Speech on Urbanization


Constant is the only change in the only change in this world and our societies are also trying to adapt and change to newer ways of living. The shift from the villages or rural areas to the cities or urban areas is called urbanization. This shift is mainly due to better opportunities and therefore progress. Urbanisation Speech and the different ways to present it is discussed in this article. It can be a Long Speech On Urbanization or a Short Speech On Urbanisation.

Long And Short Speech on Urbanization

Long Speech on Urbanization

This form of speech on urbanisation delves into details and discusses many important aspects which are useful for students in grades 8-12.

Good Morning all, I Abc (mention your name) am here to speak on the topic of Urbanization. Urban areas are basically well-built towns or cities that provide convenience for their residents. And a group of people living closely in this area in a concentrated space and increasing its population is referred to as urbanization. 

This transfer of people usually come from mainly the rural areas and villages nearby. When they shift permanently from one place to another to earn a livelihood there is a shift in population. The urban areas become more populated and the rural areas become less populated. 

Even though their intention of the movement is to provide a better life, better home and opportunities for their children and families they often end up with not enough resources even for themselves. So the movement is usually good and more likely to be done when one is employed in an urban area. 

Although it is important to know that not everyone wishes to leave their village life and their hometown. Some actually happily prefer to stay back and work and look after their families. And others are nervous about a shift or a change and they do not take this leap or even after they shift they might not be able to get accustomed to the urban lifestyle so they return. And some do not abide by the values in the cities and do not change into the urban way of living or be modern. 

However, the case is, the urbanization is only increasing because more and more people are coming to the cities especially the metropolitan cities for better scope and earning. And anyway there is a shortage of space in the urban areas, this shift creates more problems and people become uncomfortable due to this. It is also quite a task to manage the expenses of cities because everything has astronomical prices. 

There are many advantages of urbanization like more people work in companies, there is an increase in employment. This leads to an increase in GDP and adds to the increasing economy that is favourable to the company. The children of the moving families also receive a better quality education so the literacy rates increase. 

The living standards, however, may differ. The ones who are already leading a city life, have comfortable homes and facilities. And the ones who are newly starting life in an urban area must start from the lowest of the lows. And it is extremely hard to climb up the ladder in such bustling and competitive cities. But this doesn’t stop them from starting their lives and taking a chance for the sake of their families and providing them with better everything, food, home, school, education, transportation and a future to look forward to with many career prospects. And urbanization will not see a decline any time soon.

Thank you.

Short Speech on Urbanization

This type of speech on urbanisation is a brief overview of the topic and helpful information is provided for the students in grades 4-7.

Good morning everyone I am here to talk about the topic that has an enormous impact on our country and is only rising for decades, Urbanization. This is the change of one’s place from a rural area to a metropolitan city or urban areas. 

Urban areas are usually preferred by the people from the outskirts of that city or the villages because of better transportation, job opportunities, health care, education, housing, security, good social life and a better place in the society. 

People however must remember that there are many disadvantages to urban life as well like lack of privacy, pollution, overcrowded, higher cost of living, and when they are unable to manage expenses and lifestyle may have high chances of unemployment. And some people blissfully live their entire lives in villages with less pollution but toil hard to earn a livelihood and better education and healthcare facilities.

Therefore it is better to be very aware of the pros and cons and then make an informed decision. Urbanization however is also a boon, if one is employed, that gives him/her a chance to create a better life for an entire family. On a national level, it means, the decline in unemployment, poverty, rise in economy and literacy. Urbanization is one of the most crucial reasons for the development of the cities at this rapid rate and is not coming to a stop so soon. 

Thank you. 

10 Line Speech on Urbanization

This 10 line urbanisation speech is very helpful for students in grades 1-3 as they can easily understand in simple and short sentences.

  1. The migration of villagers or people in rural areas to cities and urban areas is called urbanization.

  2. This step is taken by the people in the hope of a better life and a better future.

  3. It is not easy to survive in an urban area because it is expensive.

  4. Often people come for the purpose of employment and it gives them a better chance of making it big in life.

  5. They dream of a good future for their family and children, a good education and comfortable homes.

  6. Due to this shift, a rapid change is seen in the population decline in rural areas and quickly increasing in urban areas.

  7. Due to this increase, space shortage is a huge problem in cities and therefore the cost of living also increases.

  8. The ones who are rich can only afford them, others end up in the slums, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.

  9. The people who shift might lose themselves and cannot cope up with many differences and attitudes.

  10. City life is cut-throat and everyone is only aiming to go high and achieve more even when it means stomping on anyone in their way.