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CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Question Paper - 1 2024-25

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Science Mock Paper-1 for CBSE Class 9 Exams

CBSE Class 9 sciences sample paper is created to solve a varied amount of questions and its main focus is to help students prepare for their examinations in a better manner. It has become imperative for students to understand that Class 9 is a very important year and sets the course for the next years. By using these sample papers, students will be able to make more thorough preparations and study harder. Class 9 sample question paper science will test students' knowledge of chemistry, physics, and biology. Students will have a better understanding of the question paper pattern and what could potentially come in their examination.

Vedantu is a platform that provides free CBSE Solutions (NCERT) and other study materials for students. Download Class 9 Maths and Class 9 Science NCERT Solutions to help you to revise the complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

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Class 9 Sample Question Paper Science - Free PDF Download

This mock paper provides students with a transparent understanding of the potential questions that could come and how the question paper pattern is set. Students must understand this format when they study so that their preparation process could be more structured by basing it out on the topics that have more weightage. Vedantu provides the sample question paper for Class 9 science for free to all on its website and it is easily downloadable on all devices. Students can also download and print out the paper so they don’t waste further time on their devices and can get back to preparing for their examinations.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 Science Syllabus 

The following is the revised syllabus so that students can follow the updated syllabus and not waste time on redundant topics. Students can use the syllabus to create a more structured preparation process. The subject provides us with a detailed look into the subject and here we have divided the topics based on weightage. 


Unit Name 


Matter- its nature and behavior 


Organizations in the living world


Motion, Force, and Work 




Internal assessment 






This article has shown students how important it is to study based on the syllabus and the use of the CBSE Class 9 science sample question paper to prepare for the final examinations. By analyzing students' answers on the sample question paper, they can change their approach to the subject and prepare differently. Students can rely on these sample papers as they are genuine and reliable because they are set by experts in the field.

Science subject for Class 9 CBSE comprises Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and all these three sections are very important for the students to understand well. Because it will not only help the students get good marks in the exam, but also it will expand the understanding of the students for the science subject, which will help them in their future scientific endeavors.

Taking this into consideration, Vedantu has prepared and brought to you a mock test for the science subject of Class 9, CBSE. Because solving the mock test gives the students an idea about their understanding of the subject, and the performance of the Mock test also helps the students to find out their weaker sections, so that they can improve.

Advantages of the Science Sample Papers for the CBSE Class 9

  • It helps the students get an idea of how the actual exam may feel like.

  • It helps the students find out their weaknesses and strengths of the science subject so that before the final exam they can learn and revise the topics that require more attention.

  • It also helps the students in managing their time in a better manner. Because not all the questions are the same, some questions require less time while the others require more, and the students must do the same in the exam.

Therefore, solving the sample questions paper becomes very important for the students of the Class 9 science, CBSE board.

FAQs on CBSE Class 9 Science Sample Question Paper - 1 2024-25

1. Which chapters are included in the sample question paper for the Class 9 science of the CBSE?

In an ideal sample question paper for the Class 9 science, CBSE board, questions from all the chapters of the book are supposed to be included because in the exam the question comes from all the chapters and not from some selected few chapters. Therefore, the sample papers for the Class 9 science CBSE exam, that Vedantu provides cover all the chapters of the syllabus, like Matter – its nature and behaviors, Organisations in the living world, motion, force and work, and questions from all the other chapters are included in the sample question papers.

Also, before giving solving the sample papers for Class 9 CBSE science subject, you may find the revision notes for the same helpful, on Vedantu.

2. I have solved all the exercises given in the textbook of the CBSE Class 9 Science subject, do I still need to solve the sample papers?

Yes, you should still be solving the sample papers for the Class 9 CBSE science subject even though you have already solved all the questions from the exercise given in the textbook, which is by the way a really good thing.

Solving sample papers and solving the exercise questions are two different things. Question papers are designed for the exam, which is the test of the overall understanding of the students for the science subject (CBSE), while the exercise papers are designed to test the understanding of that particular chapter, which students have to solve on their own, of course with the help of the teacher whenever required.

3. Where can I find the sample question papers for the Class 9, science subject, CBSE?

If you are I hunt for the sample question papers or Mock papers for Class 9, science subject for the CBSE board, then you have already arrived at the right place. Yes, at Vedantu you will find all the study materials for your Class 9 exam, including the sample or the mock papers for the science subject. These sample papers are available for free download to all the students. So, everyone can take benefit from it. Hence, download the sample papers for Class 9, CBSE Board now.

4. How many questions are there in the mock papers that Vedantu provides for the subject of science, CBSE Board?

The sample or the mock papers that Vedantu provides for free to the students of the 9th class, for the subject of science is designed in a manner that resembles the real exam. Therefore, a total of 41 questions are given in the paper. These 41 questions are divided into two sections:

  • Section A consists of 25 questions, in these questions students are supposed to write the answers to the questions, either in one word or in more words.

  • Section B consists of 16 questions and these are the multiple-choice type questions.

5. Why should I practice the Mock Paper that Vedantu provides for Class 9, CBSE, Science subject?

Because the Mock papers that Vedantu provides for Class 9, science subject of the CBSE Board, are designed by the top experts, in a manner that will help the students not only score good marks in the exam, but also in understating the subject of Class 9 science at a deeper and a better level. Furthermore, the Class 9, CBSE science mock paper is available for totally free in a downloadable PDF file format, so that maximum numbers of students can benefit from it.