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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English with Solution 2024-25

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English with Solution - Free PDF Download

The sample question papers for Class 12th CBSE English core students have been prepared by subject experts at Vedantu. These sample papers are in strict accordance with the latest revision of the syllabus by the CBSE to cut down 30% of the total syllabus to ease down the pressure on students who are already finding it difficult to study due to the restrictions leading from the spread of the Covid-19. These sample papers will aid the students in realizing their weak areas and compensating for them in the coming days.

Class 12th is an important milestone in each student’s life and sets the course for the student’s future. Every student and parent approaches the Class 12th board examinations very seriously and we at Vedantu act to support you in your endeavor to success.

Download CBSE Class 12 Sample Papers 2024-25 PDF

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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Core - Free PDF

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CBSE Class 12 English Core Sample Paper: Advantages

Solving these sample papers brought to you by Vedantu have innumerable advantages. We at Vedantu strive to provide students with the best study resources to enhance their exam preparation. Vedantu’s sample question papers aim at familiarizing the students with the format of the board question paper and thus saving them from any surprises and lack of strategy at the exam hall. The practice of these sample papers will also boost the confidence and morale of the students enabling them to handle the pressures efficiently. The practice also adds to the time management skills of the students.

Another key advantage of the sample papers is to improve the writing skills of the students which can prove advantageous especially in a language paper-like English. The students can compare their answers with the answers we have provided along with the question paper which will enable them to realize their shortcomings and improve them. This will also lead to a better understanding of the structure of answers to be written for the board exams. 

Class 12 English Core Sample Paper: Pattern

English is an important and compulsory subject in CBSE Class 12 board examinations. This is a subject which is useful as well as mandatory for students of all the streams. On the other hand, it is a lengthy paper. Usually, every year most of the students skip ¼ of the paper in the final examination because of lack of practice. That is why Vedantu has brought Class 12 English Core sample paper because we believe that it is the only practice that makes you different from others. The basic pattern of the English paper in Class 12 has the following parts:

Section A

  • Reading 

Section B

  • Writing

Section C

  • Literature

Here, we can see that the reading and writing part is there which takes a lot of time. For section A, a student requires good reading skills along with a good speed of answering and in section B, a student needs good writing skills where topics can be asked from anywhere. In such cases, solving a sample paper of English Core Class 12 will help the student to get ready for such a paper.

By the time you attend Class 12, students should have a reasonable degree of English language proficiency, and the course focuses mostly on building higher-order language abilities.

For many students, the higher secondary stage will serve as a preparation for university, where a high level of English proficiency may be necessary. However, for a big segment of the population, the higher secondary stage may serve as a springboard into the professional world. The Core Course should cater to both groups by emphasizing the language skills needed for academic studies as well as those needed in the business.

Skills That Should be Prioritized

  • Listen to and comprehend live oral lectures on a variety of topics, as well as record them in writing.

  • Develop more confidence and fluency in the use of language skills required for social and academic purposes, including the ability to participate in group discussions and interviews by giving brief oral presentations on assigned topics.

  • Perceiving the text's overall meaning and organization (i.e., the correlation of the text's most important sections).

  • To improve conversational ability in diverse lexicons of English, identify the central/main point and supporting details, among other things.

  • Foster advanced language skills with the goal of developing logic, inference, and other skills through meaningful activities.

  • Texts are translated into English from the mother tongue(s) and vice versa.

  • Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to engage in independent reflection and inquiry.

  • Read and comprehend extensive works (both prescribed and non-prescribed) in the genres of science fiction, drama, poetry, biography, autobiography, travel, and sports literature, among others.

  • Writing in response to queries or tasks based on specified or unread materials Understand and respond to lectures, presentations, and other such events.

  • Explaining or elaborating a topic, defending a case, and so on are all examples of expository/argumentative essays. For various objectives, write formal/informal letters and applications.

  • Choose, compile, and combine information for an oral presentation. 

  • Choose, compile, and combine information for an oral presentation.

  • Create unified paragraphs with necessary details and support correctly and effectively employ grammatical structures.

  • Write items connected to the workplace (minutes, memoranda, notices, summaries, reports, etc.)

  • Forms to be filled out, CVs to be written, e-mail messages to be written, notes to be taken from reference materials, recorded talks, and so on.

Specific Listening and Speaking Goals

  • Take notes throughout lectures, discussions, and listening portions.

  • Listen to newscasts and acquire the capacity to debate a wide range of topics informally, such as current national and international events, sports, business, and so on.

  • Participate in formal group discussions and reply in interviews.

  • Make significant and adequate inquiries, as well as the answer to inquiries for travel both within and outside the country.

  • Be able to listen to business news and extract useful and vital information.

  • To improve public speaking abilities.

Specific Writing Objectives

  • To write business and official letters, compose letters to friends, relatives, and others.

  • Create bank and post office accounts. To fill out reservation forms for trains and planes.

  • Effectively and appropriately draught notices, advertising, and posters.

  • Write to institutions about a variety of concerns, requesting necessary information, lodging grievances, expressing gratitude, or apologising.

  • Write applications, fill out application forms, and compile personal bio-data for college admissions, university admissions, entrance exams, and job applications.

  • Include casual reports in personal letters about school functions, programs, and activities (morning assembly, annual day, sports day, etc.)

  • Write formal reports about events or occasions for school magazines/events/processes/ or in the local newspaper.

  • Using a range of accurate sentence forms, express thoughts, facts, and arguments in the form of speeches or debates.

  • Draft papers for symposium presentations.

  • Notes from seminars and lectures should be written down.

  • Write examination responses in accordance with diverse subject requirements.

  • Write a summary of a text.

FAQs on CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English with Solution 2024-25

1. How to get CBSE sample papers for Class 12 English Core?

You can visit the Vedantu website i.e. and download the English sample papers from there with the help of the internet so that you can use them offline. 

2. What is the major benefit of solving an English sample paper?

English Core CBSE Class 12 sample paper helps in evaluating the pattern as well as the difficulty level of the English board paper which will help you in your final examination.

3. When should you practice the English Core Class 12 sample paper?

The best time to solve the English sample paper is after revising the whole syllabus of Literature which is your static portion.

4. What are some specific reading objectives?

Some reading objectives students must keep in mind are:

  • Understand the distinction between literal and metaphorical language

  • Distinguish between claims and realities, facts and opinions, and make business opinions based on current trends.

  • Be able to decipher technical jargon used in computer-related sectors, come to your own conclusion, and logically comment on a text.

  • Develop the ability to understand the information in an original and creative manner, as well as the ability to defend one's position logically and to take notes based on a text.

  • In whatever format, consult dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesaurus, and academic reference materials.-

5. What are some of the literary abilities that should be honed?

Some of the literary abilities that one must possess are listed below:

  • Be responsive to literary works.

  • Appreciate and analyze language qualities that distinguish literary writings from non-literary works, as well as investigate and assess character, story, setting, and other aspects.

  • Grasp and appreciate drama's oral, mobile, and visual elements Identify stylistic aspects such as humour, pathos, satire, and irony, among others.

  • Take notes from a variety of sources in order to develop the extracted ideas into longer pieces of writing.