Mrs Packletides Tiger - Summary

Summary of Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger

The article consists of Mrs. Packletide's Tiger's summary, a great story written by the author Hector Hugh Munro. The story is about Mrs. Packletide, who wants to be better than her neighbour Loona Bimberton in terms of everything from Pride to Courage. After learning that Loona flied 10 miles in a plane to shot a tiger with an Algerian Pilot, Packletide becomes more jealous of her popularity and decide to shot a tiger to flaunt her courage & pride in the front of people. For this, she hires a paid companion Miss Mebin and some villagers. After successfully shooting the tiger, Packletide showoff his skin to everyone & get famous in the town. But Miss Mebin learns that Tiger died due to Heart Attack and not because of Bullet. She blackmails Packletide & demanded her to gift her a weekend house, which Packletide accepts. To celebrate her success, Packletide throws a party, but Loona doesn't come & Packletide realises the price she paid for a fake Glory.

Detailed Summary of Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger

Always want to outrun each other, Mrs. Packletide (an envious woman) get jealous when she finds out that an Algerian pilot flew Loona for eleven miles in an aeroplane. Mrs. Packeltides plans to outshine Loona Bimberton by shooting a tiger and flaunting its skin to people at her home. She realized that only a personally procured tiger-skin and a massive harvest of Press photographs could successfully counter that sort of thing. Packletide had already arranged a scenario in her mind in which she would give lunch at her home and flaunt the tiger skin in front of Loona Bimberton and also how she would give a tiger claw brooch to Loona Bimberton on her birthday. She found a neighbouring village that conducted game killing and used goats to act as bait to help her in the execution of her plan. For an amount of thousand rupees, the villagers agreed to lure the tiger in the hunting grounds for Mrs. Packletide to shoot it. Children were posted to guard the outskirts of the local jungle and to head the tiger back to the hunting grounds; cheap goats were left on the hunting ground to act as bait.

Mrs. Packletide accompanies a paid companion, Miss Mebin, for hunt. Both the ladies sat on the stage, prepared with a rifle ready in her hand to shoot the tiger. An old tiger that was passing by was attracted by the goat placed on the hunting ground. As the tiger gradually walked towards the goat, Mrs. Packeltides aimed and shot him dead. The villagers started celebrating, Mrs. Packletide was very happy that she had shot the tiger, but Miss Mebbin noticed that the bullet had hit the goat, and the old tiger had no wound on its body and had died of a heart attack caused by the loud noise from the rifle. Packletide decides to hide the real cause to showoff her glory.

After the hunt, Packletide’s picture got featured in two weeklies. Loona Bimberton refused to look at the papers, repressing her emotions she replied with a letter of thanks for the tiger-claw brooch. She also declined to attend the lunch party. The tiger became popular; people even suggested Mrs. Packletide have a primaeval dance party, at which everyone should wear the skin of the beast they have recently slain. By watching Packletide's popularity in newspapers, Mebin decides to blackmail her and asked her to gift her a cottage. With no options left, Packletide fulfilled her demand and gifted her the cottage. Miss Mebbin named the cottage, “The Wild Beasts''. After realizing that she had paid more to hide the cause of death than the price she paid to kill the tiger, Mrs. Packletide decided never to indulge herself in big game shooting and confessed to her friends that she had to pay a high cost for it.

Conclusion of Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger

Envy is the worst thing that can destroy you. In this lesson, Mrs Packletide always gets jealous with her neighbour Loona’s achievements and in an aim to outrun her, she paid a heavy price to greedy Miss Mebbin. In the same way, many times, we get jealous of other’s achievements and try to compete with others to show off, without thinking about the conclusions, which is not the right thing. One should not be jealous of other's achievements as you have to pay a high price for your Jealousy and Envy just like Mrs Packletide did. Instead, you should focus on your abilities and try to improve yourself to be a better version.