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Air Transport for Children

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Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Air Travel and Mode of Transport

An aeroplane flying overhead with a rumbling sound intrigues us. We run to the roofs and balconies to check what it looks like. There are different types of air travel methods we use in the modern world. Let us find out about these types and their functions. Before that, let us learn what air travel means.

What is Air Travel?

The process of using a machine that can fly and take humans or things from one place to another is called air travel. In this type of travel, air vehicles don’t use roads or waterways. The vehicles travel mid-air. Common examples are aeroplanes, helicopters, etc. These vehicles can be found in airports and aerodromes.

How Air Travel was Invented?

Humans have been very curious about the ways birds fly in the air. They always thought the reason behind the flight of birds and could not figure out the reason behind us being flightless. Over the years, inventors and scientists tried to make vehicles that will help humans travel by air.

In 1903, Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright were the two inventors who successfully designed and tested the first engine-powered aeroplane. Before that, humans invented and used gliders in 1783 but the flight span was limited.

The first flight in 1903

The First Flight in 1903

As time passed, we made significant developments in air travel and transport. We have designed and successfully used aeroplanes, rockets, spaceships, hot air balloons, and helicopters. Today, we can easily complete a round of our world in a day.

Types of Air Travel

People use air transport for various purposes. They travel in these air vehicles for personal and professional reasons. It is used by common people and governments for various purposes.

In a broader sense, there are two types of air travel for common people considering political boundaries. They are:

Domestic Flight: It is a flight service offered to citizens travelling inside the boundaries of their respective countries. Flights travelling within a country are called domestic flights.

International Flights: It is a flight service that takes passengers and things from one country to the other.

Modern aeroplane carrying passengers

Modern Aeroplane Carrying Passengers

There are different types of classes based on the types of service a passenger wants.

  • Economy

  • Premium Economy

  • Business Class/Club Class

  • First Class

As we go down on this list, the facilities become better and the service charges increase.

Government Air Travel Purposes

Apart from common people, government bodies and military organisations use air travel for different purposes. They use different air vehicles to transport military personnel and machinery. They also use such modes for conducting missions.

Advantages of Air Travel

  • High-speed transportation method

  • Fast service availability

  • Can carry passengers and freight

  • No traffic jam

  • Less pollution when compared to road transport and the number of passengers

Disadvantages of Air Travel

  • It is riskier to travel in aeroplanes mid-air.

  • The cost of air tickets is higher than other conventional transport mediums.

  • Passengers cannot carry certain things they want.


This is all about air transport for preschool. It is the fastest way of travelling from one location to the other but is costlier than the other transport methods. It is being made more affordable for common people. There is no doubt that air travel makes life faster in the modern world.

FAQs on Air Transport for Children

1. What is the use of air travel for government organisations?

Air travel is used by government organisations to reduce the time to travel and to take passengers/things to a particular destination. These travel routes and airports are generally not open to citizens.

2. Can anyone fly in aeroplanes?

According to the concepts of air transportation for preschool, flying in aeroplanes is safe for everyone. Newborn babies and senior citizens can fly without having a problem. People with anxiety and a few other psychological issues may not be fit for flying.

3. What is the prime disadvantage of air travel?

The only disadvantage of air travel is the cost of flight services. It cannot be afforded by all. Only the privileged ones can take a flight and utilise the benefits. Hence, flight services are not accessible to all the people in a country.