Keeping Quiet Summary

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Class 12 Keeping Quiet Summary highlights the major points and motive behind the poem Keeping Quiet by author Pablo Neruda. The central theme revolving around the poem is peace, humanity, and brotherhood. 

The poem starts off with the Poet requesting everyone to count to twelve and to keep still at the same time. He urges people not to talk in any language and just try to hear the silence. Here the Poet referred to the chaos in the world where there is only noise and nothing else.

He goes on to explain what would happen if we all keep still. He elaborates that it would be an exotic moment, and there will be no rush or noise of the engine. Everyone will be together in a sudden strangeness.

Summary of the Poem Keeping Quiet

The Poet says that when we are silent and indulge in self-introspection, we would see that the fishermen are not harming the whales anymore. The man who gathers salt is not looking at his hurt hands. The Poet is convinced that the still time will make men introspect their actions as men who are part of the war and victory, and it is based on the deaths of innocent people who will stand in unity as they join their enemy. One man will try to harm himself or others, and everyone will unite and think about the consequences of his actions. 

The Poet continues by saying that you don't believe for a second that you are not doing anything during the time of stillness. The state of silence is not a state of inactivity. 

In the next stanza, he says that if one is not so fixated with the needs of oneself, better things like peace and brotherhood can be achieved. He wants people to come out of the rush to realize what they are doing because they never stood still to see the results of their actions.

Summary of Keeping Quiet Poem highlights the importance of silence and self-introspection in an all-time running and chaotic world. In this way, all the people will be able to find their inner peace, analyze their actions, and make this world a better place.

Keeping Quiet Explanation

Even though the poem is a freestyle and doesn't use any rhythmic words, it's hard to ignore the poem's meaning. At first, it doesn't appear to be that deep meaning, but when you continue reading it till the end, the true meaning blooms like a flower.

The whole poem is based on the Poet's request to mankind to self-introspect the actions we are taking in a rush without thinking. He urges mankind not to be greedy and respect each other as brothers. 

The process of examining our actions doesn't take much. It is as easy as counting to twelve, according to the Poet. Poet points out correctly that without silence and keeping quiet, the self-introspect won't work, and no peace will be achieved.

In the starting, the whole self-introspection and keeping quiet would feel strange and unfamiliar, but as time goes by, the sound of quietness will overcome the sound of the engine.   

The Poet clarifies that he wants people to do nothing and stay in a real state of inactivity. He just wants mankind to introspect their actions and behaviour towards other human beings. 

The Poet was able to capture such a strong feeling when silence is there, maybe because he has seen war during his lifetime before his death. He has been a politician, and during his time, the whole world was suffering from hunger, war, and death. The only thing that could be traced back to that time was how divided the world was. How people didn't have any regard for another human life.