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Should Wizard Hit Mommy Class 12 Summary For Quick Revision

Class 12 English comprises a chapter based on the fairy tales and fables children like to listen to. Should Wizard Hit Mommy is all about the bedtime stories and questions related to the stories children ask their parents. These bedtime stories have the sole purpose to make children go to sleep faster. When the children start growing up, they start analyzing things and ask questions to their parents. They have the urge to learn things and find out the reasons behind certain explanations. The fables and bedtime stories do not have many logical explanations apart from a message hidden in them. This is why many parents feel irritated and discourage their kids from asking questions. The author of this piece explains whether it is appropriate to discourage questioning of the young minds or not.

Should Wizard Hit Mommy Class 12 summary prepared by the experts at Vedantu will help you find out the exact context of the chapter to answer the questions accordingly. Refer to the summary of Should Wizard Hit Mommy Class 12 when you are preparing the chapter and complete your syllabus quickly.

Summary of Should Wizard Hit Mommy Class 12

The story revolves around a father named Jack and his two kids, Bobby and Jo. Jack’s wife is Clare. She was bearing the third child of the couple. Since Jo was 2 years old, Jack used to tell her a story so that she can fall asleep faster. He still maintained this tradition and told stories to her daughter during her bedtime. Jack also makes different stories all the time and his daughter loves it. Despite the difference in stories, every time Jack uses the name Roger for a small character. It is either Roger The Fish or Roger The Wise Owl. Roger goes to a wizard to solve a problem. The wizard casts a spell in exchange for a service fee.

The name of the story makes it more interesting. Students will be compelled to think about why a wizard would hit mommy. Jo is growing up and has started to develop her senses. She is making more sense now and her frequency of asking questions has increased a lot. As per the story Should Wizard Hit Mommy summary Class 12, Jack told the story of a skunk named Roger. His problem was that he smelled awful. The skunk went to the wizard to find a proper solution to this problem as no one was coming closer to him. The wizard asks what kind of smell he wanted on his body. The skunk answered that he wants to smell like roses. The wizard grants his wish and casts a spell to make Roger smell like roses. The skunk then returns to his mom. Jo thought that the story had ended but Jack continued.

Should Wizard Hit Mommy Class 12 summary suggests how the mommy skunk reacted to the rosy smell. For her, the skunk smell was normal and she found her son smell horrible. Her mother becomes infuriated that Roger chose to smell like roses and became disgusting. He even paid the wizard. She ordered her to return to normal. Roger returned to the wizard and paid again to reverse the spell. The story ended but Jo did not like the ending at all. She wanted the wizard to hit Roger's mommy. As per Should Wizard Hit Mommy summary Class 12 English, Jack was stunned to see his daughter’s reaction.

He was stunned to find out that Jo did not like the ending and wanted her father to change it. She wanted the wizard to hit the skunk’s mother as she was no one to tell him to reverse his smell. As per the Class 12 Should Wizard Hit Mommy, Jack was disappointed by the sudden change in Jo. He told him to go back to her room or else she will get a good beating from him. The girl was utterly disappointed.

The conclusion of the story is that parents were unable to make the child understand what the story actually meant. On the other hand, the parents were unable to understand why the child wanted the wizard to hit the skunk’s mom. It left the parents in a dilemma. They could not decide what to do. The Class 12 English Should Wizard Hit Mommy will help you understand the dilemma and realize how children grow up fast to analyze more and ask questions. You will get a good glimpse of the innocent mind of the child and the adult’s authority.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the Common Character’s Name in the Stories Told by Jack?

Ans. As per Class 12 English Chapter Should Wizard Hit Mommy summary, the common name of the characters in his story was ‘Roger’. Only the animals playing the character changed all the time.

Q2. Why did Roger Change his Smell?

Ans. Roger The Skunk was unhappy with his body odour. According to the Should Wizard Hit Mommy summary Class 12 CBSE, a wizard helped him change his body odour.