AP EAMCET Sample Papers 2020

AP EAMCET Sample Paper 2020: An Overview

AP EAMCET or Engineering Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test is a competitive exam conducted by the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada. The said exam is considered vital to gain admission at certain engineering and medical colleges besides BDS and MBBS courses in Andhra Pradesh. Notably, cracking this exam depends entirely on your level of preparation. And what’s a better way to strengthen one’s preparation than practising AP EAMCET sample papers? Since EAMCET has been delayed, make the most of this time at hand by solving some EAMCET sample papers to boost your confidence and strengthen your preparation.  

Highlights of AP EAMCET 2020 Sample Paper

 These are some of the highlights of this year’s sample paper for EAMCET. 

  1. The concerned authority will release the EAMCET model papers 2020 on their official website. 

  2. Sample for each of the 3 subjects will be released separately.

  3. These said model papers will be made available in PDF format. You can download these files on your device and practise them offline.

  4. The AP EAMCET sample papers will be based on its actual syllabus. 

  5. Format-wise, these model papers will strictly adhere to the pattern of AP EAMCET question papers. 

With that being said, recapitulate why you must practice AP EAMCET model papers. 

Importance of AP EAMCET Sample Paper

Following pointers highlight the importance of sample papers effectively –

  1. Offers an idea about the format 

EAMCET exam model papers prove effective in offering a fair idea about the format and approach of the question paper. It further helps candidates to understand how different topics can be covered in a question paper. Additionally, it provides an overview of the most important topics and associated concepts. 

  1. Facilitates time management 

Like other competitive exams, AP EAMCET exam is mostly about two things – time management and accuracy. It is a 3-hour exam in which students have to attempt a total of 160 questions based on concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Now, AP EAMCET sample papers are based strictly on the entrance exam format, which makes it an effective way of improving both speed and accuracy.

  1. Boosts confidence 

The more AP EAMCET sample papers your practice, the more are the chances of you coming across different types of questions on similar topics. This does not just help you to test your knowledge but also your skills to tackle challenging questions. Additionally, it also serves as a means to track your progress while also boosting your confidence significantly. 

On this same note, let’s find out more about the exam pattern of AP EAMCET so that you can streamline your sample paper practice accordingly. 

Here’s the exam pattern for the said exam –

  • Exam mode:  The AP EAMCET is conducted online.

  • Exam duration: It is a 3-hour long exam.

  • Question type: Questions are represented in the Multiple-choice question format.

  • The medium of question: Question papers are available in both English and Telugu. 

This table below shows subject-wise question distribution.

Exam Pattern of AP EAMCET 2020


Number of Questions

Mathematics or Biology 






Total Questions 


Nonetheless, to make the most of EAMCET exam model papers and to identify the important topics, it is important to be familiar with the syllabus for each subject. Such knowledge would help you to formulate your study plan while also allowing you to incorporate the sample papers into your revision plan more effectively. 

AP EAMCET Syllabus

These are some of the chapters that are included in EAMCET’s scope -

  1. Physics syllabus

  • Units and measurements

  • Motion in a straight line and plane

  • Laws of motion

  • Work, energy and power

  • Oscillations

  • Gravitations

  • Mechanical properties of solid and liquid

  • Thermodynamics and kinetic theory

  • Electric charges and fields

  • Current electricity 

  • Magnetism and matter

  • Alternating current

  • Dual nature of radiation and matter

  • Semiconductor electronics

  1. Chemistry syllabus

  • Atomic structure

  • Chemical bonding and molecular structure

  • State of matter

  • Stoichiometry and thermodynamics

  • Chemical equilibrium 

  • Acids and bases

  • Hydrocarbons

  • Hydrogen and its compounds

  • Organic chemistry

  • Principles of metallurgy

  • Coordination of compounds

  • Biomolecules

  • Aldehydes and ketones

  • Carboxylic acids

  1. Mathematics syllabus

  • Complex Numbers

  • Mathematical Induction

  • Partial fractions

  • Matrices 

  • Functions

  • Hyperbolic Functions

  • Binomial Theorem 

  • Permutation Combinations 

  • De Moivre’s Theorem

  • Theory of Equations

  • Quadratic Equations

  • Trigonometric Ratios 

  • Properties of Triangle

  • Calculus 

  1. Biology syllabus

  • Sexual reproduction in flowering plants

  • Biotechnology and its applications

  • Principles of inheritance 

  • Microbiology

  • Plant ecology

  • Morphology of flowering plants

  • Immune system

  • Breathing and respiration 

  • Organic evolution

  • Protozoa: locomotion and reproduction 

  • Structural organisation in animals

  • Neural control and coordination

  • Invertebrate phyla

  • Endocrine system and chemical coordination

  • Reproductive health genetics and applied biology

Where to Find EAMCET Model Papers 2020?

The concerned body of authority conducting this exam has been releasing sample papers on their official website every year. Candidates can avail those papers online by keeping a close watch on the said website. Notably, to master the art of time management and to strengthen one’s grasp on the EAMCET pattern, candidates need to practice several EAMCET sample papers with solutions. Ergo, aspirants should avail quality sample papers from trusted learning portals and incorporate them in their revision plan. 

Boost AP EAMCET Through Holistic Learning Approach!

Candidates who intend to pursue BSc courses in Biotechnology, Agriculture, Geology, Forensic Science, etc. must ace this entrance exam. A well-crafted study regime and quality study materials are among the key components of effective learning. This is why aspirants of AP EAMCET 2020 should endeavour to improve the quality of their revision plan and solve multiple AP EAMCET sample papers to boost their preparation. With a thorough revision, frequent practice of EAMCET sample paper and calm composure, aspirants are bound to succeed in this entrance exam. In turn, it would enable them to pave a way towards their dreamt of career. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the eligibility criteria for AP EAMCET?

Any resident Indian, PIO or OCI cardholder who happens to be a domicile of Telangana or Andhra Pradesh and is at least 16 years of age is eligible for AP EAMCET. Also, they must have appeared for their intermediate examination to be deemed eligible.

2. When will AP EAMCET 2020 be conducted?

AP EAMCET 2020 has been postponed for the time being, and tentative dates are yet to be announced. Under the current situation with the outbreak of Covid19 and ensuing lockdown, dates are expected to be delayed. Consequently, candidates should keep checking the official site for further information.

3. Who conducts AP EAMCET?

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada is responsible for conducting this entrance exam. Notably, it is a computer-based examination which candidates must clear online. Aspirants should prepare by practising similar question papers along with their studies.