Save Earth Essay

Essay on Save Earth

Our planet and its resources make life possible on it. Without these resources, it is impossible to imagine life on earth. These resources are like sunlight, air, water, creatures thriving on/in them, minerals, and vegetation. But with the increasing level of pollution, these resources are either getting destroyed or depleted recklessly. It is very difficult to create a sustainable future on the earth and hence, we should start taking measures to save it. 

Why Saving The Earth Is Necessary?

In order to save the earth, we must understand that resources that are provided by earth are limited. However, the majority of us are unaware of this fact and we are not judiciously utilizing the resources. In order to safeguard the existence of humans, we need to protect the earth and take care of it. All living being is dependent on the earth for their survival and so we should use the gist of nature in a thoughtful way. The increase in pollution and damaged caused by humans are effecting earth so rapidly that it is threatening our survival.  

Saving earth is not merely the need of the hour but much more. The extents of degradation caused by humans are becoming irreparable. This is one of the reasons why all the resources are getting highly polluted. The change in climate is also one of the examples that are caused due to severe pollution. Moreover, animals, birds are getting extinct and the worlds around us are slowing approaching towards the end. Nothing could be scary than this. Therefore, saving the earth is the primary need and we should make conscious decisions to make the earth a better and sustainable place to live in. 

It is and has been our responsibility to protect the planet that we live in but rather we become selfish and do such things that create more pollution in our environment. As the most evolved species of the environment, we should understand that our planet is the only planet that supports life. So when the earth will be under peril, we will not have the option to move into another planet for our safety.

Hence, it is important to make the most use of what we have right now in a sustainable manner. Our approach will not only save the earth but our lives as well. Moreover, our future generation will be bestowed with a healthy environment to live in. 

Ten simple things to save the earth

  1. Live by the mantra- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. 

  2. Keep our surrounding clean 

  3. Plant more trees

  4. Conserve water and water bodies

  5. Educate people about the significance of conserving nature

  6. Shop wisely

  7. Cycle more and drive fewer cars on the road

  8. Use LED lights

  9. Don’t discharge industrial effluents in the river or other water bodies

  10. Choose sustainability in every step of life

Therefore, by making small changes in our lifestyle we can make a huge difference. By restoring ecological balance, we can save the earth from getting dreadfully polluted and uninhabitable.