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Speech on Corruption For Students in English

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Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Speech on Corruption

When a speech about such a universal topic as corruption is concerned, one needs to pay heed to its common nature, that it touches all lives. Every member in the audience has been a victim or a perpetrator of corruption, knowingly or unknowingly. So, it would be a good idea to first make the audience aware about the topic at hand. Including examples that the audience can relate to is a good attention-grabbing tool wisely incorporated at the beginning of the speech on corruption.

First take hold of the audience’s attention, then say what one has to say. When a person or organization uses its authority and power for its personal gain, that is called corruption. Unfortunately, corruption is rampant across the globe, transcending all boundaries. So much so that wherever there is power, there seems to be corruption. It is a matter that touches all lives. Hence this topic concerns the entirety of humanity.

Connecting with the Audience

People connect to similarities. When something similar to their life is talked about, people pay attention. While corruption is a common thread that sadly connects every person, many might not be aware of it. But people do relate when an unjust superior is mentioned, or an overbearing elder relative.

Spreading the Points in Speech

Once the attention of the audience is grabbed, it is time to distribute the important points across the speech in a way that the audience would remember them. Hence, it is a good idea to keep the speech from becoming too monotonous or academic. Even academicians find purely academic speeches boring unless one talks about some radical once-in-a-lifetime discovery or invention.

Tone of the Speech

This is where the tone of the speech has to be kept in mind. A light-hearted but sincere tone appeals to everyone. But it needs to align with the personality of the speaker. It would be unwise for a quiet, serene person to give a speech that is full of jokes and funny moments. The student needs to keep the tone of the speech such that it comes naturally to him or her. If something feels unnatural, keep it out of the speech.

Empathy in Speaker

Another aspect that makes a speech successful is when the audience connects with the speaker as a person. This is perhaps the most elusive trait to grasp in all, but not impossible. To connect to the audience like this, the speaker needs to think of the audience and him/herself as fellow humans. When the speaker thinks and speaks with empathy for the audience and treats each one of them (through his speech) as individuals with a life of their own, with dreams and problems, that is when the audience can’t help but feel that strong intangible connection with the speaker. Great orators in history have this kind of connection with their audience and this is how they have inspired thousands and millions to move and act for their cause.

Long Speech

Hello to all the esteemed members of the audience. Today I wish to share with you some of my views on the prevailing practice of corruption. 


As a much used and prevalent term, many of us must have often wondered as to how we define corruption. Many among us must also have been intrigued as to what can actually be categorized as corruption. Well, to put it in words, we can define corruption as any sort of practice that allows the party or parties partaking in an inordinate benefit or advantage. Many-a-often, corruption is seen to disproportionately favor the outcome of an event, which would not have been the case otherwise.


Various forms of media have often quoted the term ‘corruption’ in relation to powerful people, organizations, political parties and even justice systems. Corruption is what allows some people to escape from the clutches of law and order. Some of the common forms of corruption that we often witness include bribery, money laundering, peddling, extortion, patronage, embezzlement, electoral fraud, etc. Within an organization, the practice of other forms of corruption such as nepotism, cronyism, etc. is also prevalent. 


Political parties are also seen practicing corruption in order to gain influence over the people. 


Corruption prevents the prevalence of justice. As a result of this malpractice, deserving people are often robbed of apt opportunities. This practice is often seen to have a domino effect as it gives rise to a chain of events triggered by a single act. In other words, corruption brings about death to democracy. People engaging in corruption often turn a blind eye towards justice systems touted as an important pillar of democracy. The outcome of corruption, which is usually in favor of the more powerful section of society, also leads people to lose faith in the democratic process. 


Now that we have discussed corruption in detail, we should also make ourselves aware of how we can prevent the same from taking place. Effective law enforcement is often the key to halt this practice. This ensures that corrupt officials are being punished for their crimes. Other measures of curbing corruption include the practice of effective journalism, transparency on the part of the government in terms of policies and other norms, strengthened roles of auditing agencies, etc. The citizens must also be strengthened to raise questions and the government should also be made accountable in order to put an end to corrupt practices.



As citizens and human beings, it is our responsibility to see to it that we do not indulge in any type of corruptive behavior. Great visionaries have time and again stressed on the fact that one of the prime means to bring about peace and end chaos is by giving up corrupt practices. Beside limiting ourselves, we must also see to it that corruption and unjust practices in our vicinity do not go unreported and work with the law enforcement in this regard. Only by establishing a corruption-free society, can we make this world a better place to live in.


Short Speech- Speech on Corruption

A warm welcome to all the lovely ladies and gentlemen. I stand before you today to deliver a few lines on the topic of corruption.


Corruption, a term we often come across, implies the employment of malpractices often resulting in benefit or advantage to the party who employs the same. In various world scenarios, people practicing corruption are often in possession of ill-gotten gains which allow certain or numerous circumstances to work in their favor. In our day-to-day life, we all must have come across corrupt people in business, organizations, politics and more.


There is no one conformed form of corruption. It can range from anywhere from a small bribe to nepotism, patronage, extortions, etc. As often witnessed, corruption often loops in other crimes under its aegis. Due to the practice of corruption, money laundering, human and drug trafficking, kidnapping are also on the rise. Various political parties are also seen to indulge in corruption for harnessing power. Corruption has always been one of the causes for the lack of development of the weaker sections of the society as the practice has been known to favor the rich and powerful.



I would like to conclude by saying that corruption is a hindrance to democracy and the justice system. As a nation striving to advance on all fronts, be it social or economic, we must ensure that we abstain from all kinds of corrupt practices. We should also be vigilant about the corruption prevailing in our society and do everything in our power to ensure a just and equal society is being established.


10 Lines Speech- Speech on Corruption

  1. Greetings of the day to all. Today I am here to present a speech on corruption. Corruption refers to immoral behavior that some people employ to gain benefit.

  2. Corruption often involves dishonesty and misuse of power that allows an undue benefit to some people.

  3. As commonly seen, the more powerful people usually practise corruption which allows them certain advantages. 

  4. The weaker or the less powerful people are generally who suffer as a result of this practice. 

  5. Corruption has many forms like bribery, extortion, etc. 

  6. Practicing corruption can result in several ill effects on society and prevents the practice of justice. Corruption gives people the power to indulge in several harmful activities. 

  7. In conclusion, I would like to say that we should refrain from practicing corruption and also be aware of any such person in this manner. Instead, we should work collectively in order to remove this evil from our society and build a better environment for all.



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FAQs on Speech on Corruption For Students in English

1. What not to say in a speech on corruption?

A student needs to keep in mind to always keep the speech respectful in tone and not call out any individual for faults or shortcomings. It is wise to keep in mind that the speech is usually for evaluation and not for activism.

2. What do teachers judge when a student gives a speech?

Teachers weigh the student’s ability to speak clearly and persuasively about a topic. The judges also read the speaker’s body language, so posture and limb movement should be paid attention to. To know more download the free pdf from Vedantu.

3. Is there a golden rule for public speakers?

There are golden lists but the basic rule that applies to a speaker or anyone is, do unto others what you wish them to do to you. A speaker is just another member of the audience whose turn it is to speak. So, before saying anything, it is wise to remember how the student felt as a listener. If personal stories of speakers were boring, then keep them out of the speech. If a certain kind of anecdote was gripping, include something similar in the speech.