A Visit To The Zoo - Long and Short Essay

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Essay on A Visit To The Zoo

A place where various creatures like animals, birds, reptiles, fishes, etc. are kept in the cages or guarded areas for the purpose of display is called a zoo. The maintenance of the zoos requires a large stretch of land. A Visit to the Zoo essay in English is provided below. The essay is written with simple and short sentences so that the students would be able to comprehend it very fast. This is A Visit to a Zoo essay for class 5 in English. 

Once the students go through the below-given essay, they will be able to write a paragraph on a visit to a zoo in their own words.


An Essay on A Visit to a Zoo

It is not always possible for the common people to visit remote jungles or famous national parks to watch various animals. It is very difficult to spot all of these animals in their natural habitats. Also, it is very dangerous for people to take their children on forest safaris to watch animals, birds, reptiles, etc. So, they prefer visiting a zoo, and it is very entertaining for them to watch various animals in the zoo, with all the protection. 

There is a wide variety of animals, birds, and beasts that are kept in cages in a zoo. Zoos also keep animals of rare species. Many animals and birds are brought from foreign lands. This gives the visitors an opportunity to watch such animals and birds of rare species brought from the foreign lands, which they could have never seen otherwise. An African lion, a kangaroo from Australia, the gorilla, the chimpanzee, the zebra, the white tiger, the white peacocks, the polar bear, the different varieties of parrots and parakeets, the huge pythons, or the giant crocodiles – all of these amazing animals from so many different terrains and climatic zones are nurtured and kept in a zoo.

Zoos are in fact helping to save such animals and birds that may become extinct in this world. The species that are being threatened or endangered gets to be saved in the zoos. There are almost a thousand species of animals, birds, and beasts, that are kept in the zoos. 

These zoos and their maintenance actually show that mankind has an immense love for animals. Man cannot ignore the fact that these animals, birds, reptiles, and beasts are a part of nature. People get to see the variety of animals that exist on this earth. Visiting a zoo brings human beings closer to these living beings. It makes human beings develop a liking for animals and birds. They get to learn so much about these animals too. Zoos have an aspect of geographical importance as well. When we as visitors watch a species of an animal brought from a foreign land, we get to learn about how and where these animals live, about the climate and the habitat in which they thrive naturally.

The maintenance of a zoo is a humongous task. Animals, birds, reptiles, and fishes, from foreign lands with different climatic conditions are to be kept in such surroundings, climate, and temperature that matches to that of their natural habitat. If that arrangement is not done properly these animals would not survive. The tigers or lions need to have a waterbody to cool themselves in hot summers. A gorilla or a chimpanzee needs trees and lush green lands to roam around. All these animals also need to be fed according to their original tastes and appetites. A leopard, a lion, or a tiger has to be served its due quantity of raw meat for every meal. A gorilla or a monkey should be served a vegetarian diet. There are some animals that are to be fed with fishes. The python is capable of devouring a whole goat and so, it should be fed accordingly, without harming any other living being around it. A zoo needs to have its own medical staff and veterinary doctors who are qualified, efficient, and competent. Sometimes these animals undergo major surgeries and treatments for the ailments. All of it has to be taken care of in a zoo.

We visitors, at times, cause a great deal of risk to the lives of these animals and birds. Out of excitement, to feed the animals, we throw food in plastic bags to the animals inside their cages. The animals tend to swallow the plastic bags along with the food. The plastic gets stuck in their intestines and causes serious problems, and can even result in death sometimes. The visitors coming to zoos, mainly children should be properly oriented and refrained from such activities. 

Short Essay On A Visit To A Zoo

Last Sunday, I visited the zoo with my family. It was a charming sight for us to look at the white ducks on the surface of the water. As we moved further, we saw an enclosure with fowls. Parrots, pigeons, eagles, and sparrows of different colours were chirping. In the next enclosed space, we could see leopards and lions, tigers and tigresses, resting and roaming about. A lion frightened us by rushing towards us when we approached the net of the enclosed area. The look in its eyes was frightening too. 

Then we came across a garden area where deer and stags were taking their strolls. In one of the corners, we saw a huge tree where baboons and monkeys were jumping from one branch to the other. They were playing pranks and tricks on one another. Some of them even came down when some people offered them bananas. On our next halt, we saw a big aquarium with fishes of many glistening colours and sizes. Just ahead of the aquarium we came across an enclosure with sad and lonely polar bears. The cage of the black bear had attracted a crowd. The bear was playing tricks and the people were thrilled. After taking one complete round of the zoo, we sat back and relaxed among the soothing fragrance of the flowers in the garden. As the sun was about to set, we came out of the zoo, boarded the bus, and left while giving a lingering look at the zoo.


Visiting a zoo makes us learn a lot many things about the various species of animals besides the fun and frolic that we have. We get to learn about the tastes and habits of so many varieties of birds, animals, reptiles, and beasts. A zoo is a place which brings us closer to the living beings that we co-exist with on this earth – the animals, birds, reptiles, insects, and so on. It tells us even more about the wondrous creations of God on this earth.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Should animals be kept in Zoos?

A1. Animals should be left to live freely in their natural habitats with their families, and not trapped in cages in the zoos.

Q2. What are the advantages of Zoos?

A2. Zoos act as protected spaces for the endangered species of animals. They act as an educational and economic resource for the society.