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Means of Transport for Kids

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Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Learn About the Means of Transport System for Kids

Hop onto the ride! There are loads of transport systems that are available in the world, which one is your favourite? Do you love to transport by land, by air, or by water? Seems so interesting that we have so many choices in the mode of transportation.

But do you know all the modes of transportation? If not let us find out all from this learning.

Here in this article - ‘means of transport for kids,’ you will find the names of the vehicles that will enrich your transportation vocabulary. 

Importance of Learning About Vehicles from an Early Age

Starting from an early age the kids are introduced to toy cars and buses which amazes them when they move on with their little wheels probably making a honking sound! The kids are been fascinated by these colourful vehicles since childhood. Thus, now it is time to introduce them to a variety of other means of transportation. 

What are the Means of Transportation?

Means of Transportation

Means of Transportation

Means of transportation is a mode that helps human beings, things, and animals to travel from one location to another location. Four common means of transportation are as follows:

  1. Railways

  2. Roadways

  3. Airways

  4. Waterways

Now, let us know about air transport or airways. 


Travelling by air proves to be the fastest mode of transport. Let us see the different vehicles under airways:

  1. Helicopter

  2. Hot air balloon

  3. Aeroplane

  4. Blimp

  5. Rocket

  6. Spaceship

  7. Space shuttle

Do you know how we travel through huge oceans or even small rivers? Let’s read to know.


Waterways are the mode of transport that is used to travel on the surface of the water. It includes:

  1. Ships

  2. Sailboat

  3. Yacht

  4. Cruise ship

  5. Cargo ship

  6. Speed boat

  7. Pirate ship

  8. Submarine

  9. Boat

  10. Kayak

  11. Gondola

  12. Ferry


This mode of transport is very common. This is the transport with which we travel on the road or land. We can use the following means of transport to travel:

  1. Cycle

  2. Car

  3. Bus

  4. Truck

  5. Van

  6. Taxi

  7. Bike 

  8. Scooter

  9. Tractor

  10. Ambulance

  11. Skater

  12. Garbage truck

  13. Tow truck


Railways are the means of transport that allow the vehicle to run on tracks. These transport systems are the second-fastest system after the airways. These include:

  1. Train

  2. Tram

  3. Subway

  4. Electric train

  5. Toy train

  6. Bullet train

Well, these are some names of means of transport which help in carrying people, animals, and goods from one place to another. Each system has its own importance. For carrying people faster, we have airways and railways but for carrying heavy goods we have waterways. Thus, we are very much thankful for the modes of transportation as they definitely made our life super fast and easy.

FAQs on Means of Transport for Kids

1. Which is the cheapest mode of transport?

The cheapest mode of transport is the roadways and railways. Roadways like cars, bikes, or scooters can easily be accessible and cheap. Also, to travel further distances, we have another cheap transport system that is the trains, which are not only affordable but also fast.

2. Why do we need modes of transport?

We need the modes of transport to help us move. The world moves because of this transport system. This helps us link far places faster and easier. Like fields and factories are linked by roadways that help the crops to reach the factory in a lesser time.