Class 12 Students

Every year, lakhs of students appear for the CBSE 12 board exams, and this year the exam was conducted in February. However, not all students end up getting their calculated or desired marks. The CBSE 12 board result, out on May 12, 2023, witnessed a similar situation. Many students weren't happy with the scores they got. Many may have let it go, but students who are confident about their scores go for re-valuation or re-checking.

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However, students are confused or have less knowledge about the difference between re-valuation and re-checking. If you wonder if you can revaluation increase marks, it completely depends on the scope of your written paper. This article presents detailed information about CBSE revaluation and CBSE verification of marks.

However, you need to remember that the re-valuation and re-checking aren't for free. The CBSE re-valuation would cost Rs 100 per question, and the CBSE verification of marks would cost Rs 500/-.

Understanding the Difference Between CBSE Paper Rechecking and CBSE Revaluation

CBSE Re-checking

Re-checking exam scores is common in board exams when students are unhappy with their grades and feel that the examiner made certain errors during the evaluation process. There is a high chance that the grades of those who request a recheck could go down or up. In case of grade raise, students receive a mistake letter from CBSE.

  • Rechecking has helped many students in upgrading their scores when they are confident.

  • Only recalculating marks is involved in rechecking.

  • Examiners have the option of reviewing the scores given by prior examiners. Students only check for calculation mistakes produced by the last examiner.

  • Students in their CBSE 10th and 12th are eligible for re-checking their scores, which can be done for any subject.

CBSE Board Revaluation

Revaluation involves checking of specific subject or paper. Under this process, there are three different stages-

  • Marks Verification

  • Photocopy of the answer sheet

  • Revaluation of answers.

  • The other examiner does the revaluation process.

  • The revaluation approach assigns new marks after checking responses for evaluation faults.

  • Students in both the CBSE Class 10th and Class 12th are subject to the evaluation process. However, you can only do this for a total of ten questions.

One common question among students is how many days will it take for revaluation. Usually, it takes around 2-3 weeks, depending on the volume, for the revaluation. Once done, the rectified score or result is updated on the official website, or students can collect the same from the school.

CBSE Board 2023 Revaluation Process

Regarding CBSE verification of marks or papers, students must follow certain processes that can help them get better results. Below are the steps to follow-

  • Visit the official website of CBSE.

  • Click on the link for the CBSE 12th revaluation form.

  • Once you click, several Revaluation-related details will appear. Students can review these pertinent data to help them comprehend the form and reassessment process.

  • Now log in with their credentials after reading the rules

  • Now complete the re-valuation form with all the details mentioned on the same. Students must also fill out numerous other pieces of information, including their name, roll number, the answer sheet's application number, and the names of the topics they desire to apply for.

  • Once you complete filling in the information, double-check the revaluation form after completing it to ensure that all the information is accurate.

  • Students must then pay the re-valuation fee. The cost of revaluation is based on the number of subjects.

Students can get the payment receipt for their records after paying the charge. For the verification of marks, the pay is Rs 500 per subject, and to obtain the photocopies of the answer sheet is Rs 500/.

After the evaluation, if the grades rise, students will get a refund. If a student isn't comfortable receiving less than they deserve in a grade, don't review them. The money won't be returned if the marks after the second check are the same as the first or degrade. Getting a copy of the response scripts is comparable to the re-evaluation process.

So, if students wonder if revaluation can increase marks, then it is up to the entire process or whether they should get the increased marks. You can check for the CBSE retotalling online form 2023 from the official website to get it checked again.

Verification of CBSE Board Marks

The first step is to check if the marks that were counted were accurate. The assessor conducts the marks verification process to guarantee that all responses were examined and that there were no mistakes in the final score. To confirm that the quantity of pages listed on the main sheet is accurate, any additional sheets utilised by a student will also be cross-checked.

There is a high chance for students to get an increase in grades if all these measures are followed. After announcing the results, students must submit the re-verification form within four days.

Getting the Photocopies of Evaluated Answer Sheets of the CBSE Board

After checking the entire score, the student may ask for a hardcopy if the result isn't as expected. This allows students to have a clear idea about the assessment and understand what exactly went wrong. Additionally, students can request the local CBSE office to correct the wrong calculation done in the respective CBSE board subject. In addition to the math errors, students can ask the board to examine the answer sheets to see if the marks given are lower than they need to be.

  • Points to remember while applying for the photocopy of the re-valuation of the answer sheet-

  • You will need to upload the undertaking, which needs to be scanned and uploaded.

  • The answer sheet won't contain details about the evaluator and the examiner associated with the examination process.

  • For the photocopy payment, an online payment mode is accepted.

Date Release for the Marks Verification

According to the official notification, students may submit applications for mark verification from May 16 until May 20, 2023. As mentioned above, the rechecking result will be declared within a couple of weeks. Students who seek to have a subject evaluated must pay a fee of Rs 500 per topic.

The 2023 CBSE Results were released on May 12th. The overall pass rate for the CBSE 12th Result 2023 was 87.33 percent, while the pass rate for the CBSE 10th Result 2023 was 93.12 percent. So if you are among those students who scored less and want to verify the same, follow the above steps on how to recheck CBSE paper 2023.

FAQs on CBSE Board 2023 Re-Valuation- A Guide to Retotalling Marks

1. Is there any chance of an increase in the marks after re-checking?

The CBSE board has made a specific decision in case the Term 1 marks increase after the recheck, higher marks will be included in the final result; however, if their Term 1 marks decline after the recheck, the older, original marks will be used instead.

2. Do students from the CBSE board send for revaluation or re-checking every year?

It completely depends on whether students are happy with the scores or are confident that there is a mistake in mark allocation.

3. Is the process for the CBSE board exam re-valuation long?

No, the process is short and the result will be out within 2 weeks. You can apply for the re-valuation from the official website of CBSE.