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Speech on Vocational Education is The Need of The Hour

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Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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An Introduction

Education System in our country, India since ages has maintained the primary focus on academics. And this has been an arguable topic of discussion in recent decades. With more and more opportunities opening up for the youth, the focus should shift from just academics. There should be an equal division in the academics as well as the skill that is vocational education. This type of education makes one more confident in their respective occupations. 

Vocational education is the need of the hour and the Speech on Importance of Vocational Education can be presented in various ways. It can be a Long Speech on Vocational Education is the Need of the Hour or A Short Speech on Vocational Education is the Need of the Hour.

Long and Short Speech on Vocational Education is the Need of the Hour

Long Speech on Vocational Education is The Need of the Hour

This format of Speech On Importance of Vocational Education is extremely important for students in grades 8-12 as they will understand in detail as they are also gearing up for choosing a particular career.

Good Morning everyone, respected Principal, Teachers, and my dear friends, I am glad that I have an opportunity to speak on this important topic of Vocational Education. Education is an important part of life to grow in every aspect as individuals. Since colonial India, the education system hasn’t changed much. 

The focus on academic education and its competitiveness of it is helpful to some degree but not all the way through. We are at a stage where we have to decide what we will choose our career to be. And for the same purpose, it is vital that we explore more options depending on what we are good at. And the study which trains us to be better professionals is called vocational training or vocational education. With the world coming close and becoming a small place, the opportunities are only rising. Vocational education trains us in a specific skill and this experience is directly linked to a career in the future.

Earlier this training in a required skill was given prior to the interview with an instructor. Now there are courses offered for skill training in every career field. Like banking, marketing, civil engineering, fashion design, beauty services, library and information sciences, logistic management, travel, and tourism, etc.

These courses are also available in all online formats. And with the institutions being shut due to the recent lockdown, these online courses are gaining popularity. 

Vocational education focuses on the non-academic aspects of training. Such training is more useful because there are practical programs designed to help the students be accustomed to a professional setup and be comfortable working in such a design. 

There are two forms of vocational training, formal training that is given in form of courses that are for 3-4 years and are structured as degrees or diplomas. This training program also entails certificates from reputed sources. And after the completion of the course placement offers are made available.  The informal training or non-formal one is acquired from a hereditary source, due to the availability of the option of family businesses. 

This is a great way for beginners to gain insight into their chosen careers. It also gives them an opportunity to interact with their field's professionals and tycoons. The institutions providing such courses also give the students an interning period. That is, for the internship program they can choose to interview for the company they are interested in working with. The placements offers are also excellent in reputed companies with higher packages. This gives the students a chance to be independent and financially secure. 

Vocational education is the need of the hour because the practical learning experience boosts confidence, generates employability, and better professionals. All this is leading to an increase in the economy of our country. 

Thank you.

Short Speech on Vocational Education is the Need of the Hour

This format of Speech On Importance of Vocational Education is helpful for students in grades 4-7 to understand in a short and simple way.

Good Morning, everyone, a respected Principal, Teachers, and my dear friends, I am here to talk about the importance of Vocational Education. Vocational education is the learning of skills that one is interested in and might choose to build a career out of it. Our education system is totally different from the one pursued abroad where an individual is allowed to explore their hobbies and interests. 

In India, academic achievements are given more importance and credibility. Whereas in the real world it is our skill and practical knowledge that makes us competent. Vocational education can be acquired from training institutions that provide degree and diploma courses in a formal manner for a 3-4 years period. After this, one is skilled enough to fulfill the requirements in a reputed company and get a job. The other way is informal training by family members and outside sources in case one intends to continue the family business.

Vocational training is also available online and the certificates hold great value by leveling up a beginner to a professional. Vocational training and education may or may not be related to the career of choice. Many individuals now have multiple thriving careers. A subject teacher through vocational education can be a yoga instructor or a Manager can also be a sports sponsor, due to his interests, training, and knowledge in the field. Vocational education is crucial as it provides us with a choice to pursue and build a career and life.

Thank you.

10 Line Speech on Importance of Vocational Education

This format is a Short Speech on the Importance of Vocational Education Is The Need Of the Hour helpful for students in grades 1-3 to understand this topic in just 10 simple lines.

  1. Vocational education is not just academic-focused.

  2. This type of education is a practical approach to learning skills and developing competency.

  3. There are several formal and non-formal ways to attain this training and education.

  4. It can be through institutions that provide these courses that is the formal way. 

  5. It can also be through family members and at-home training when one has a family business set up.

  6. Many training programs are also available online, which has seen a spike in growth in recent times.

  7. It is a way to have opportunities and options to choose from different careers.

  8. These courses can be shorter periods of training time which saves a lot of time and one can do it even when balancing other works.

  9. From 2000 to 2014 the profits of vocational institutions have raised up to 68.7%.

  10. This training increases our employability, helps individuals to be independent and career-oriented. 

Speech on Vocational Education

Hello everyone!

Today, I am here to talk about vocational education and why it is important at the moment.

Let me start by defining vocational education. Vocational education is a system that allows individuals to get trained in the skills they are good at. Vocational education is based on the idea that everyone has a different skill set. Some are good at technical skills whereas some can possess artistic capabilities. The basic education system may limit the person as one is judged based on the same parameters. Vocational education frees the idea of judging the potential based on the same parameters or subjects.

Here are a few reasons why vocational education is crucial.

  • Vocational education is important because it lets the individual hone a skill they are good at and something they actually enjoy doing. Vocational education not only helps the person be good at their skill but also turns it into a skill that makes money. When one does a job of their liking, they seem to enjoy it and are happier than those who are stuck in jobs they hate. Vocation education allows them to prioritize their skillset and monetize it.

  • Since it is vocational education, the students are specialized in their skill sets and have better chances of getting employed. 

  • Some students are ambiguous about attending college. For such students, vocational education can help open many doors. They can simply train for the skills they are already good at.

  • Since vocation education is all about developing the skill set, there is no dearth of jobs. Across the globe, the person with a good skill set is more employable and there will be plenty of job opportunities internationally as well.

  • This kind of education is of great importance to the economy, as the government doesn't have to employ foreign technicians, this also means that more job opportunities in the country are generated.

  • The ones under vocational education are known to be far more responsible and equipped at handling responsibilities than those of regular education.

  • In vocational education, there is certain manual work the students need to be trained for, such work teaches the students the importance of physical work and also helps them stay active and fit.

  • Any school dropout or an adult can train under vocational education so that they can be financially independent. Many of the jobs these days do not require a formal degree. With the help of vocational education, one can be financially independent irrespective of being formally educated or not.

  • A formal degree doesn't necessarily mean that a person is qualified to do a job. The skills and the experience of a person in the required area or field matter. Thus, getting trained for what one is good at has more advantages. A formal degree or a basic education has nothing to do with the employability of a person.

  • Under vocational education, the students build stronger communities of their own, build close relationships with fellow students, and that allows them to create a tight-knit group of people that hone the same skills. Strongly built networks are a plus when it comes to career development. It can also help to provide professional insight to others.

  • One big advantage of vocational education is that students actually enjoy their academics. Regular education is often dreaded as it involves subjects that students aren't passionate about. The students involve themselves in learning when they are passionate about it. The curiosity involved in something they are interested in is what makes them successful in vocational education and later on in their careers.


A regular form of education doesn't always guarantee a fulfilling career. Sometimes what one is passionate about is what one needs to do. Vocational education guarantees just that. This type of education not only benefits society and the economy but also ensures that the person is leading a fulfilled work life. There must surely be a couple of disadvantages of vocational forms of education, but the advantages top them all. In an era of doctors and engineers leading unhappy work lives, stuck in careers they aren't excited about, vocational education seems to be just the solution one is looking for. Gone is the era when skills were overlooked and degrees were given utmost importance. Today any skill that one is good at is monetizable and marketable across the globe.