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Speech on Girl Education

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Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Speech on Girl Education in English for Students

Women have suffered the worst of the ongoing male patriarchy for ages. Women have always been the suppressed ones and the males have always been the oppressor ones. To remove this stigma of the society the theory of “EQUALITY” should be promoted. 

Girls have been denied many opportunities to move ahead and all those missed chances from which they can make something of themselves in their life. But due to lack of education women could not get equal to men. 

Education was always off-limits for girls and still continues to be in many rural areas and other parts of the world. 

In this article, we will explore ways of presenting a speech on girls education speech. It can be a long speech on girl child education or a short speech on girl child education. 

Long Speech on Girls Education

This is a five-minute speech on girls' education and will be very useful for Grade 8 to 12 learners who can explain in more detail its importance using clear language.

Hello everyone, esteemed principal, teachers, and my dear friends! I am lucky to have this opportunity to talk about a topic that is close to my heart, the education of a girl child. Education has become a commodity in the community that can only be achieved by the lucky. 

Education contributes greatly to the betterment of society. As an educated person can make educated decisions that will benefit all. Yet half of the people who unite society, Are girls deprived of education.

It was believed that the girls should be ordained for marriage and later take care of the family. For so many years the monarchy prevented women from having their own personalities. Even in rural areas of our country, the practice of banning girls' education is still widespread. 

People do not realize that an illiterate mother and daughter are just a line in the family and in the community. An educated woman has a lot of knowledge about good health care and the ability to care for her children better. At the same time raising educated children.

When a girl child is educated, almost half the population is literate, thus reducing the illiteracy that seems to be rampant in our country. When these educated women create jobs it also contributes to the growth of the social economy and reduces child marriage cases. 

Being financially independent, they can take better care of their families and end poverty. Families will no longer view the birth of a baby girl as a burden that reduces infant mortality.

​​Education helps us to grow and develop ourselves through personal growth and skills. It is one of the basic rights of all people to equal access to education and education in all its forms. Men and women are equally important in this society; none of them should be overlooked for the betterment of the world.

However, we still face issues such as inequality, gender-based decisions when it comes to women's education. However, few people in our community think that girls are born to do only the housework.

If we want to see India grow and prosper, we need to educate our baby girls. They are indeed the future of our nation. Moreover, once they are educated, they will not need to rely on others for their livelihood. 

In addition, educated women can better care for their children. Although literacy rates have skyrocketed since 1947, we still have much room for improvement.

Child marriage is highly regulated, the booking of women by the state and non-governmental organizations is an important step. “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” is one of our government programs that only work in this way.

We must all be open and support girls' education as educated women will be a better asset not only for our country but also for our family.

It's time to educate every woman. And this can be done by promoting workshops for parents and communities that explain the benefits of education. UNICEF (International Children's Fund) Campaign for many issues like this and we should do our part to support it, by donating to organizations that mean that.

Thank you!

A Short Talk on Girl Child Education

How to talk about girls' education can be helpful for Grade 4 to 7 learners who can summarize key points in a short amount of time.

Hello everyone, esteemed principal, teachers, and my dear friends! I ABC (Say your name) Here I will talk about the topic of education for a girl child. Previously, it was believed that girls were only required to take on the role of mothers.

That is why they are seen as a burden that needs to be lifted. And as a result, they were denied the basic right to education. The troubled belief continues to be part of many families in rural areas.

Campaigns to educate girls need support from both men and women. Especially men, because they are in the decision-making positions. It is time for people to realize that if girls are educated, it will benefit their families, communities, and our nation.

Poverty, illiteracy, child mortality, maternal childbirth, and child marriage will be reduced. There will be an increase in socio-economic equality, educated generations, and women in all spheres will be the only problem for the world.

Being an educated woman is important, and also becoming a woman of free will. These women do not fall into the trap of social oppression and are naturally independent. They provide themselves with protective clothing for themselves and others around them. As a woman grows, her nation grows.

Therefore, such organizations that promote girls' education may be supported and supported by everyone, especially the government. All we can do is donate current points near us to further our education.

Thank you!

10 Lines Speech on Girls Education

This is a 10 line speech on girls' education and will be very useful for Grade 1 to 3. 

Hello everyone, esteemed principal, teachers, and my dear friends! I am lucky to have this opportunity to talk about a topic that is close to my heart, the education of a girl child.

  1. Every Girl deserves equal opportunities as boys in terms of education, jobs, living standards and respect for society.

  2. According to my opinion, education is the primary thing that every child deserves whether a boy or a girl education is primary because in this modern world each and everyone is recognised by the degrees they have in their pocket. 

  3. Girls education helps in the betterment of society as education will help to learn etiquettes, ethics and manners which will directly help in creating a better environment. 

  4. By attaining education, girls will be able to understand what's right and wrong plus they will also know some measures to protect themselves in any type of situation. 

  5. Girls' education will make them more independent and financially strong and less dependent on their family or husband. 

  6. Girl Education will help them to understand the importance of hygiene 

  7. Girls education will help to break the stereotypes of the society of child marriage, dowry incidents etc. 

  8. Education will empower women and will help them to fight indiscrimination. 

  9. By attending education, girls can also support their families and can remove the tag of baggage from their heads. 

  10.  In short, Girls education is important for a better future.


When a girl child is educated, nearly half the population is educated, thus reducing illiteracy that seems to be quite high in our country. When these educated women build careers it also adds to the socio-economic growth and decreases the cases of child marriages. As they become financially independent, they can take better care of their families eradicating poverty.