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English Elective Term 2 Sample Question Paper -1 for CBSE Class 12 (2024-25)

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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English Elective Mock Paper-1 for CBSE Class 12 Board Exams

English is one of the most loved subjects among the students of class 12. From the daily world to fantasy land, reality to science fiction, thriller to romance, all these genres seem to have a grip on the students. English as a language plays a very important role in the lives of students, it has moved beyond being just a subject. These stories did not just come along like a good way of passing time, but they also play a very major role in influencing and affecting the life of the student in numerous ways. Every poem and every story has a moral behind it, which is different for every reader. The students' perception is broadened and they can visualize things in ways they would have never thought to before. This subject ignites sentimentality along with practicality in the students. 

The students need to score good marks in their examinations. For a subject like English, the students need to read all the chapters that their syllabus covers. This is important because the reading of the chapters will provide the students with an understanding and connection with the topics. Moreover, it will also help the students with their grammar and spelling. Along with this, the students are also advised to refer to the study materials and the guide books suggested by the NCERT. These guidebooks are designed to help and assist the students in the preparation for the exam.  

Vedantu provides free sample question papers for students. These questions are designed in such a way that it provides the student with an idea of how the questions may appear in the examination. With the practice of these sample questions, the students will strengthen their knowledge on all the important topics and areas that the class 12 English board syllabus will cover. The students will also develop time management skills, which is a very important component while appearing for the exam. It helps the students in completing the paper well before time so that they have enough time to revise and make corrections.  The students can easily download these sample papers in PDF format for free. 

CBSE Class 12 English Elective Sample Papers Released by Board

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English Elective Mock Paper-1 for CBSE Class 12 Board Exams

Subjects like English require sufficient writing and reading practice. One of the best ways to ace this is to solve CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 12 English Elective available on Vedantu. To help students prepare well for examinations, at Vedantu, we provide them with exclusive CBSE sample papers and study material for English. 


Download CBSE Sample Papers For Class 12 English Elective PDF

To complete the preparation in the right way, it is quintessential to solve the sample papers. At Vedantu, we provide students with the option of downloading these sample papers. This provides students with the freedom of attempting the question paper anytime, anywhere, without worrying about the connectivity. The sample papers offer the benefit of improving student’s overall performance, helping them analyze their weak points in the subject. Our sample papers are comprehensively designed well according to the latest CBSE curriculum and marking scheme. Students can also find the solutions to the questions helping them with self-evaluation. 


Marking Scheme of CBSE Sample Question Papers For Class 12 English Elective

The total subject marks are divided into two parts. 80 marks for the theory written examinations, and 20 marks are allocated for the listening and speaking skills. 

These 80 marks are further divided into two parts. 40 marks are for Part A, and the remaining 40 marks are for Part B. These are further subdivided based on reading comprehension, literature and writing sections. 



For self assessment of students, it’s best to practice CBSE Sample Question Papers For Class 12 English Elective available on the website of Vedantu. It can offer students the necessary confidence to give the final examination in a well prepared way.

FAQs on English Elective Term 2 Sample Question Paper -1 for CBSE Class 12 (2024-25)

1. Why should students choose Vedantu sample papers and study material?

At Vedantu, our subject matter experts work to curate the sample papers well, following the syllabus and pattern. This keeps the students updated about the important questions and topics they need to focus on the most. We also consider the exam pattern through the past years and integrate them into the latest sample papers.

2. What are the benefits of solving English sample papers?

While many students overlook the language subjects, these subjects need equal attention as the others. These can be scoring and beneficial to students to increase their marks. Alongside, these sample papers boost the confidence of students helping them improve their overall performance.

3. Why did Eveline let go of the opportunity to escape in Chapter 2?

Eveline had to let go of the opportunity to escape in chapter 2 because she was bound by her responsibilities towards her family. She had made a promise to her mother that made her escape even more difficult. For Eveline, her duty towards her family members was greater and so she let go of the idea to leave home. For more such insight into the chapter, the students should refer to Vedantu’s academic content. It ensures that the students are provided with all the relevant materials and guidance, to help them do well in their class 12 Board examinations.

4. Who is Frank and why did Eveline’s father quarrel with him?

Frank in this story is an Irish sailor. He is a man whom Eveline had loved and admired. Her love for him was so much that she had even wanted to elope with him. Frank was a kind and open-hearted man. Frank also wanted to marry Eveline, but Eveline’s father had found out about the affair. Eveline's father was against the idea of them getting married and had restricted Eveline from mentioning anything to Frank. This was the reason that led to the quarrel between Eveline’s father and Frank. To get a more in-depth knowledge of this story, the students can refer to the important and relevant materials that the website of Vedantu provides.

5. What were the emotions of Eveline when she decided to elope with Frank?

Eveline and Frank loved each other very deeply and had decided to elope and marry each other. This decision was not easy to make in the case of Eveline because all her childhood memories of her parents and her siblings flashed in front of her eyes.  The music from the organ player brought back memories of the day her mother had died. She remembered the days spent with her brothers Harry and Ernest, who had left the house. Despite all the memories holding her back, she wanted to break free and elope from her father’s tyranny and cruelty. She wished to start and live a respectful life with Frank in Buenos Aires. But, she was not able to forget the promise that she had made to her mother of keeping the house together. All these memories came as a hurdle to her decision of eloping with Frank.