Action Speaks Louder than Words Essay

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Essay on Action Speaks Louder than Words

We have studied a lot of wise proverbs and have understood their hidden meanings. As we grow up and mature, we find the relevance of these proverbs in our daily life. One of the most important proverbs we have learned in our school is ‘action speaks louder than words’. It is an old proverb that originated during the English Civil War. It was used by John Pym, the contemporary parliamentarian. He explained that there is no need to bark words when your actions speak for you. It also depicts that those who want to show the world how capable they are, they should act and set an example.

This proverb has an exceptional meaning that sets well on different occasions. It also means that people always trust those who act rather than talk. It is their actions that make them trustworthy and believable. It is obvious that people actually believe what is done rather than what is said or claimed. Hence, the proverb ‘action speaks louder than words’ fit well in this description.

When should we act? Why should we act? These are the fundamental questions that arise in our minds in a situation. As this old saying goes, when you cannot conclude an end by conversing or saying big words, you need to act. It also says that your action will decide the fate of your words. Hence, there is no need to speak and tell everyone about your plans. Just act upon them. When these plans become successful, they will speak for themselves. People will then believe that you can convert what you say into a reality. This is how we build trust among each other and survive.

Speaking words will not make you a trustable person. It is your labour that gives you the grades. You need to find out the way to gain the confidence of others. It can only be done by proving your capabilities. How can you prove you are capable? Only by doing something remarkable or acting on a matter will create inertia. This inertia will make people think that you do not speak big words only. The action, no matter what the outcome is, builds trust. People will rely on the person who takes action. Without this foundation of trust, you cannot build a strong personality that everyone will admire.

Another perspective of looking into it is commitment. Imagine a team of professionals working together. If someone in the team just speaks big words and does nothing, he will not become a successful team player. Those who work more and speak less, they are the ideal persons to believe and assign responsibilities to. The biggest win in life is to become someone trustworthy and reliable in personal and professional life. This proverb fits well into the definition of such personalities. Commitment needs actions. Your claims will be meaningless when your actions are absent or not up to the mark.

It happens quite a few times that people speak more than they can do. When words are backed by proper actions, everyone will develop faith in you. Making claims without breaking a sweat or having similar skills is nothing but empty words. Backing your words with actions is the real deal. This is what makes a personality stronger and reliable.

This example is essential in every phase of life. A parent needs to be active and strict for better parenting. A teacher has to set an example that every student can follow and make him/her a role model. One becomes a leader with his actions, not by his words. We all need to take this proverb seriously to make our personality more fortified.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What does ‘Action Speaks Louder than Words’ Mean?

Ans: This proverb dates back to the English Civil War. This proverb means that a person’s character can be judged by his actions. Empty words and no actions do not make a good image. In fact, motivation comes from actions, not words. Those who act rather than speaking valueless words are not admirable. Irrespective of the results, actions are always more admirable. They set the right example to follow. It also helps us to understand an individual’s personality as well. This proverb is relatable in every phase of our lives.

2. What Changes can We Make to Follow This Proverb?

Ans: If we concentrate on this proverb, we will find out what changes we have to make in our personalities. First, we need to act on our plans. Claiming to actions is actually baseless when you are not acting upon it. Your plans will not work out by themselves. It is you who can make the changes. In any phase of your life, be active, and make changes. These changes and actions will inspire all. These changes also make you personally change. Your perspective will literally transform and your actions will then speak louder than words.

3.  Where can We Find Real-Life Examples?

Ans: If we search the pages of history, we will find thousands of examples to follow. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose made history by creating his own army when no big leader of India’s independence movement was beside him. Madam Curie became a Nobel laureate twice when there was no one to believe in her work. We see soldiers guarding our borders so that we can sleep whereas we speak big words regarding patriotism. These are the real-life examples we need to follow.