A Visit to a Hill Station - Long and Short Essay

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Essay on A Visit to a Hill Station

A small town situated at a higher elevated position than its nearby plains or valleys is referred to as a hill station. The climate is usually cold and a hill station has a low temperature. A visit to a hill station essay for 5th class students and the students studying in higher classes is given below. The hill station essay is written in easy and simple words for the easy understanding of students. After reading this favourite hill station essay, the kids will be able to write a Visit to a Hill Station essay in English on their own.

Long Essay on A Visit to a Hill Station

Visiting a hill station in summers is the best getaway from the scorching heat of the city you live in. In addition to that, the pleasant weather and temperature are suitable for meditation and health restoring activities.

India is a hot country with very high temperatures during the months of April, May, and June. A short trip to a hill station every summer is exciting and quite tempting. Everybody wants to escape the blazing heat to refresh and rejuvenate. People who cannot afford to travel abroad are always keen to visit nearby hill stations to enjoy the summers. It is a great escapade for people, away from the high temperatures of the plains.

Shimla being on our wish list for a very long time now, it was locked as our destination this summer. My entire family was excited about this trip to Shimla. Our love for train journeys made us choose to travel by train for this trip. We boarded the train for Shimla early in the morning, and were going through these lush green lands, intriguing tunnels, and beautiful hillsides.

We were simply mesmerized to see the view of many other hill stations like Solan, Jakej, Kurnarhatti, etc. The next day we arrived at Shimla in the afternoon and took a cab to reach our hotel. Our room in the hotel was huge and had a breathtaking view. We got ourselves some rest and, in the evening, planned to go shopping and exploring the Shimla market.

The Ridge or Mall Road is the go-to place for the crowd to shop. Banks, classy hotels, coffee houses, and fancy shops were the in high demand. The Ridge ends at the Mahatma Gandhi statue. We could also see snow-capped peaks by then, which melted our hearts. 

The next day we started with the Hanuman temple in the morning. We spotted many monkeys at the famous Hanuman temple, who were getting fed with bananas by the locals and tourists. We then started out for Mashobra, an apple farm and horticulture center that is pretty well known. We received an eye-opening information about horticulture there. Several misconceptions regarding the plants and flowers were cleared too. Lakkar Bazaar was the destination for the evening. It is a wood market, selling items made out of wood including walking sticks and decorative pieces. We returned to our room and rested after exhausting ourselves completely.

The next morning, we had our breakfast and were headed for Badi Ki Dhar. We witnessed the beautiful sights of Shimla from this hilltop. With cold winds brushing by our face swiftly, the view was outstandingly mesmerizing. It also has a famous temple of Lord Shiva. The Lord is commemorated in an annual fair organized on the 14th and 15th of June.

The next spot for us was the Switzerland of the East. It has this peculiar name to it since it’s covered with snow completely. It was all of our first time of feeling and touching the real snow in its serene surroundings. We kept playing in the snow to our hearts were content. We ate a little bit and went back to sleep in our rooms.

There were two more spots left to see in our itinerary. They were the Chadwick waterfall and the Himalayan Bird Park. The Himalayan Bird Park was best for bird watchers and nature lovers. We got to see very rare species of birds, some exotic pheasants, peacocks, and the Himalayan Monal. The amazing colours of the birds along with their chirping sounds made the atmosphere very vibrant. We even fed the birds with our own hands. The park is also famous for its collection of rare trees and plants. The last spot was the most-awaited place called the Chadwick waterfall. Located in an undisturbed corner of the Glen forests, the looming greens, the breezy climate, the sound, and fragrance of the wild works as a mood lifter for the senses.

Short Essay on A Visit to a Hill Station 

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever!” I was always told that hills are a thing of beauty. I had a chance to visit Shimla with my family. We took a train this time and the journey was quite thrilling for us. Shimla being a beautiful hill station, it was a wonderful experience for us. The very famous Mall road was hustling and bustling with the crowd. Literally a meeting place for all in Shimla. The lower mall is full of life. One could see the entire Shimla hills from the ridge, the widest, and the most beautiful spot. The pretty church on the ridge is a bonus attraction for any tourist. Shimla is named after Goddess Shyamalais known as the “queen of hills”.


It was time for our journey back and it was by bus. It was captivating as the stars, the nightlife, the music, and the far-stretching hills were alluring us to revisit the place. The zig-zag roads gave us an opportunity to view nature from different angles. Shimla stands true to its tag of “queen of hills”. We would all love to come here again to find out the unexplored spots.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is a Hill Station?

A1. A small town situated at a higher altitude than the nearby valleys and plains is a hill station. It usually has a cold climate.

Q2. Which town in India is said to be the “Queen of Hills”?

A2. Shimla is said to be the “queen of hills” in India.