Speech on Girl Education

Speech on Girl Education for Students

Women have suffered the worst of the ongoing patriarchy for ages. Girls have been denied many opportunities to move ahead. The missed chances to make something of themselves in their life is especially due to lack of education. Education was off-limits for girls and still continues to be in many rural areas and other parts of the world. In this article, we will explore varying ways of presenting a Speech On Girls Education Speech. It can be a Long speech on girl child education or a short speech on girl child education.

Long and Short Speech on Girl Child Education

Long Speech on Girls Education

This is a 5-minute speech on girl education and one that will be very useful for the students in grades 8-12 that can elaborate on its importance using lucid language.

Good Morning everyone, respected Principal, Teachers, and my dear friends! I am fortunate for this opportunity to speak on a topic close to my heart, Girl Child Education. Education has been an asset to society that only the privileged could afford. Education helps so much in the betterment of society. As the one in power who is educated can take learned decisions that will be beneficial for all. Yet half of the population that comprises society, that is the girls are deprived of education.

It was and still believed that a girl should only be set up for marriage and later take care of their families. For so many years, patriarchy has shunned women to have an identity of their own. And in the rural parts of our country, this practice of preventing girl child education is still prevalent. And because they are not educated and do nothing for their own sake they are not empowered enough. All they end up is to be identified in association with a male relationship in her life, either a daughter, wife and mother.

People seem not to realize that an illiterate mother and woman is only a liability to the family and society. An educated woman is more informed about good healthcare and nutrition to take better care of her children. At the same time raising a family of educated children as well.

I have seen closely that when the girl child of our house helped discontinue her studies because they felt it was better to save up for their son’s higher education. And this illiteracy of girls in her family will continue in every generation after due to lack of knowledge of the importance of education.

When a girl child is educated, nearly half the population is educated, thus reducing illiteracy that seems to be quite high in our country. When these educated women build careers it also adds to the socio-economic growth and decreases the cases of child marriages. As they become financially independent, they can take better care of their families eradicating poverty. Families will no longer view the birth of a girl child as a burden thus reducing infant mortality.

It is high time we advocate for girl child education. And this can be done by fostering workshops for parents and communities explaining the benefits of education. UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) campaigns for many such issues and we must do our part to support it, by donating to organizations that need financial aid.

Thank you!

Short Speech on Girl Child Education

This form of speech on girls education can be of help for students in grades 4-7 who can cover the important points in a short time.

Good morning everyone, respected principal, teachers, and my dear friends! I Abc (mention your name) am here to speak on the topic of girl child education. Earlier, it was believed that girls are only required to assume the role of mothers. That is why they were seen as a burden that needed to be gotten rid of. And hence were denied the basic right to education. Problematically that belief continues to be a part of many families in rural areas.

Girl child education campaigns require support from both men and women. Especially men, because they are in the position of decision-makers. It is high time that people come to realize that when girls are educated, it will benefit their families, societies and our nation.

There will be a decrease in poverty, illiteracy, infant mortality, maternal mortality, and child marriages. There will be an increase in socio-economic equality, further educated generations, and women at higher ranks in every field will only propel the country’s growth.

When a girl is educated, she becomes a woman in power to make her own decisions. They do not fall prey to societal pressures and are financially independent. They provide a safety blanket for themselves and others around. When a woman grows, her tribe grows.

Therefore, such organizations that promote this campaign of educating girls must be supported and funded by everyone especially the government. All we can do is encourage girls around us to continue their education.

Thank you!

10 Line Speech on Girl Education

This is a 1-minute speech on girl education that is helpful and easy to convey meaning to students in grades 1-3.

  1. Depriving girls of education is an age-old tradition when they were only to be married off to serve their families.

  2. With the change of the ways in the world, it is high time this ancient belief also must be changed. Sadly, many in rural areas still perpetuate this old belief.

  3. Due to the lack of such a basic human right, they face many grievances in their lives like domestic violence, maternal mortality etc.

  4. In today’s society, girls and boys must be given the same opportunities and for that, it is important to campaign for girl child education.

  5. When one is educated, they are skilled enough to acquire a job and provide for themselves and their children.

  6. This independence will result in the reduction of so many prevalent malpractices. Like child marriage, infant mortality, and poverty.

  7. Society and nation will also benefit, as the literacy rate will increase, socio-economic growth will improve its position in the world.

  8. Women will also be in powerful positions as change-makers, and it will continue so for future generations.

  9. People and organizations championing girl child education must be aided financially.

  10. Let’s include women and encourage their participation in every way for a better society and nation.