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Speech on Annual Day

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Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Long and Short School Annual Function Speech for Students and Children

The most expected event every year is the Annual School Day. It is an important time for students to show the audience their talents. The most treasured moments of this Day are the sincere arrangements, the uncontainable enthusiasm, and the full dress rehearsals. Preparations for the Annual Day begin well ahead of time, sometimes two months earlier. With all the vibrant charts on all subjects carefully hand-made by the students, and artistically displayed on the walls and thoroughly cleaned classroom, the school gets a complete face-lift.


Long Annual Day Speech in English for Students

Good morning, to all the wonderful people present to Day. It is a pleasure to begin this auspicious occasion by welcoming everyone. We all have gathered here for the Annual Day celebration which is held to celebrate the talent and skills of our children and reward them for the same. 


Our children have demonstrated their skills through numerous competitions at the school or inter-school level and It gives us immense pleasure to share with you all that not only in sports competitions but our school children perform excellently in JSTSE, Olympiad of all subjects, essay writing competitions and many other academic competitions. 


Competitions are opportunities that we provide to our students, where they can test their education and evaluate them by participating in various sports and academic programs. We believe in a method of learning which encourages each child to actively participate and inculcate good sportsmanship. At the class level, children who have difficulties whether it be in public speaking, stage fear, or lack of confidence to perform are encouraged to come forward by creating a comfortable environment so that they can win over their fears. Our methods of teaching are holistic and inclusive. This Annual festival is a perfect example of this, ensuring that every child participates and performs. 


It gives each student a chance to come forward and demonstrates what is good in academia and non-academic activities. We feel that without the outlet of their abilities, the entire teaching process is incomplete. We have therefore established this as a necessity on this Annual Day and have planned the Annual Day program in such a way that even talent such as art should be taken into account.


You'll see lots of pictures and posters if you look around. The names and classes of students who have drawn, sketched or painted these images are reported by each individual. Take some time to go through this precious art gallery, as identification is also needed. Who knows that it might be your child who had this talent, even if you didn't know it. And some works of art are award-winning submissions.


Typically, on an Annual Day, there is a drama and dance, but this time we have added a new category, which is quite popular these days. They show them on every TV channel in the entertainment category - I'm talking about the stand-up comedy segment. Yes, we have some very talented kids here who are going to roll you with laughter barrels. So, brace for a nice Day. Our young children have organized a show that is a musical drama; mid-school people are busy practicing for dance-dramas, which our younger budding talented dance gurus have told me to choreograph. Let’s welcome them for success! 


Short Annual Day Speech in English

Good morning to everyone present here. It's an extremely proud and emotional moment for us all on this very special day, as our school is going to complete one more fantastic year. I would like to wholeheartedly invite you all to our school's Annual functions. We have always heard the saying from our elders, "School life is the best, make the most of it," and today I can relate to it. Now I fully understand why the friends we make at school are said to be nothing less than family. 


Special arrangements have been made to make this special day memorable. As we have our parents as well, it will be twice the fun with us on that particular day. There are different acts, singing and dancing displays, specially prepared by the students. For our parents and teachers, we have arranged various fun events, to make this day a memorable one for them as well. Some games are also planned where students can also participate. 


This is our way of saying thank you to our parents and teachers for always loving us and being there for us. We've added a brand new segment on this Annual Day. We also included a selection of games that are played as a team by children and parents. It is a guarantee that it will be a nice affair and we will all enjoy it; on the one hand, on the other hand, children and parents and teachers and school staff. Simple sports such as Tug of War, Three-Legged Race and Relay Race will be held in the school greens immediately after the conclusion of the show in the auditorium. I am sure that we will all participate wholeheartedly and parents are a great help and do not disappoint us, which is a healthy way to end our Annual Day.


10 Lines on Annual Day Speech Sample

  1. It is a special occasion celebrated every year.

  2. The District Collector is the chief guest for the Day.

  3. The honorable Chief Guest will give the award distribution ceremony.

  4. The school presents a music drama based on Rudyard Kipling's most adorable novel, The Jungle Book.

  5. Cultural events such as folk and contemporary dance performances, English songs along with Hindi classical singing, and a magic show are also presented during the Annual Day.

  6. Literary performances such as poetry lessons, conversation, essay writing, and recitation are also part of the occasion.

  7. The whole auditorium is illuminated with lights that are centered on them.

  8. The activities will be held at various venues.

  9. The awards for the events will eventually be revealed.

  10. There are games that seek parent's participation.


In any Indian school, students and teachers alike look forward to the most important Day - the Annual Day. This is an opportunity for students to try many different things, and showcase their talents; students will always remember the unending arrangements, the uncontained excitement, and most importantly, the final complete dress rehearsals. All these extensive preparations start at least two months prior to D-Day.

Long Annual Day Speech 

Good morning, to all the students and parents and guardians who are here with us today! 

It is a pleasure to welcome you all here today, for our Annual Day celebration, a day we all look forward to, every year. Today is the Day to celebrate our young creative and talented students. This year, our children have outshone and brought laurels to this institution, by demonstrating their skills in various competitions at the school as well as inter-school level. Our students have performed well not only in the various sports competitions, but have shown excellent results in the JSTSE, the Olympiad of all subjects, in essay writing competitions and many other academic competitions. Competitions are opportunities where students get a chance to showcase their many talents as well as their various academic and other co-curricular activities. We believe in providing opportunities of every possible kind so as to encourage each child to actively participate in the many activities. At the individual class level, those children who have difficulties, or those who lack the confidence in public speaking, stage fear,  or confidence to perform are encouraged to come forward and we try to create a comfortable environment to help them win over their fears.  

This Annual Day program is held to recognize each of our students for all that they have achieved and to encourage them to keep up with their good work. It gives each student a chance to come forward and demonstrate their specific skills and interests, whether in academics, sports or any other extracurricular activities. 

We believe that without this encouragement, the entire teaching process is incomplete. We have therefore planned the Annual Day program in such a way that every child who has shown excellence in any discipline should be recognized. We also believe that this could go a long way in motivating others too.

on behalf of the entire school staff and the students, request you all parents and guardians to take some time out and go through the various exhibits here today. 

This year, unlike the past years where we always had a dance-drama enacted by our very own children, we have a new category, a stand-up comedy segment which has become very popular to Day. And, this will be brought to you by our very own StandUp Comedians!

A warm welcome to all of these bright children!

Short Annual Day Speech

Good morning to everyone present here!

It is a  proud moment for all of us here today as we welcome you all to another of our Annual Day Program. It has been a fantastic year for us, especially for our bright, young, talented children. 

I take this opportunity to welcome you all, my dear parents, guardians and children to our school's Annual function.

Special arrangements have been made to make this special day memorable. Each one of you and the students has been preparing for this Day for a long time. 

Today we have arranged some fun events for parents and children to participate in, and we also have some dance dramas and choir singing, all choreographed by our own talented students. 

We have also planned a couple of game events for parents and children to participate like Tug of War, the  Three-Legged, and the Relay Race which will start immediately after the inauguration.

I take this opportunity to invite you all, dear parents, to please support and motivate our young children, and join in all the festivities today.

Looking forward to all of you having a wonderful day here.

FAQs on Speech on Annual Day

1. What is Annual Day?

A yearly celebration of a school in order to showcase the achievements of the students. Annual Day is a Day every student, and every parent looks forward to. A Day where a school gives recognition to all the multi-talented, creative young students for their achievements. A Day that recognizes academically talented students. Annual Day is a day of great pride for any school as they get a chance to showcase the schools’ worth and talent.

2. What is the importance of the Annual Day?

Annual Day is the Day the children get recognition for their many talents and skills, whether it is in academics, in sports or in any other co-curricular activities. It boosts a student's confidence and helps them do better in the future. Students feel a sense of pride, in front of their parents, their teachers, and their friends. Annual Day also gives students a platform to showcase their many talents.

3. What is the Annual Day Speech?

The Annual Day Speech is an important Speech as it highlights the many positive programs of the entire academic year. A Speech that motivates every student and teacher, to appreciate their efforts and hard work and to further encourage the students to perform better in the future, whether in academics or in games or in any other activity.

4. What is a good Annual Day Speech?

A balanced Speech, a Speech that acknowledges the year-long achievements of the students, a Speech where the efforts of teachers are lauded, and a Speech which has an element of fun attached to it - all make for a good Annual Day Speech. This is coupled with an appreciation for the parents and guardians and about their motivation and encouragement towards their children. All these make for a good  Annual Day Speech.