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Air and Water Transport

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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Vehicles Used in Air and Water Transport

The modern world has become faster due to the development of transport systems. These systems use different mediums to carry people and goods. Air transport travels in the air whereas water transport has vehicles that carry people and goods on water. Find out the names of these vehicles here.

What is a Mode of Transport?

A transport system built to carry people or goods is called a mode of transport. Over the years, humans have conquered air and water with their inventions. We can now travel by air and even on water. In fact, there are vehicles that can conquer any kind of land terrain. We have even sent men to walk on the Moon and will possibly send men to Mars very soon.

Types of Modes of Transport

According to the inventions and vehicles used to travel or carry things, we can differentiate modes of transport into three categories. Here are the types of transportation list with examples.

  • Air transport: Aeroplanes, helicopters, space shuttles, hot air balloons, etc.

  • Water transport: Ships, boats, canoes, ferries, etc.

  • Land transport: Cars, buses, cycles, motorcycles, etc.

What is Air Transport?

Air transport is a system involving vehicles that can travel in mid-air. These vehicles can fly and take people or goods or both from one location to the other within a short time span.

The list of vehicles used in air transport is given below:

  • Aeroplane: An aircraft vehicle that carries people and luggage from one airport to the other is called an aeroplane.

  • Jet: It is an aeroplane with a jet engine. It can fly faster and carry more people.

  • Fighter jet: Used for military actions, it is a one or two-manned plane used in defence.

  • Glider: It is a gliding aircraft that uses air to glide and cover distances. One has to jump from a height to glide.

  • Hot air balloon: It is a huge balloon filled with hot air to ride and float.

  • Spaceship: It is an aircraft that can take people to space.

Air Transport Vehicles

Air Transport Vehicles

What is Water Transport?

It is a system where vehicles that can run on or under water are called water transport. Here is a list of types of water transportation we use.

  • Boat: It is a watercraft smaller than a ship that carries a handful of people or goods through rivers, lakes, etc. Boats are meant for covering shorter marine distances.

  • Ship: A ship is a big watercraft that can carry thousands of people and cargo at the same time. It is used to cover longer marine distances.

  • Yacht: A yacht is a private luxury boat with sails. It is used for racing and cruising.

  • Submarine: A unique water vehicle that can travel underwater is called a submarine. It is used for defence and military purposes.

  • Seaplane: This is a hybrid air transport that can land on seas and can take off from water.

  • Ferry: A ferry is a local water transport vehicle used to carry people across rivers or to an island.

Water Transport Vehicles

Water Transport Vehicles

Tips for Parents

Name a type of transport and explain it with pictures and examples. Explain the other one and then ask about the differences. In this way, kids will be able to learn the types of transportation modes and will remember them.

FAQs on Air and Water Transport

1. Give an example of a land and water vehicle.

A car is a land vehicle and a boat is a water vehicle.

2. Is air transport faster than water transport?

Yes. Air transport is faster than water transport.

3. How do people cross rivers every day?

People use ferries and boats to cross rivers when there is no bridge.