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Speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth in English for Students

32% of the earth’s surface is covered in green leafy flora. We are dependent on trees for so many reasons, especially for the air we breathe. It helps maintain the planet’s biodiversity. Yet we do not value this natural resource and destroy it by cutting trees and practicing deforestation for our selfish needs, in the name of civilization without realizing the harm we will face.


All of us know how valuable trees are for our survival and all the other living beings on this planet. They are the most valuable source of life present on this earth. Every living being is directly or indirectly dependent on it.


The tree nourishes and protects us and it also keeps the environment green which gives us many aesthetic values. So, we must do everything to protect trees and save them before they disappear completely. The trees capture carbon dioxide, water and also help keep the earth cool and balanced. It shelters us from extreme heat and sunlight. Most importantly, it helps us fight climate change which is the need of the hour. They filter the air present near us by filtering all the toxic substances and odors from the environment. They give us oxygen which is important for our survival. They provide flora and fauna diversity. Apart from all of these, trees give us food and medicines too. It protects us from soil erosion and also helps in controlling food. Thus, we must plant more forests and curb the practice of deforestation and habitat destruction.  All of us should do our part in saving trees and spread awareness about planting more trees as it will help all of us and future generations. Without trees, there won’t be a future at all and it is important to realize and take action before it is too late for us too.


The speech can be presented in different ways, such as a Long Speech On Save Trees And Save Planet Earth or a Short Speech On Save Trees And Save Planet Earth.


Speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth in English

Long Speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth

This form of Speech On Save Trees And Save Planet Earth In English is useful for students in grades 8-12, as they can convey in detail about the topic using simple words.


Good morning everyone, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak on such an important topic Save Trees and Save Planet Earth. When one thinks of the most important element to survive the answer that always comes to our mind is air. Air is important for all living beings be it animals or humans. The trees which occupy 32% of the earth’s surface provide us with this air.  


The trees of the planet act as the lungs in our body and purify the air we breathe. It is due to the existence of trees that we inhale fresh air. As trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen which serves as the important life source of all living beings. The more trees the planet has the fresher and purer the air we breathe. 


Man’s attempt to outlive nature is costing us an unfortunate price. This drive for civilization and modernization is harming the environment and therefore the planet to an irreversible extent. When man violates nature the planet suffers and we have to bear the harmful consequences. Let’s understand how.


The road to civilization is more often through the destruction of natural resources.


Man views trees as roadblocks in modernization, that is they see it as it comes in the way of building more buildings and roads. So they tend to deforestation, which is an act of cutting down trees. When trees are cut, they build more homes and offices on the land. 


Deforestation leads to many unnatural things that disrupt the balance of nature. Due to deforestation, air pollution increases, and global warming rises. Animals lose their home and shelter, the quality of the soil where deforestation is practiced deteriorates due to the untimely removal of roots of trees leading to soil erosion. 


As their population is only increasing, it is imperative to have more trees so that the next generation lives breathing fresh air. If deforestation continues the planet will not be able to inhabit future generations because of the imbalance it experiences.


The best way to solve this problem is by avoiding deforestation and moving towards afforestation that is planting trees. We should all strive to save our home, which is the planet. Even planting one tree can save so many lives. 


It is high time that we take action and save the natural beauty of the planet which nourishes all living and breathing creatures. When saving trees they save lives and inevitably save the planet. Saving trees and saving the planet is the motto we should all live by. Let’s leave behind a green planet for the next generation. Spread the word and take action to save trees and in that way, we can save the planet.


Thank you.


Short Speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth

This form of Speech On Save Trees And Save Planet Earth In English is useful for students in grades 4-7, as they can speak about the topic in a short time using simple words for everyone to understand.

Good morning everyone, I ABC (mention your name) feel very fortunate to get this opportunity on this prestigious platform to speak on an important topic: Save Trees And Save Planet Earth. This planet has seen so many inventions and modern technologies that it is taking over, but none of it can do the work of the natural resources.

Trees are one of the most important natural resources that give life to every living thing. We are so heavily dependent on this natural resource and in return, we are only destroying them by cutting them and harming the planet. The trees selflessly provide so many benefits to humans and humans selfishly repay this debt by cutting down trees. 

If this practice of deforestation continues and people don’t realize the need to give back to the planet by planting trees then there won’t be a planet to live on anymore. Trees protect the natural environment by balancing the pollution levels and purifying such harmful air that has been created due to manmade activities. It acts as a home and shelter to so many animals, helps in raising fertility of the soil naturally and we only cause harm to it. 

Let us all pledge to not continue this harmful activity and take the route of afforestation. Start by planting trees at home and in your neighborhood. Do it for the benefit of the environment and planet even if your efforts go unnoticed. Spread awareness about the importance of planting trees and start early. Save trees and save the planet.

Thank you.


10 Line Speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth

This form of Save Trees And Save Planet Earth is helpful for students in grades 1-3 as they can understand such a complex topic in a simpler and shorter format. 

  1. Trees are the largest part of our planet where so many living beings build their homes and find shelter in.

  2. Trees give us life, it gives us fresh air to breathe and live a healthy life.

  3. We need nature and inhabit it and it is not dependent on us in any way.

  4. Trees cover 32% of the earth’s surface and this green blanket contributes a great deal to the balance of the ecosystem.

  5. When trees will no longer be present, there will be no life on planet earth.

  6. And we are not far from that day where we will tend to breathe air from the machines because of the rapid pace of civilization we are harming nature in a big way.

  7. Deforestation is the act of cutting down trees and it has irreversible consequences that show as climate change.

  8.  Climate change is due to rising temperatures and rising air pollution.

  9. This can be controlled when one learns the value and importance of natural resources and strives to plant more trees rather than building homes by cutting down trees.

  10. Trees are also an important natural medicinal resource, so one must protect them and save planet earth. 

FAQs on Speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth

1.  Why is it important to save trees?

It is important to save trees as they provide oxygen to us. It helps improve air quality, manage climate change, soil preservation and it also gives food and shelter to humans as well as wildlife. Trees by the process of photosynthesis give us oxygen without which we won’t be able to survive and there will be a crisis. Urbanization has led to deforestation and habitat loss and new buildings and roads have been built. If there isn’t proper reforestation or plantation of trees done then it can be detrimental for human beings shortly.   

2.   What is reforestation?

Reforestation can be defined as the process of planting trees in an area that was previously deforested or destroyed. Here, new plants are planted again. The destruction or cutting of large forests can have bad impacts on all living beings as carbon dioxide levels will increase and this will contribute to climate change.  This, in turn, will lead to the disappearance of species and also cause the imbalance of many ecosystems. Thus, reforestation is very important to practice. There are two types of reforestation: urban and rural. Urban farming is the planting of trees in developed areas like cities which help improve air quality. Rural reforestation is when trees are planted in rural areas. 

3.  What is climate change?

Climate change is the change of the normal environmental state of the earth. It is caused by both external and internal factors. It is a global concern for the last few decades. Climate change if not controlled can be detrimental for all the living beings on this planet and also have negative impacts on the ecology and various ecosystems. Many species are endangered because of it and many have already perished. 

4.  What is conservation?

Conservation of nature means protecting nature and wildlife like forests, lands, water bodies etc. Conservation focuses on sustainable growth so that the products of nature do not become scarce as it will become impossible to survive without these. It won’t be possible to survive without air, water and sunlight and also all the resources provided by nature to us. 

5.  How can we help in the contribution of saving the planet?

We can help in saving the planet by doing the following things:

  • Proper Water Consumption: We shouldn't waste wastewater and use it properly. It can be done by making habits like turning the tap water while we are brushing and also reusing any leftover water to water plants.

  • Use electricity only when required and do not keep the lights or other electronic appliances on when it is not required. When you leave the room, it is best to switch off the light and fan to save energy.

  • Use sustainable agriculture methods like bio-fertilisers and manures which do not harm the soil quality and also the water bodies. Heavy fertilizers can cause groundwater pollution which can harm the humans who consume them. Proper disposal of fertilizers if used should be done as it can affect the health of the species that dwell in the water bodies.

  • Spread awareness about the threats of global warming, climate change and also tell people about sustainable practices. Making people aware can help everyone and motivate them towards practicing good conversational habits. 

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